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"Sahara" searing heat in a desert oasis...


When you read the synopsis that accompanies the latest creation from SexArt director Bo Llanberris you're provided with a brief but vividly detailed bit of backstory. You'll read of a couple separated by both time, distance, and circumstance, and you'll follow along as a man does whatever it takes to be reunited with his beloved. That Llanberris can tell such an evocative tale in words is another feather in this multi-talented artist's cap. And as the film begins we're reminded, yet again, of his signature gift for crafting beautiful and beguiling imagery with a camera.

The opening frames present a single green palm tree and a blooming bush in the middle of a sun-bleached landscape — a striking image in its own right. But the desert sands are subtly and masterfully overlaid with a shimmering layer of undulating water. If I'm reading him right, the author is saying: There is heat in this desert, but there is also life, and beauty.

My interpretation is quickly validated. As our intrepid hero, Kris Slater, crosses the blazing, drifting sands, his lover, Cameron Canada, awaits him in a cool, shady refuge. While waiting she doesn't pace or fret, rather she indulges in what may be a session of quiet meditation, relaxing yoga stretches, and intimate self-massage. Ms. Canada's shapely body not only sports several arresting adornments, but also boasts eye-opening flexibility. When she performs, and holds, dramatic full splits the prospects are tantalizing, indeed.

Reunited at last the couple waste not a moment. Picking up where we can easily imagine they left off, they proceed to pleasure each other with the ease, finesse, and familiarity only long-time lovers can share. They don't rush, and they don't hesitate, they simply savor the sensual delight they give and take from one another. And the camera, as if propelled by a desert breeze, slides, soars, and floats aloft adding to the sense of atmosphere as it artfully captures all their amorous activity. Let your mind and senses take a trip to "Sahara," but be prepared, because it's going to get extremely hot.


XBiz Award


2013 XBiz Award WinnerSexArt is pleased to announce that we have been named "Glamcore Site of the Year" at the 2013 XBiz Awards. Considering that SexArt launched in April of 2012 and hasn't even celebrated its first birthday yet, the award is all the more impressive. XBiz is the leading adult industry authority, and provides unequalled news and information about the entire field — from feature films, to online erotica, to technology and sex toys. The XBiz Awards are, quite simply, the biggest and most respected honors in the world of erotic entertainment.

The 2013 XBiz awards were held on January 11, 2013, at the legendary Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, California. The event was hosted by XXX superstar Tera Patrick and the vast ballroom was packed with a veritable galaxy of adult stars and industry movers and shakers. Riley Reid, the star of two SexArt erotic movies, won the "Best New Starlet" award, and also announced SexArt's "Glamcore Site of the Year" award.

SexArt wasn't the only site in the MetArt Network to win at the XBiz Awards. The Free Speech Coalition, the leading adult industry legal advocacy organization, gave MetArt the "Leadership Award" for the company's extensive efforts on behalf of adult industry performers and producers

The award winning success of SexArt is just one part of the MetArt Network story. Recent months have seen a dramatic expansion of the MetArt family of premium erotic art and entertainment websites., a showcase of longtime MetArt photographer Rylsky, was recently launched, and MetArt has also acquired legendary director Michael Ninn's site — including his entire motion picture catalog, as well as highline European studio, star erotic photographer, and industry pioneer

The MetArt Network and SexArt would like to thank XBiz for the "Glamcore Site of the Year" award. The MetArt Network has big plans for the coming year and we hope to be back on the red carpet at the XBiz Awards 2014!


"Looking Back at 2012" - by Bo Llanberris

The message that no matter how much we try we cannot control our destiny is the lesson of 2012.  If you asked me two years ago what I would be doing for a living, I never would have dreamed that I would be an erotic film director.  If someone had said to me two years ago that I would be working with some of the most beautiful women in the world and creating “sex art,” I would have laughed and probably said something like, “From your mouth to God’s ear.”    Yet here I am.  It’s Jan 04, 2013 and as of this date I have over 100 erotic films under my belt, and to my delight and surprise it appears that people like them.  I remember the day that I looked up at the sky and said to whatever was up there, “Just let me successful in my chosen field… Filmmaking.”  …and shortly thereafter I became a successful filmmaker in Adult Erotica. Whatever is up there has a sense of humor.

The journey into adult erotica was and continues to be an interesting one to say the least.  Having worked with people like Malena Morgan, Elle Alexandra, Rilee Marks, Presley Hart, Jessie Volt, Jessie Andrews and on and on, you cannot help but walk away a changed man.  Some of these women are the most liberated, most erotic, and probably the most intelligent people I have yet to meet.  Their view on sexuality is at the very least insightful and unencumbered, which makes them different than most folks, and in many ways more honest.  But the biggest surprise came from meeting the male performers.  I was expecting to meet a bunch of meat-heads who just wanted to get laid and drive corvettes. Instead, I found good souls, warm smiles, and the same insightful liberation that comes with losing the societal chains of public opinion.  Not a corvette in the crowd. These people have become my friends and I can honestly say that am all the better for it.

With all that I gained this year I also lost a few long time friends to the twists and turns of life and progress.  Those were moments of great despair, but I became wiser from the loss and gained strength by new opportunities and new horizons.    I’m sure this rings a bell with just about everyone who reads this. 

Since I have seen and be involved with so much sex this year, I feel I am qualified to present some pretty meaningless awards.  So here are some moments that really stood out for me, that I, for no reason, decided to give out awards for:

Best attitude towards sex on set: Charlotte Stokely and Riley Reid. 

Sweetest Personality On Set:  Cassie Lane

Most Fun Personality On Set: Elle Alexandra

Most Fun Night Filming:  “Stepping out” with Malena Morgan, Elle Alexandra and Lexi Bloom

Sexiest Blowjob: Cindy Starfall, “Gypsy Fortune” Lexi Bloom,“My First”

Most Intense Orgasm: Malena Morgan, “Dreamer II” Casey Calvert, “White Room”

Most “in love” Love Scene: Jasmine W, Logan Pierce “The Promise”

Hottest Orgasm:  Maddy O’Reilly, “Intensify”  (Holy fuck!)

Most Willing To Do Anything I Say For The Art Of It:  Katie Jordin, “Sparkman and Chrome Girl”

Most Surprises While Filming: William Corazon, Cindy Starfall, and Marica Hase “Undercover Dangerous 1”  (Marica squirted so far it almost hit our camera operator in the face from 15 feet away.  No one knew it was coming.)

Funniest Moment In A Film: Elle Alexandra, “Roux”  (She was masturbating on the edge of a bathtub filled with water and it broke just as she was hitting orgasm. Water and Elle spilled everywhere.

Most Artistic Performance in B/G: William Corazon, Giselle Leon,“The Expressionist” 

Most Artistic Performance in G/G: Elle Alexandra, Melina Morgan,“Elle Tree”

Coolest Fucking Film I Think I Did: “Fire Dance” Malena Morgan and Jessie Andrews.

Coolest Fucking Film You Think I Did:  “Intensify” Maddy O’Reilly, Danny Mountain

I look forward to bringing you more evolved and refined adult entertainment over the next year, and I truly thank you all for becoming members, for your loyalty, your honesty and your support. 


Bo Llanberris


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Latest Comments


    JB001 8 minutes ago

    Have to go along with the tattoo's not being sexy (to me).

    on Me and Myself Part 2

    ralph2 13 hours ago

    Apolonia certainly is a Goddess! The best looking, most sexy girl ever!

    on Merces

    tigerwoods 14 hours ago

    great film and Antonia Sainz is absolutely brilliant...........

    on Voeden De Liefde

    Doodaq 14 hours ago

    Oh my goodness, I can almost feel dear Genevieve's body quivering thru the screen!!

    on Lenvar

    LeHombre 18 hours ago

    Tristan I am with you on the ink, ruins an otherwise beautiful body.

    I also agree with par1351 a bit more coercing wodl have been better.

    Otherwie not bad but that damm ink girls.. give it up

    on Me and Myself Part 2

    par1351 18 hours ago

    love a movie with seduction...wish Belle would have been a little more reluctant before giving in but all in all a very sexy shoot

    on Me and Myself Part 2

    Supermodels 18 hours ago

    Wow, two perfect girls enjoying sexual love, could have been longer.

    on Redemption

    Tristan Heart 19 hours ago

    Man it's so frustrating, Belle has such a beautiful face and an amazing body but as usual I just can't get passed all that damn ink, it's so dominating and present in almost every single fame... ô.ô

    And yea I know I complain about the ink factor a lot, but when you feel so passionate about something it is hard to just sit silent, so let me just get it off my chest instead of letting it build up and suddenly explode in a fit :-P

    on Me and Myself Part 2

    Rose 22 hours ago

    Belle Claire has been one of the hottest discoveries of the past few months. Gorgeous face, amazing body, very sexy! She and Alexis have great chemistry.

    on Me and Myself Part 2

    Eurolicious 1 day ago

    he does have an impressive cock that can release quite a load.

    on Dance For You

    Eurolicious 1 day ago

    Max you had a great internal release and enjoyed it a lot. Love that squirt coming out of her.

    on Dance For You

    Clitlicker 688 2 days ago

    Is it the younger sister from Eve Angel ? Look at her face ! ;-)

    on Aluspa

    Tristan Heart 2 days ago

    It's funny, when I first saw her here I was not aware that she is actually a full blown hardcore pornmodel, she always looks like such a "soft" and mild kitten here on SexArt and then she is actually a wild tigress hehe :-P

    In any case there's no doubt about it, she is gorgeous as hell and I just love her tints, that warm skin tone along with those big beautiful brown eyes, just amazing :-)

    on Merces

    Rose 2 days ago

    Absolutely stunning babe, can't get enough of her...

    on Merces

    Mimi17 2 days ago

    Great story Kat :)

    on Continuum

    Supermodels 2 days ago

    Pussy cream

    on Fire Dance

    Supermodels 2 days ago

    Pussy cream, not noted in tags.

    on New Love

    Supermodels 2 days ago

    Gorgeous girls, would like to see longer extended scenes maybe on consecutive days full of affection, petting, kissing, probing ever deeper into mouths and folds of vulvas with the tongues. Real love making is rare in porn there is some real raunchy crap without affection by unhealthy people. These sites are way ahead of of the alternatives that in many cases seem cruel to the models. Rare beauty.

    on Hotel Episode 1 - Accommodation

    Rose 3 days ago

    That made me laugh... in the last few days and weeks I see Joel Tomas, Ricky, Michael Fly, Nick Ross, Jesus Reyes... but Max does make a pretty "big" impression! I may have mentioned once or twice that I'm quite partial to him :-)

    on Dance For You

    Ratman 3 days ago

    Beautiful Young lady. Very pretty pussy. Nice cock too. Loved the close ups.

    on Dance For You