On The Set Blog: "About a Girl" — a steamy solo and a powerful premiere...


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  • Farshid: If you look at Malena profile you'll see more films with these two together ;)

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  • Isabelle: Please more films with Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan! This is real passion, and you can tell these women are into the moment and it's real, not acting like so much girl/girl porn is these days. I could actually feel the passion, lust, love, desire they have for one another. This was by far, the...

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  • Isabelle: Oh, and the soundtrack is outstanding! Is it for sale?

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  • Isabelle: I absolutely loved this film! I cannot believe no one has raved or reviewed this film. Malena Morgan and Elle Alexandra were outstanding to say the least. I love the dancing. The fetishism in this film is extraordinary, not to mention the setting in a red VW bug. Do you still have the red "Sexart"...

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  • Isabelle: I have been a Suzie Carina fan for years. I love her because she is real, and it is like you can almost imagine being with her as you indulge in her movies. She is exudes sensuality like no other in my opinion. I was really happy to see this movie here at Sexart :) Thank you! Suzie and Lucy made...

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  • Livin The Dream: Lovely Aprilia!
    A day that starts with you, is going to be a good one!


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  • _fer_realz_: I particularly appreciated the fairly long sequence of relatively unobstructed views of Aprilia's thong to begin the set. Very hot...
    I also liked how in image # 2, she intentionally or inadvertently mimicked the posture of the folding chair just beyond her on the porch, that was a very nice...

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  • swplf2: Michaela, is just so captivating to watch. While many of our actresses are beautiful and have almost perfect bodies Michaela's perfection stands out. And while it is acting she sure sold it today. I felt like at the end she was almost embarrassed to have apparently actually satisfied herself. The song...

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  • Rose: The moment where she's on her knees on the chair and then raises one leg up onto the arm of the chair so she can finger her beautiful pussy better... ohhhhhhh.... that was definitely "just for me"! And the look on her face as the camera moves around to capture her pleasure – very hot indeed!

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  • Farshid: Very sensual and beautifull.The song,the beginning of the movie and how she acts says me that she could do a very good advertisement for lingerie :)) I just have a question : How long time pass since the movie is made and then posted?I mean for most movies there..for example if a movie is made ​​on...

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"About a Girl" — a steamy solo and a powerful premiere...

Posted by Adam
18 Sep 2013

Female. Solo. Masturbation. Three words that describe one immensely popular subject. In the world of erotica nothing could be much simpler. And nothing could be so dazzlingly complex. A woman, alone, pleasuring herself. No props, no toys, no partner(s), no plot, no dialog — nothing but a woman, alone, bringing herself to orgasm for the sheer, indulgent delight of autoerotically-induced pleasure. Is it any wonder the genre enjoys such lasting and widespread popularity?

But just because something is simple, and just because it is in high demand, far from ensures that each and every example of solo masturbation will be at all memorable, or even watchable. The low quality of so much solo female erotica is due to a (usually) male director who may have a less-than complete understanding and appreciation of the female psyche and libido, and performers who can be coached and coaxed to over-play the action until all the realism is drained away and it becomes nothing more than a vehicle for solo male masturbation. In my career (and, yes, in civilian life, as well) I've viewed countless hours of female masturbation video. With a few exceptions, all is long-forgotten. A favorite girl lingers in memory, perhaps. Or a truly exceptional performance. But those standouts are few and far between in the crowded field of routine female masturbation movies.

But few things at SexArt are routine. Indeed, the site exists to break away from the accepted "average," and produce an exceptional product for a consumer who craves something superior. And SexArt members with an interest in female solo masturbation can look forward to a fine example of the art form in a few short days.

The film in question is titled, simply, "About a Girl." It was conceived and created by director Alis Locanta. And it stars a brilliant new arrival named, simply, Agatha. "About a Girl" is Agatha's SexArt debut, and it is about as impressive a debut as I can remember. This girl is beautiful — European high fashion model beautiful. Her limbs are long and graceful, her features refined, her lips full, her eyes haunting, her complexion luminous. One would not be at all surprised to see her commanding the catwalk at haute couture shows in Paris or Milan. But finding her here, seeing her deliver such an effortless, sincere, and absolutely unselfconscious performance — that is the real surprise! Agatha is a natural beauty of rare quality and she also happens to be a performer with the rare ability to appear completely sincere and seem as if she isn't performing at all, simply enjoying herself, by herself, for her sole pleasure.

"About a Girl" is beautifully simple, and simply beautiful. Agatha sits at a table reading a magazine. She eats a grape. The camera, pleasantly confined by the tiled walls of the sleek space, moves back and forth, up and down, moving in for detail as needed, and then pulling back out again — and capturing some striking, unexpected images along the way. And yet the brilliance of Agatha's performance is that the camera doesn't exist for her. She is alone, existing only for herself, for these moments of exquisite intimate pleasure. Yes, Agatha is a pleasure to watch, and her future on film looks promising. And "About a Girl" is about as good as solo female masturbation gets.

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