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Michaela Isizzu

Czech Republic Age Debut: 22


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Member's Comments (12)


cbsac 2 months ago

After some months with SA I thought I had seen many of the most beautiful models presently working. Not to take anything from all of the past lovely ladies, Michaela is in a different place, and her photographic artist (and any other handler that she might have) knows it. Michaela's beauty is displayed with elegance. There are no tramp stamps and gaping orifices here, and it's my guess that we will have to wait a long time before we see her with her "holes filled". Keep using your good sense and save your money, dear.


Peter Jones 5 months ago

She is the most beautiful woman on planet earth today for sure


Spitek60 7 months ago

She needs to do some work with a male model. I'd love to see her holes filled.


franck 9 months ago

Michael is THE MODEL. the most beautiful model of all.
her curves are so amazing. need more photos and videos of her.
her look is absolutely unbelievable.


Comet 9 months ago

Sensational and amazing


Hawkeye 11 months ago

I second semsem's comment on having Michaela return
A "Girls Love Sex" part would be great as a return


semsem 12 months ago

Michaela! Michaela! Lovely Michaela! Please come back and see us (and let us see you) again soon! I would love to see and hear Michaela in the "Girls Love Sex" series.


Sandra 1 year ago

I think Michaela is the most beautiful model of all !


Hawkeye 1 year ago

When you look-up goddess in the dictionary you will only find Michaela's picture


Butch 1 year ago

Its time to put this beauty into some girl-girl action with your other top models


Peter Jones 1 year ago

Michaela is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. Pure perfection.


Niels 1 year ago

Such a heavenly body.