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Milena D

Ukraine Age Debut: 21


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RKulp 4 weeks ago

Such a beautiful, tempting ,and sexy woman. Can not get enough of hr beauty.


JB Wannabe 3 months ago

She's the most beautiful model in the world. Maybe in the history of the world! And her cuteness is just off the charts!

I would just love to see you guys do some Gothic Lolita shoots with Milena and some of your other models. Hell, start a costume site and I will join in a heartbeat!


Naturalist 6 months ago

Video plz.


Maverick 8 months ago

Milena, please create your own website, I will be your first member. You are pure sex! Way too beautiful to be true ... You know.


PalmaGo 12 months ago

What a busy model! hope she saves her money.


Rose 12 months ago

Busy because she's very much in demand, PalmaGo! One of our most popular models, and it's easy to see why :-)


womenlover 1 year ago

Never ever naked, uses to many props, hides tits with her hair, beautiful women but please get NAKED and always look at the camera. And get rid of the props.


jrbob1 1 year ago

please, where are her movies ?


Rose 1 year ago

Scroll down, jrbob1 ! As you'll see, you are not the first to ask :-)

We live in hope!


akagai1969 1 year ago

Where are her movies?


Rose 1 year ago

None of her here (yet) I'm afraid... but if you're a member of our sister site MetArt, you can find some very cute ones there :-)


akagai1969 1 year ago

Videos? Where oh Where are her videos???

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