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"About a Girl" — a steamy solo and a powerful premiere...

Female. Solo. Masturbation. Three words that describe one immensely popular subject. In the world of erotica nothing could be much simpler. And nothing could be so dazzlingly complex. A woman, alone, pleasuring herself. No props, no toys, no partner(s), no plot, no dialog — nothing but a woman, alone, bringing herself to orgasm for the sheer, indulgent delight of autoerotically-induced pleasure. Is it any wonder the genre enjoys such lasting and widespread popularity?

But just because something is simple, and just because it is in high demand, far from ensures that each and every example of solo masturbation will be at all memorable, or even watchable. The low quality of so much solo female erotica is due to a (usually) male director who may have a less-than complete understanding and appreciation of the female psyche and libido, and performers who can be coached and coaxed to over-play the action until all the realism is drained away and it becomes nothing more than a vehicle for solo male masturbation. In my career (and, yes, in civilian life, as well) I've viewed countless hours of female masturbation video. With a few exceptions, all is long-forgotten. A favorite girl lingers in memory, perhaps. Or a truly exceptional performance. But those standouts are few and far between in the crowded field of routine female masturbation movies.

But few things at SexArt are routine. Indeed, the site exists to break away from the accepted "average," and produce an exceptional product for a consumer who craves something superior. And SexArt members with an interest in female solo masturbation can look forward to a fine example of the art form in a few short days.

The film in question is titled, simply, "About a Girl." It was conceived and created by director Alis Locanta. And it stars a brilliant new arrival named, simply, Agatha. "About a Girl" is Agatha's SexArt debut, and it is about as impressive a debut as I can remember. This girl is beautiful — European high fashion model beautiful. Her limbs are long and graceful, her features refined, her lips full, her eyes haunting, her complexion luminous. One would not be at all surprised to see her commanding the catwalk at haute couture shows in Paris or Milan. But finding her here, seeing her deliver such an effortless, sincere, and absolutely unselfconscious performance — that is the real surprise! Agatha is a natural beauty of rare quality and she also happens to be a performer with the rare ability to appear completely sincere and seem as if she isn't performing at all, simply enjoying herself, by herself, for her sole pleasure.

"About a Girl" is beautifully simple, and simply beautiful. Agatha sits at a table reading a magazine. She eats a grape. The camera, pleasantly confined by the tiled walls of the sleek space, moves back and forth, up and down, moving in for detail as needed, and then pulling back out again — and capturing some striking, unexpected images along the way. And yet the brilliance of Agatha's performance is that the camera doesn't exist for her. She is alone, existing only for herself, for these moments of exquisite intimate pleasure. Yes, Agatha is a pleasure to watch, and her future on film looks promising. And "About a Girl" is about as good as solo female masturbation gets.

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horsemaster 4 years ago

The female orgasm, for me, is an awesome force of nature. Male orgasms are quite different, simple, bang, done. And usually only once. Females orgasms sometimes seem to consume the woman in a quite shattering, whole-body, quivering, twitching, bucking, mind/body/spirit kind of way. Again: force-of-nature. Not always, but sometimes. And sometimes repeatedly. And for this male, it can be humbling, inspiring, awe-inducing, frightening, even intimidating. And wholly fascinating. And something to feel privileged to have shared in the experience, whether with a partner, on film, or even through still photography. Many sexually open women know how to unleash this, with a partner, but especially in pleasuring themselves. A woman completely understanding her body and and its pleasure triggers can tune and time her orgasm to heights not possible in any other way.Or so it seems to me. And a rare few can do it over and over again. She can be aware of the camera, even play to it, or close her eyes can turn inward to just focus on herself, but if she knows how to build it, stoke it, fire it, and then totally release that sexual energy, she can create something so special, I don't know what other thing can compare to it except perhaps a religious revelation. At least for me. This is why I absolutely love solo films. Or I should say, GOOD solo films. I generally find my FAVORITE sexual actresses first via their solos, and then via GG or GB work. And this is why I encourage SexArt to continue to include a regular share of your offerings as solos. I just watched "About a Girl" and "The Sound of Silence". These are both outstanding solo films. They go into my special file of other outstanding solo films, because the are several cuts above most run of the mill attempts elsewhere. And, I would like to conclude by suggesting that among your other stellar solo performers (including APF), I would REALLY like to see you return Gabi de Costello . For some solos.


Alis Locanta 4 years ago


I do agree with everything you write. SOLO videos are something very wonderful. But, in the same time, it's very easy to see bad samples of them. When I shoot a SOLO, I take a lot of care thinking about how to show a girl in her own life, in a very private moment, without creating fake situations. And I have long talk with models to focus on those little details (movements, hands, sights) that make a SOLO video perfect.
Maybe they are the most difficult video to shoot: when you are directing a couple of models (GG or BG) it's easier to create a relationship and a connection; in a SOLO I want to see the relation a girl has with her own life and body.

Agatha and Luna were INCREDIBLE!

Go to see "Io ballo da sola". That film is pretty different from the others: shot by me just with one handheld camera; it's a sort of music video with a strong and "indie" character: CANDICE LUKA.


horsemaster 4 years ago

Alis, thanks for the response. Your work with solo performers is absolutely top-notch and the time and effort you take with the models absolutely shows. Thank you for your continued work in the part of the genre.

I tried to find your film (Io ballo da sola) here, but, unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to search for anything by title. One can do it by performer, traits (ex: hair colore, figure, etc), but not by title. Perhaps when the revised member interface is implemented that will be possible. OR did I misunderstand and your film is still to come, or published elsewhere? I will try again by searching for Candace Luka.


horsemaster 4 years ago

Ah, found it. And of course, it's the latest film to be released on the site. Duh!!


owldove 4 years ago

An amazing film! I do hope, however, that SA is not moving too far away from b/g films. There has been relatively little of that recently. While I'm happy to see the "balance" actually balanced, with solos thrown in the mix in a way they have maybe not been before, there is currently only one b/g film among the most recent updates. MetArt has other sites dedicated to solo, but nowhere can one find sex between couples, b/g or g/g, that compare to SA's tasteful offerings. Please don't lose the baby in the bathwater!

On that note, any swinger/group sex films in the works? I would like to see more of the SA treatment of these... Cheers!


Jonathan 4 years ago

Hello owldove, We definitely haven't moved away from Boy/Girl films. We are shooting them and will be releasing at least one per week along with Solos and Girl/Girl films. Thank you for your compliments regarding our films and the connections we try to bring to each one. The philosophies behind Sexart are different than our competitors, and more and more members are reaching out to us to express this exact sentiment. I've always wanted to get into the swingers community, I think this is something you can count on in Sexart's future.


Alis Locanta 4 years ago

I absolutely agree. It's very difficult to shoot a SOLO film. What I have to show is a real intimate moment of a girl. And the most important element is not "just the masturbation", but the feelings and the mood that make the girl desires to masturbate.
In the last weeks I shot many SOLO films; every time I spent a lot of time talking with the model about the details; those details that allow the audience to feel the realism of the film.
You are going to see soon "About a girl" with debuting Agatha. She's an incredible model, with a strong personality. It was fun and very interesting talking with her about the scene. I like to direct models as I have in mind, but I do like to listen to their ideas. And Agatha was very participating.
As always in my films, music and color grading were studied a lot: I wanted to create a sort of "desaturate world" with this strong character. And Agatha played it marvellously!!

I hope you'll like it!


horsemaster 4 years ago

More than liked it, Alis. Much more.


Blackhawk and The White Winged Dove 4 years ago

I've said it before, but the simplicity of a solo girl film makes it difficult to get right - but when you do there is nothing better. "Lonely Day" was just about the most extraordinary thing we have ever seen, it blew Dove away. I think she often has a quick "J Arthur" to that in the afternoon. The competitors, on the other hand, just sit a girl on a bed with her legs apart and have her diddle herself for a few minutes before panting a bit. That, as you so well put it, is more about male masturbation than female. They think a good solo film is something you can knock out in a lunch break, or in a few minutes with a nervous new model, but it takes a lot more effort than that.

Let's hope you got this right :) You nearly always do! AT l east we know you'll have put the right amount of effort into it - you always do that.

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    Lord John Whorfin 1 hour ago

    Marvelous. Just marvelous.

    on Be Together

    John8222 2 hours ago

    A girl who knows how to rub her clit for us. Thanks!

    on Safale

    Buddy 3 hours ago

    OMG Claudia is the best ever her own manipulation brings her to the greatest Climax or Big Orgasm I have ever enjoyed ,and then her own pelvic movements prepare for the big O , During her period of recociliation he tries to bring her to another Big O by his manipulatin of her clit ,but she makes him stop befor it happens because only she can do it successfuly . She is a master at fuckinng and she knows what she wants to get and she knows how to get it to happen .. I love this video the photography and the audio is so perfect and the ending with him unloading into her makes my rating a 15

    on Dessert

    Tristan Heart 3 hours ago

    Man I used to be crazy about this girl, her face alone had me melting every time I saw her, sadly she decided to go extremecore so she has now ended up on my blacklist :-/

    on Safale

    Mimi01 7 hours ago

    Great story Junkman! :)

    on Star Crush

    Frank/swplf 8 hours agoContributing Writer

    Overall in the MetArt family his is Suzie’s 249th appearance.

    She has 50+ on MetArt, Errotic archives, Viv Thomas, & ALS.

    The MetArt 50+ Club: Carina A (Suzie Carina)
    June 30th 2016 - by: Rose

    If any model deserves a place in he MetArt Hall of Fame Suzie is it.

    Wow this was a true surprise! Suzie by Erro. It has now been just ove a year since we have seen her here. That set was also by Erro. I personally fell for her in July 2006 when Erro first brought her to the MetArt family. On MetArt she was a top tenner on over 15 of her sets. Concurrently with bringing Suzie to MetArt he began featuring her regularly on his site, Errotic archives. Both in photo sets and films. Her second appearance there was a film. In those days Erro’s films were actually done by videogapher filming Erro doing a photo shoot and actually being seen doing it. The photo set he was shooting during the film later was posted. Erro publically retired several years ago and control of EA was turned over to Jon and the MetArt team. That including Erro’s archive of work which is why we still see Altea featured there. When Erro un-retired, he had never posted on SexArt ever, but now he does. Guess who was the subject of his first set ever here? Yes, Suzie Carina. Suzie came up while Ariel Piper Fawn was still very active. So when the Lupin’s became the saviors of SexArt after the “California Problem” look who she sought out to perform for her and with her. Monika A, as an example, who was a contemporary as Tubbea of APF over on EA. APF,also, sought other models from her era. Dido, Eufrat, etc. Since all of Erro’s work from earlier belongs to EA, I have to believe that these sets of Suzie were done within the last couple of years. Suzie began when she was 20 years old being born 28-11-1983 yet I think you all will agree that now in her Mid-thirties while she has matured is still a dream to view. Rose reported that she believes Suzie has retired but with these from Erro she has really left us on top.

    on Safale

    Metaluna 1 day ago

    brilliantly written, I would like to add that sometimes multi shot is used too much, like the old motor drives. when 6 pictures are virtually identical only pick and show the best out of 6. poses should be flattering, show muscle contours, some perfect full legnth, good lighting detail in highlights and shadows. with all this said this is the only site that bothers to be perfect

    on Naury

    loosebruce 1 day ago

    Everything we love about Georgia right here.

    on Artin

    mbhb 1 day ago

    need to bring her back for more b/g scenes

    on Kiara Lord

    Rose 1 day ago

    Hi LTTP, it's Michaela Isizzu in our movie intro :-)

    on Chasing Men Episode 2