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Lorena B

Spain Age Debut: 26


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Catcher46 4 months ago

Love your sweet smile. It impresses me that you seem always to be enjoying what you do even though it may seem like work to you. Your eyes and your smile always seem to be like you were in heaven. I would love to be in heaven with you but alas, I may be a disappointment. I am 68 years old and while I enjoy your photos and your movies and find you irresistable, my abilities sometimes are less reliable than my deires. You I am sure could encourage me if only I were with you. I can dream and I do. You are certainly lovely.


Rose 4 months ago

Catcher, did you see my interview with Lorena on the blog? Her personality is as delicious as her looks - she's a dream girl for sure :-)


e7yyuf9p 7 months ago

love this girl I hope there's a video for the birtua photos


luky5551 8 months ago

Clearly best model this site has to offer. Missing new videos with her. There have been only new photoshoots since may and sadly not any new movie... Please add here new movie with Lorena. I miss videos with this Sensual Goddess. Women as sexy and beautiful as Lorena are rare these days so as long as there is going to be new content from her, I´ll be happy person. Lorena, you are the best of the best!!!


mich 10 months ago

Dear Lorena, you have the sweetest face of all the models on this site!


Online5 11 months ago

Lorena B. is easily one of the most beautiful women in the world. She reminds me of a girl I went out with in 1976, who had placed 2nd in Miss Teen Louisiana, USA in '74 or '75. She was also was as horny as Lorena seems to be.


mep1 11 months ago

The best model on this site! Miss seeing her.

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