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Gabi de Castello

Estonia Age Debut: 21


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Lovelez 6 months ago

Gabi, I really thought you would answer my plea. Emily came back, why can't you. We miss you so very much. I never thought it possible that you would leave. Miss you so very much.


Lovelez 8 months ago

Gabi, it's been four years baby. I bet you haven't changed at all. One can only hope you are okay and that you just met a jealous guy/lady. I am just asking as a favor to at least your faithful few that you come back and show us the body we all want. You were very hot when you were here and we need you back. So few babes and so little time.


Wanda Lost 11 months ago

Oh, Gabi .... Please come back to us. Your loveliness is missed.


Benny Back 11 months ago

totally agree!!


Lovelez 2 years ago

To see where you are ranked and to realize you are at least the fifth best woman on this site, I would say there are a bunch of guys and maybe even women that are trying to get even with you. How can so many people be so blind otherwise. There is no better body.


Lovelez 2 years ago

Most perfectly made woman on earth. She could blow my pants off.

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