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Mainstreaming Porn -- By Bo Llanberris


On The SexArt Set With Elle AlexandraWhat do you think would happen if you went to the latest Spielberg movie and in between the guys saving Private Ryan and the crazy scientist stuffing garbage down the flux capacitor to head Back to the Future, there were also graphic love scenes.  Intro SexArt.
My name is Bo Llanberris and I am a mainstream filmmaker and director.  I was trained in one of the finest film schools in the world. I set out to make great movies and to work with the world’s top filmmakers - and I did both.  I’ve rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, and I’ve been down in the trenches with the nitty-gritty crew of independent filmmaking with no real money, just the goal of getting into Sundance or the like.
Over a year ago I was contacted by the guys over at MetArt.  They had this crazy idea about making high quality, cinema worthy, adult love scenes, in a site they wanted to launch called SexArt, a sister site to MetArt.  They didn’t want to make silly parodies and hire people who couldn’t and shouldn’t act, they wanted to do much more. You can call what they wanted to do porn, but somehow that word does not really describe what they had in mind.  They wanted to take MetArt, keep the high quality, and go graphic.
I have to tell you, although I felt the idea was worthy and somewhat lofty, as a mainstream filmmaker I didn’t want to be a part of it.  All I could see was “me doing porn,” which is not exactly why I spent all that money and effort to go to film school.  But after some further discussions we decided to give it a try and do one short film shoot as an experiment to see what it would be like.
Mind you now, I had never done porn before.  Sure, I watched it, but I never imagined being a part of it as a filmmaker, and certainly not as a director.  But in a very real way I was intrigued by the idea of making a love scene that was graphic and a turn on, but not like you’d see on a Tube site.  I wondered what would happen if I brought in a world class cinematographer, a top Hollywood composer and a professional Hollywood film crew, and approached a graphic love scene like it was in “An Officer and a Gentleman” or “The Titanic,” or “Pretty Woman.”
The result was awesome, but completely untested and no one, not even the wise folks at MetArt, knew what was going to happen.  Would the masses like it, or is everyone just interested in porn for the porn and damn everything else.  Did I make a mistake as a mainstream filmmaker and produce erotica that no one really wants to see?  As it turned out, people started to respond and respond well.  Comments like, “It’s about time” and “Finally, quality adult entertainment” came out of the blogosphere.   Our efforts were rewarded by sign-ups and great reviews and requests for more.
So now we all realized we did something right and the guys at MetArt were on to something.  And I realized that porn isn’t just a thing on “Youjizz” or behind a closed door in some dark alley.  Everyone has sex, and lots of people, although not all, make love, and those people like to see other people make love too.  Some of the greatest pleasures in my short life have been making love to a beautiful woman, where sex was really hot but it was our hearts that drove the passion.    And that, for the most part, is what I strive to show in SexArt - real cinema quality graphic love scenes that are shot like mainstream movies and are also hot and honest.  Looking back at the 100 plus films I’ve completed for SexArt, I realize I am a changed man.  Where once I was aghast at the idea of doing porn, I am now proud to say this is what I do, this is who I work with, and, until I’m asked to stop or no one likes it, I will continue on doing it.

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SuzeFan oldstyle 6 years ago


i like the quality of your work. It´s sure better than most of the stuff..
What things doesn´t make easier is the format in that you film... 16:9 would be quite a good idea better than 24:8 or something.
The other spot is that i am still more in (that) erotic image - just the one perfect moment - into a filmed scene.
I love the old Suze BTS Scenes vids. Where she got to get the most out of the scene for a perfect photography. I like to see a hard as rock Cock infront of a beautifull spread Pink Pussy..
After this imagination i prefer to see full scenes, the faces, kissing etc. Cloesups when she rubs her Clit, or when he is far in and out mabye.. but closeups which you could put in a loopback for 10 Minutes and nobody sees a difference - i don´t realy need.
At my Oppinion a Scene must not last 20-30 Minutes - 10-12 Minutes would do it too.
I don´t mean to leave out an erotic intro.
Time striping is not only for commercial movies a good idea. Who wants to see James Bond on a Mission which takes 2 weeks ? When you must spend 2 weeks in the cinema for it.

Just for the ppl who know about it, in my opinion is 1330hbts one of the most erotic scenes i´ve seen so far (don´t measure it with video Quality of nowadays).


MisterM 6 years ago


I struggled a while back, whether I should join x-art as well. But what made me first join sexart was the fact that they focused more on the male part as well. Since I watch porn with my girlfriend and because I like the intimacy that eye contact and facial expressions can convey that was an important part for me. At least from the samples on x-art I did not get the feeling that this was the same as SexArt. While I still look at x-art from time to time and may even sign up in the future I found more of what I seek in SexArt.

While it is not valid for all movies you can say, that x-art puts the sex in the foreground and the female body. As such it mainly appeals to a heterosexual male audience. Undeniable it does so in a artsy way. But I found for myself that I am also interested in the male part so maybe in the future I can find this at x-art as well, but for now it is rather sexart that appeals to the bisexual/couple audience.

While I don't expect to also see bisexual threesomes with two guys, like I see with the girls, here at SexArt, that would be something my girl (AND me!) would be very interested in ;) one can at least dream.


reub 6 years ago

I am a heterosexual male and your post sums up perfectly why I'm not into X-Art. I prefer seeing the males reactions rather then entirely concentrating on the female.


Elliott_UK 6 years ago

Now all I can think of is Doc Brown and Marty McFly getting frisky.

Thanks for that, Bo.


Bo Llanberris 6 years agoLifetime member


6 years ago

Jon, I have another question for you. I am doing it here because I am more comfortable with the format of the comments here rather than on your blog on Met. It is regard you blog today on Met. The ? is Antea vs. Altea. Are they one and the same. Met list no Antea. Erro list no Altea. The appear to be the same person. Why 2 different names? All Met of Altea are by Erro which seems to point in that direction. Also niether name shows on Eurobabes. My guess is Erro is the only one who has ever shot her! This would add to my comment on your Met Blog of her being his muse. I know that Carmen on TLE is one and the same as Monica on Met and Tubea on Erro but don't know why? If I should limit my comments to the site it directly relates to let me know and I will try to "do it right" I know you have access to my e-mail address so if you want to respond/bitch at me by that mode, alright...

Hi swplf :)

You are absolutely correct in that Antea and Altea are the same girl, and she was only ever shot by Erro. The reason for the differences in the naming of certain models on our different sites, is due to the fact that we only recently consolidated all of them under the same company umbrella. In the past, all of our sites were run by different content managers working independently (even though they all belonged to us). Actually TLE was purchased by us after it had already been public for some time. That being said, we have been in discussions now of going the extra mile and attempting to make all the model names across the sites uniform for our members to locate their favorites easier. As for your comments, we read every single one on every site so please feel free to leave your thoughts with us wherever you wish. We are always listening and appreciate you taking the time to let us know suggestions. Thanks!

- K, Content Manager

6 years ago

Jon, Thank you for your reply. The more I learn from the posts here the more I respect and appreciate your team at Sexart & MetArt. Some time would you post about where Erro fits into the family.

6 years ago

Bo, Since you have personally responded to my posts. (Which suprised me but I truely appreciate.) I know you already know I support you whole heartedly. I think your timing on this post was perfect and fits in with the quality of posting traffic here has taken lately. You posts explains well that there is more to erotic movies than just "porn". The Supreme Court justice that said, "I may not be able to define it, but I know it when I see it, probably woould have said to you. "Bo, that is NOT porn." I think it was Gloria Lennerd that once said "The diference between porn and erotica is the lighting." You, as you reflect in your post today, carry that to the limit. All of your work would make Zollman proud. All of your actors and actresses should be glad to have you. No you may not be the first to try and addd CLASS to erotic filmmaking, I am thinking of Erro and several of Metarts photographers/videographers, and not just in the Metart family such as Eva. But as far as I am concern you are taking it a step beyond. Keep it up!


Jon 6 years ago

You're right, Bo, would have made Zalman proud. Meeting Zalman King was a pivotal part in the creation of SexArt. He was one of the fathers and master of erotica. My office now was Zalman's office before he passed, so we were close to him at the end of his career and consequently, life. We learned a great deal from him and miss him very much-- he was an inspiration to us.


X-Art Colette 6 years ago

Ok, thank you Bo! I enjoy this site :-)



bobblehat 6 years ago

I think it unlikely that we'll ever see full sexual intercourse in main stream movies, but if it were to happen I could give a detailed list of some movies that require a re-make!.

I do love the more outlandish scenarios in some of the movies on sexart, in addition to the simpler set pieces. It's great that we are getting these thoughts and insights as well as the stunning girls and their exploits, coupled with an interaction I have not previously experienced on any other erotic/pornographic websites.

I see there is now a tab under the blogs entitled Casting, I'm on tender hooks for what we might see next.


X-Art Colette 6 years ago

Wow, Bo you honestly believe no one had tried this before and it was completely untested?


Hey, Collette, thanks for checking out SexArt again and posting!

While of course, nothing is completely new under the sun, we do strive to do something truly different here at SexArt.  We believe our philosophical approach is unique as so was MetArt's, which started the online soft-core niche we all enjoy.  We're striving to combine our artistic sensibility with the sensuality that you strive to show at X-Art.

Again, thanks for the comments on our open forum here at SexArt!


Bo Llanberris 6 years agoLifetime member

Hey Colette,

You have a good point. X-Art is an awesome site and great care is obviously taken with each scene you do. However at the time I did not know about your site, and, as I said, I was not from this industry. When I was told about your site, the discussion was "not to copy" your style, but to commit completely to a cinematic scene and go wherever that takes us, be it a gun fight or a mad scientist in is lab. I think anyone can see the difference between our sites and movies which is what I was talking about in terms of being untested.

X-Art was and is a ground-breaking site, and certainly shouldn't be overlooked in my rant. Thank you for commenting.


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