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Erotica versus Porn: Which do you support? Part 1

About the author: SexArt member BlackWing has a Bachelor of Science in Health and Safety Education, minor in Physiology, and a Master of Science in Computer Science, Network Engineering Concentration. BlackWing is also a fully qualified and experienced paramedic and personal fitness trainer who enjoys outdoor activities, running, martial arts, teaching, mentoring, and hacking.

The following article is Part I of a three part series, which will explore the similarities and differences between Erotica versus Porn as it applies to Art and to the Adult Film industry in particular. Part I of this series examines the cultural, etymological, and societal definitions of erotica and pornography. The reader should be aware that although this information is drawn from statistical analysis and published data, and although there will be generalizations drawn, in no way is the information provided here intended to stigmatize, define, and/or stereotype any one group, persons, or industries as a whole. The purpose of this article is to open a healthy debate regarding the similarities and differences between these two subjects.

Erotica Versus Porn: Which do you support?

“Human beings seem to be the only animals that experience the same sex drive and pleasure when we can and cannot conceive.” – Gloria Steinem

Part I

A “touch-less” society can lead to failure to thrive and death in newborn babies, something that came to light in the early 1900s. Dr. Luther Emmett Holt, then known as one of America's first and finest pediatricians, came to the conclusion that parents spoiled their children by cuddling and holding them too much. Parents wishing to be on the cutting edge of good child rearing took notice and began following this newly touted theory. Thus began the trend of “hands-off parenting” and “a child should be seen and not heard.” Within a few short years of Dr. Holt’s egocentric pronunciation, doctors across the United States began to notice a deadly trend: a catastrophic increase in infant deaths, particularly in seemingly healthy babies. The medical studies which followed revealed that these infants experienced “failure to thrive,” simply because they were not getting enough human contact through touch. There are numerous studies of infants in orphanages who suffered from touch deprivation and achieved only half of the height normal for their age.i

Why is this an important fact? Because it is well known that we, as a species of the animal kingdom, are the only species who not only have developed the unique capacity for human, spoken language, yet also the unique capacity for human touch; and, as we become adults, this capacity to experience the pleasures of touch in the form of sexual expression is completely independent of the need for procreation for the purposes of extending the life span of our species. Thus enters the debate of Erotica versus Porn. Which is which, and which of these two are we supporting? Why does this matter? If it does matter, then is Erotica “better than” Porn? More importantly, do the professionals in both industries see a difference? Do we as the consumers see a difference? Finally, how does our consumption of both affect those working in these industries?

Pornography is defined as “sexually explicit videos, photographs, writings, or the like, whose purpose is to elicit sexual arousal,”ii and its origins come from the ancient Greek word pornographos meaning the writing of harlots, and from pornē, a harlot + graphein meaning to write. The history of the word pornography can be further delved into. In 1843 a writer recorded pornography as being of or referring to an "ancient obscene painting, especially in temples of Bacchus.” In the French language the word hails from pornographie originally meaning, or referring to, a person who was "bought, purchased" (with an original notion, probably, of "female slave sold for prostitution").iii  From these definitions and from the word origin itself it is clear that the word pornography is meant to imply in some form or fashion sex and/or sexual acts, or sexually explicit material which is used for the sole purpose of eliciting some form of sexual arousal and, most importantly, to mean that some form of monetary trade “for services rendered,” occurs. With this monetary transaction and subsequent delivery of said “services” there is usually the result of one human having power over the other.

Erotica, on the other hand, is defined as “literature or art dealing with sexual love.”iv The word erotica comes from the Greek word eros, and the neuter, plural word erōtikós.vAs the reader can see there is an extremely blurred line between what types of literature, art, paintings etc. constitute porn and what of these same artistic expressions constitute erotica. While American and European courts have yet to define the difference between these two terms, still struggle with what is settled as pornography versus erotica, and because the etymological definitions of the two words tend to confuse this issue even more, there does seem to be one underlying concept which is gaining ground as a possible defining element between the two: the purpose or motive behind the acts or depictions themselves, and in film, this motive is expressed in terms of the quality, type, and sexual expression of the human touch between the characters participating/acting in the films.

Because such key distinctions are gaining ground, some have argued that pornography has a tendency toward graphic depiction of sexually explicit scenes, while erotica "seeks to tell a story that involves sexual themes that include a more plausible depiction of human sexuality than (is portrayed) in pornography.”vi Indeed, for us as humans, only we have the capacity to experience the act of sex itself as a way of giving and receiving physical, mental, emotional, pleasure, touch, and comfort, as a result of the bonding that occurs during sex. Due to the fact that we as humans explore our sexuality as completely separate from procreation, and that this exploration between adults, when engaged in in a healthy, consenting way, can and should delve into desire, love, sexuality, human anatomy and passion through the mystery and intrigue of the physical touch which occurs during sex and sexual acts, sexual acts between said consenting adults are subconsciously thought of by most, if not all of us, as an act of very realistic tenderness with “dangerous” consequences: it allows us to connect to another human being in a way that is completely intimate and open and thus in some ways bares the core of our nature to the other consenting participant(s). The very existence of this inexplicable, potential connection between the participants involved in the mutually reciprocated “carnal act,” is what makes “erotica” and “pornography” both so fundamentally different yet so confusing as to potentially cause immediate “shock” or a sense of “disgust” towards anyone who engages in, uses, or in any way participates in the creation of, production of, and dissemination of, either one. Quite frankly, as humans, we prefer anonymity and become uncomfortable with any person(s) or circumstance(s) which question or shed light on our deepest desires which are to be seen for who we are: thinking, feeling, sexual beings. And most of us, if we were to be honest with ourselves and/or each other, usually prefer to believe that if we do not discuss the issues of our desires, sexuality, and sexual expressions, they therefore must not exist. Both the creation of Erotica and Pornography shed blinding light on all three of these items with unintentional but brutal impartiality and honesty.

Add to these facts that a movie, an art depiction, a picture, etc. might have elements of both the erotic and the pornographic, and it must ultimately be left to the viewer to subjectively determine what is erotic versus pornographic in their own minds. However, that being said erotica has arisen as an art form, particularly in the Adult Film industry as beginning to “out pace” porn in terms of its production and consumption for viewers. There is some speculation that because erotica tends to have a compelling story, well-developed characters, particularly the female characters, ultimately conveys an underlying, mostly positive message, and tends to have well-crafted sex scenes integral to the story which may or may not necessarily arouse the audience; it is therefore seen as a movie that portrays sex contextually and has artistic merit. (An example of this would be the erotic film “Like Water for Chocolate.”)

It goes without saying, but nevertheless must be noted that, speaking in terms of concrete reality, (and I use this definition very loosely), anyone who believes they can draw a hard and fast line between the two is greatly mistaken. Both erotica and porn are designed to arouse, yet they will, for the most part, take very different pathways to that same destination. Additionally, erotica and porn are also subjective terms; what is classified or defined in one person’s mind as erotic and what is classified or defined in another person’s mind as pornographic is going to be utterly, completely, and distinctly different and unappealing to each other. It is very clear that the criterion, which is used to differentiate Erotic Film from Pornographic Film, is embedded in personal moral, aesthetic, religious, and cultural values. It is also clear that many cultures and societies regard these two orientations to the expression of human sexuality as being superimposed upon one another and/or being essentially identical. However they actually do exist on very different planes when one takes into account the participants involved. Herein lies the crux of the argument: since the viewer’s opinion of the distinction between these two is subjective then perhaps further examination needs to be extended to the performers of these two types of films themselves?

In Part II of this series we will examine the professionals both in front of and behind the camera who produce these features to see if any common correlations can be drawn to differentiate their views on these two subjects. In the meantime we would like to elicit comments from both the consumers and the professionals in the Adult Film Industry. What are your viewpoints, opinions, and ideas? What are your experiences? Please feel free to engage in this discussion before the next installment as hosted by SexArt.



iThe Care and Feeding of Children,” Dr. Luther Emmett Holt,

ii "pornography," Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. HarperCollins Publishers. 11 Nov. 2015.

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vi "Erotica,”  Griffith, J., Mitchell, S., Hart, C., Adams, L., & Gu, L. (2012). Pornography Actresses: An Assessment of the Damaged Goods Hypothesis Journal of Sex Research, 1–12 DOI: 10.1080/00224499.2012.719168 Is Not Pornography". William J. Gehrke. The Tech. December 10, 1996.


Movie preview: ‘One Small Step,’ Alis Locanta’s debut feature for Viv Thomas

Here’s the first glimpse of celebrated SexArt director Alis Locanta’s inaugural movie for Viv Thomas. You may already have heard the exciting news that he’s taking the helm at Viv Thomas from December 1st (but don’t worry, he won’t be neglecting his fans here at SexArt!).

Titled ‘One Small Step,’ it features a dream cast that will blow your mind: Mango A (making her VT debut), Talia Mint, Patritcy, Dido (aka Lola), Taylor Sands, Lorena B, Alexa Tomas and Henessy – pretty amazing, right? And if that cast list alone doesn’t get you in the mood, then I think this trailer for episode one, starring Mango and Talia, should do the trick…

The first thing you’re likely to notice is the kissing. Lots and lots of passionate, raw, intense kissing. What else can you expect? Well, scorching sexual chemistry, dialogue, romance, tenderness and red-hot sex. If you’re not a member of Viv Thomas yet, you might want to consider giving yourself an early Xmas present… 

Tracy takes Timanfaya!

If you’re wondering what SexArt superstar Tracy Lindsay has been getting up to lately, wonder no more. Here she is in Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote, with her gorgeous girlfriends Linda Sweet, Vanessa Decker and Candy Belle. The girls are on location with director Andrej Lupin, producer Ariel Piper Fawn and their talented team, shooting some amazing new movies for SexArt. And from the sneak previews I’ve seen so far, it’s not just Timanfaya volcano that’s heating up!

Don’t worry though, you don’t have too long to wait for your next fix of Tracy. Check out next Wednesday’s update for a little bit of movie magic from our blonde bombshell…

SexArt nominated for 2016 AVN Awards

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but getting nominated for an AVN award is a pretty big deal. Often described as the ‘Oscars of adult entertainment,’ the awards celebrate all that’s fun and fabulous about the adult movie world.

This year, SexArt is proud to receive five nominations:

Alis Locanta’s dazzling and groundbreaking series ‘Waltz With Me’ has grabbed the accolades, with nominations for Best Cinematography; Best Foreign Non-Feature; Best Director – Foreign Non-Feature; and Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production for the threeway between Alexis Brill, Taylor Sands and Franck Franco.

The sensational series ‘The Writer 2,’ also directed by Alis Locanta, is nominated in the Best Foreign Non-Feature category.

It’s great to see nominations for Female Foreign Performer of the Year include several popular SexArt stars too: Samantha Bentley, Alexis Crystal, Tiffany Doll, Anissa Kate, Amarna Miller, Lola Reve and Taylor Sands.

On our sister site Viv Thomas, Guy Ranieri Sblattero is up for Best Director – Foreign Non-Feature for ‘Reading Room’; and director Andrej Lupin and his team are up for Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production for Brandy Smile and Lexi Dona’s scene in ‘Art.’

And most exciting of all, our flagship site is nominated for Best Membership Website!

Wish us luck!


Don Caravaggio: art meets erotica!

As many of you already know (because I just can’t stop talking about it!) I was lucky enough to watch our artist Don Caravaggio shooting for SexArt while on location in Spain recently. I wanted to share this shot of Sabrisse with you, not only as a naughty little tease of what is to come, but because it seems to me the perfect marriage of erotica, artistry and beauty.

Sabrisse is a sweetheart. In real life, she looks exactly as she does in front of the camera – slender and pretty, with those HUGE doe eyes, caramel skin, fabulously toned legs and pert bottom. She’s exotic, erotic and cute as a basket of kittens, all wrapped up in one glamorous but supremely approachable package. She’s the ultimate girl-next-door… if you lived next door to paradise, that is.

A girl this gorgeous can’t fail to inspire an artist; and SexArt photographer Don Caravaggio is not only technically superb, but has an artist’s appreciation of visual beauty, as well as a red-blooded man’s appreciation of female sensuality. Put them together, and magic happens. Look out for their Spanish photosets here at SexArt soon; and in the meantime, if you’d like to know a little more about Don’s work, read on…

Don, what is your background in photography?

DC: I started when I was young with an old reflex I had at home, just for fun. With time it became an important hobby for me. At the age of 25 I went to photography school to learn fashion photography, the use of light… After that I started working professionally, way before I started with art nudes and later with erotica for the MetArt Network.

What inspired you to start shooting erotica?

DC: I was always attracted to the beauty of the female body, and to portraying the art of the female form. I still try to combine explicit and sensual photos with showing simple artistic nudes the best way I can.

Which model most inspires you?

DC: Lorena B. Over the last six years we have developed a close friendship and I have a special feeling for her. Also Iveta, Eufrat, Lilly A, and Indiana are great models to collaborate with.

Are you influenced by mainstream art and photography?

DC: Yes – Helmut Newton, David Hamilton, Steven Meisel, Jeanloup Sieff and Marco Glaviano, among many others.

You seem to prefer shooting outdoors – why is that?

DC: I like nature, the vividness of the colors and natural light. For most models it is more difficult to pose outdoors, so now I try to combine my outdoor shoots with indoor sets, to make them feel more confortable and to get a wide variety of poses from the model. I have to get 120 good shots instead of just a single shot (like for a calendar).

We also see the occasional movie from you here at SexArt and at Viv Thomas – what is it about a girl that inspires you to do this?

DC: I am always looking for new challenges and I never tried it before, I wanted to do something different apart from just photography.

What are your ambitions for your work with the MetArt Network?

DC: To improve myself, to get better with each shoot and to present the best models I can find.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

DC: Thank you to the whole MetArt Network family, the members and every model I have worked with. It is an honor to be part of MetArt!


Alex Lynn: popular MetArt artist makes his SexArt debut!

Alex Lynn is one of the MetArt Network’s most elegant and sensual artists, bringing a stylish fashion sensibility and a delightful feeling of intimacy to his photosets. Recently his movies for MetArt have been a revelation, receiving rave reviews from members for their creativity and expressive storytelling. It’s exciting to see him making his SexArt debut today with ‘Mantra,’ which sees willowy Sade Mare going through some yoga moves that showcase her slender body and adorable smile.

Recently Alex was kind enough to share a few of his secrets with me for the MetArt blog, and I thought you might find it interesting too…

Alex, where are you from?

AL: At this point of my life the question “Where do I want to be?” is more important. That is what motivates me to move forward. I do believe that only this can lead us to something greater; not where we are right now, or where we come from. I say so because my native country is now overcoming a harsh journey to development, which made me leave it, in order not to lose that impulse for creating something big and fresh. That’s why I’m sure that ‘Where we want to be’ matters more than ‘Where we’re from.’

What is your background in photography?

AL: I’ve been doing photography for a pretty long time, but I’m definitely not like many of my colleagues, who got acquainted with their first camera in early childhood. As a rule their creative development would start from childhood, but that’s not how it was for me. Before I became a photographer, I had no clue what I would do in the future. I went through many boring and grey, bright and unusual, but still office jobs to get to this point. And I quit as soon as I realized the speed with which my life was passing me by. Someone else’s projects, someone else’s customers. Nothing special. It was killing me. It became clear that it wasn’t my choice for life. And I’m pretty sure that many clerks visiting the MetArt Network would rather pick my present job than theirs! As for photography, I’d better say nothing about my experience in magazines and with commercial clients, because I hate self-advertisement.

How long have you been taking erotic photographs, and what inspired you to start?

AL: It is strange but my first set was an erotic one. At that time I was a desk jockey, not a photographer and didn’t even know what ‘set’ meant or how to become a professional. I used to dream about something different. And only a few years later, I’ve become utterly absorbed by the erotic genre. I’ve got carried away, as every normal man would, who by mutual and silent consent can guide a completely unknown woman – and at the same time share that something special that you’ve found in that woman with the whole world. It’s damn inspiring. Women are so much the same and so different! The search for those distinctions is my precise inspiration. To find something totally different in every woman is eternal!

Which model most inspires you?

AL: There isn’t a particular one. Man can’t get inspiration from only one woman. Everything’s got its limits. For me personally, the everlasting search for perfection is the best way to rise.

You seem to prefer location shoots and natural light to working in a studio – why is that?

AL: So true. I love everything real and natural. If I don’t have it I try to recreate it in the studio, which takes a lot of time. I guess no one wants to see the girl-next-door against a boring and grey studio background. Besides, every new location can inspire me for a new fiction, since every girl should have her own story. Otherwise they can’t look real. So, yes, I like natural light and scenery because it creates the reality.

You have been shooting photosets for MetArt since 2013 – is there one you are particularly proud of?

AL: Oh, no. Of course I’ve got photosets I like more than others, but my real hit is still in the future. The one I’m aiming towards is going to be the best.

Can you tell us a little bit about your shoot with Serena Wood, which was extremely popular with MetArt members?

AL: Yeah, that was the set! It turned out pretty easy. Serena is so talented and the truth is that she is incredibly easy to collaborate with. Her special skill is to understand. She never brushed aside any direction, and did her job till the end and very well. After all, I’m damn demanding. That’s why working with me is not so easy for every model, but only for those who really love their job – for models who wait to see the result and story, not just get paid for the set. I can say confidently that Serena Wood is one of the girls I would like to work with again and again. With her the outcome is predictably excellent. She’s unforgettable. And thank you for reminding me of that awesome time, I’m really anxious to work with Serena again.

We look forward to seeing more here at SexArt from this talented artist!


Massimo Gammacurta: Art Meets Erotica!

Commercial art and erotica can make happy bedfellows, sharing a common aim to stimulate desire. Italian photographer Massimo Gammacurta has experienced impressive conceptual and commercial success working with big name brands such as Armani, Nike and Chanel, sometimes bringing overtly sexual imagery into his editorial work, as with 2009’s 'Sex in the City: the Sunglasses Story,' which used the lens as a device to give a voyeuristic glimpse of sex in an innocuous cityscape.

But it’s in his fine art projects that Gammacurta’s erotic imagination is given free reign. 'KamaSugar,' which he describes as “sweet love making addiction,” features couples in hot positions from the Kama Sutra, sculpted in bright, edible candy and then photographed. The strands and drips of the candy give an impression of vigorous movement and energy, promising to delight all the senses simultaneously. The photographs are available in limited edition at, with fun KamaSugar t-shirts available soon on his website

Massimo was kind enough to answer my questions about his work, and particularly these deliciously naughty little treats…

Massimo, where are you from, and what is your artistic background?

MG: I was born in Rome, Italy and studied photography at Cine TV Roberto Rossellini's school. After that I started assisting at a very early age in fashion photography.

What are your influences and inspirations?

MG: I am influenced by the Futurist art movement, Graffiti culture, movies by Fellini and Pasolini, many different styles of music, art, books and traveling.
How did you achieve the visual effects in your 'Sex in the City' series? What inspired it?

MG: 'Sex in the City' is about the fascination of human beings with sex, and daydreaming about it. Technically it’s a basic comp of three images in Photoshop. It’s all about the idea.

Please tell us about your fine art project 'KamaSugar' – what inspired you to create this erotic work?

MG: All my work, fine art and commercial, is based on sexual innuendos. In 'KamaSugar' I wanted to use my favorite media (hard ball candy) to create something funny and interesting, something that would stimulate the mind and the palate at the same time. Basically these are hard ball candy lollipops that I molded and made out of real sugar. I took the photograph of the sculptures to make it last forever since sugar is a media that decays in a matter of days. I had a very good reaction both on social media and with creatives.
What would you like the viewer to get from your work?

MG: In my fine art work I am motivated by challenging my viewer, to make them think and exclaim, “Wow, I never thought to look at that subject in such a way before.” I would like to see my viewer changed, and have their vision altered for life.

 What do you feel is your greatest achievement?

MG: I really love the collaboration with Le Liu Du Design of the city of Paris to create the Eiffel Tower candy sculpture and the poster for the show ‘Lost in Paris.’ I also feel that I still need to achieve so much and as an artist I never want to be satisfied and lose my drive.

See more of Massimo Gammacurta’s fascinating work at

Men who like porn respect women more: the facts!

It’s a stereotype I’m sure we’re all familiar with. Men who watch adult movies have a negative attitude to women, and imagine they are all brainless nymphos, right? Well, as a woman who enjoys (high-class) adult entertainment, I can certainly understand how that idea could arise. So much mainstream porn portrays women as mindless sluts, bimbos or even – if you really plumb the depths – as victims of male sexual brutality. Disappointment and disgust with this type of cliché was what led me to SexArt. I particularly enjoy the fact that in SexArt movies, men and women (or women and women!) are equal partners in the action… and more often than not, it’s the girls that call the shots.

However, a study published recently in The Journal of Sex Research suggests that the kneejerk moral condemnation of men who enjoy porn is factually incorrect; in fact, the study’s findings suggest that men who regularly watch pornography actually think MORE HIGHLY of women in general than those who don’t. The study is titled ‘Is Pornography Really about ‘Making Hate to Women’? Pornography Users Hold More Gender Egalitarian Attitudes Than Nonusers in a Representative American Sample,’ and you can read it in full HERE.

One of the study authors, Taylor Kohut, did a Q&A session on, and his responses make interesting reading. You can read the full article HERE, but this is a key excerpt:

RG: Your hypothesis was that porn watchers weren’t into gender equality. What did you find out?

TK: You’re right, according to radical feminist theory, pornography users should hold more gender non-egalitarian attitudes than non-users of pornography. We tested this basic hypothesis across five variables pulled from American General Social Survey data and did not find any supportive evidence. In fact, pornography users were more supportive of women in politics, more supportive of women working outside the home, and more supportive of women’s access to abortion, than were non-users of pornography.

Are men who enjoy adult entertainment likely to hold more liberal views in general? That's one possibility explored by the study authors. It's certainly refreshing to see research that challenges the notion that porn objectifies women, takes away their sexual power and somehow dehumanises them. That's just not something that I have observed; in fact I would say that women enjoy a higher status and more control in the adult industry than in any other business I've been a part of. I think it's probably significant that the majority of our artists work in teams that have women in key roles, as indeed the MetArt Network does (and I'm not just talking about yours truly here! Girl Power is integral to the way this company operates). 

From a purely personal viewpoint, what I’ve discovered since I’ve been involved with SexArt and its sister sites, including MetArt and VivThomas, is that by and large our members seem to be extremely courteous, fair-minded and respectful individuals. I think that has a lot to do with the overall style and ethos of the MetArt Network as a whole – I dare say any site attracts the members it deserves! – but I take it as a positive sign that the findings of this study are representative of a bigger truth. Men who like porn like women; and men who like high-class porn like women a lot! Maybe it’s time for society to stop vilifying porn users and accept erotica as a healthy, safe and wholesome way of exploring sexuality and physical relationships. 


The Morning After…

Erotic fiction by Frank, inspired by Mango, Amarna Miller, Tracy Lindsay and Ariel Rebel

This follows on from the last episode posted on August 13, titled ‘Good Vibrations.’ The story so far: our gorgeous models met up for a SexArt location shoot. Mango and Amarna Miller enjoyed some kinky fun, before Mango left Amarna to the mercy of a studly taxi driver who had picked them up. Meanwhile Tracy Lindsay and Ariel Rebel were left to get to know one another better, with the aid of a prototype sex toy.

The story continues…

When Mango awoke she realized that she did not have anything planned until much later when the next formal meeting was scheduled for the cast. She called the other models and they agreed to meet for a late breakfast, then maybe they all could go to the beach. There had to be a nude one somewhere close? 

The girls met in the lobby, all of them looking fresh and beautiful despite the busy night they had enjoyed. Mango was looking forward to some girl talk; she wanted to hear all about their adventures after she had left them. They went into the hotel dining room and Amarna lit up as she spotted two men sitting at a nearby table. She introduced everyone; they were Franck Franco and Juan Lucho, two Spanish models she knew well. As the other three girls did not shoot boy-girl movies, they listened, fascinated, as Amarna told them about her experiences.

“But how do they compare to Jorge?” Mango asked. This got everyone’s attention. Amarna blushed as Mango told the others about the previous night’s encounter with their well-hung new friend. Then they made Amarna share all the details.

“That sounds pretty amazing,” Ariel giggled. “But I may have one that even you can’t handle!” Mango and Amarna listened and laughed as Tracy and Ariel described the fun they’d had with the prototype sex toys the previous night. By the time Tracy had told them about how she had teased and tormented Ariel, and then blown her mind, they were all wriggling in their seats. Forget going to the beach; they headed straight to Ariel’s room to investigate this interesting new contraption.

They examined each attachment, and to Mango’s delight there was one for anal stimulation. And yes, there was one that Amarna said was even bigger than Jorge’s cock! Like college girls at a sleepover, they giggled and teased each other until Tracy decided that she and Ariel would control the devices while the other two rode. She didn’t disclose what the red button did, though! While their subjects were undressing, Tracy whispered a challenge to Ariel – the winner would be the first to give her ‘victim’ an orgasm so hard she had to give up and pull off!

They set the sex toys up facing each other, and Mango and Amarna straddled one each, sinking down onto the probes they had selected. Mango had a probe in her ass as well as one in her pussy, and it took Tracy a couple of minutes to get both working in a pleasing rhythm, giving Ariel a slight advantage with Amarna. The vibrations felt incredible, and Amarna was already shaking and rocking by the time Mango started to tremble. But when Tracy used the controller to increase the size of the anal probe, Mango let out a low moan of pleasure and then started bucking her hips wildly as the sensations drove her crazy. Tracy could see Amarna was already building to a climax, so she let Mango have it with the red button on the probe in her pussy. Mango screamed with delight but stayed firmly planted on the toy as she rode out the waves of pleasure.

Ariel responded by giving Amarna two quick tastes of the red button, but Amarna just gasped and bit her lip, seeming to push down harder. Tracy noticed Ariel had her hand between her legs, rubbing herself, and guessed that she was having trouble concentrating on their competition. She told Mango to lean forward, upped the vibration, and tapped the red button three times. Mango yelled and almost flew off the front of the contraption, knocking Amana off hers too. It was close, but Tracy had won. The units were still vibrating as Mango and Amarna lay in a heap on the floor, gasping and giggling.

Ariel helped them up while Tracy fixed them all a drink, smiling victoriously. When she confessed to her game, Amarna said she thought they were all winners! The conversation turned again to Jorge, and Mango related how they had met him, and more importantly, what she had done to Amarna before he arrived. It was a switch from her usual more submissive role, and one they all found very intriguing. They decided to see if the cab company would send Jorge to take them all to their meeting that afternoon. But first they all needed a nap...

To be continued…

Many thanks to our member, Frank, for writing this exciting story. If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!


Walter Schotten: interview with a SexArt artist

If you love watching gorgeous girls flashing in public places, no doubt you’re already a fan of Walter Schotten’s work. He specializes in capturing beautiful girls as they stroll in the park or the mall, enjoy a coffee, and tease us with some naughty flashing, before moving to an elegant indoor space for a more intimate show. In the three years that he’s been gracing SexArt with his eye-catching and technically excellent photography, he has shot some of our most iconic models, including Melena A, Dido A, Assoli and Katherine A, and created some unforgettable portraits.

Monday’s update, ‘Optod’ starring Sarika A, was a terrific example of what Schotten does best. Bubbly blonde Sarika takes in the sights of the city, before sitting on a park bench to enjoy her ice cream and treating us to a little up-skirt glimpse of her bare pussy. She flashes her impressive breasts at an outdoor café, before moving on to a glamorous apartment when she gets totally naked and sheds what few inhibitions she had left. It’s fun, flirty and thoroughly entertaining.

I was curious to discover what inspires Schotten’s work – aside from the obvious allure of his stunning models, of course! – and I hope you’ll find it interesting too.

Walter, what is your background in photography?  

WS: I grew up in a small town in Eastern Europe, where I enjoyed art and discovering nature. My introduction to photography began early, with a simple camera, a Smena 8M. I felt a sense of wonder when watching a picture come to life in the darkroom. After graduating high school, one of the European capitals lured me north to pursue a university education and explore its arts and architecture. I took the long road towards a college degree, exploring different subjects along the way, and ultimately ended up with a Bachelor of Arts.

How long have you been creating erotica, and what inspired you to start?

WS: I’ve been shooting photos and videos for about 10-12 years now. My inspiration was photography. First of all, I started taking photos for families and then I did my first nude project, which I liked very much. Then I did many photo sessions with many beautiful girls and I realized that I wanted to continue this. Eventually, I found my way back to the arts and turned my amateur photography aspirations toward a professional career. 

You have been shooting photosets for SexArt for over three years now – how do you think your style has evolved since then? 

WS: Sure, I constantly improve the skill. I have studied other masters of erotic photography and their use of light, poses and the models’ expressions. And I am very grateful to K [our Content Manager] for her advice on shooting, telling me to pay attention to all the nuances of how the girl looks in the picture, what feelings and expressions she conveys.

Are you influenced by mainstream art and photography?

WS: Partly it influences my photography, but usually I am guided by my feelings.

Do you prefer studio or location shoots?

WS: I like both. Usually I have mixed photosets, with outdoor and studio or apartment locations.

One very enjoyable aspect of your photography is the outdoor ‘flashing’ shots. What inspires you to do this?

WS: It seems to be very erotic to me, but not every model can do it.

Is there a photoset you are particularly proud of?

WS: I like what I do, and most of my photosets, and if people assess my work favorably, then I am proud of that. Everyone has a right to appreciate it. 

Do you prefer shooting solo or girl-girl photosets?

WS: Solo is better to me. It is simpler for shooting, but girl-girl sometimes can be interesting.

Is there a model who inspires you the most?

WS: Two of my favorite models are Melena A and Katherine A. They are perfect, and superstars. 

Do you plan your shoots in great detail, or see how it evolves on the day?

WS: I’m always planning work, and I schedule my shoots. Most of my more recent sets contain an introduction, where the model is walking around the streets, in the park, drinking coffee or something like this. After the intro she starts to show herself to us in private.

What are your ambitions for your work with SexArt?

WS: To get high ratings for my sets and models.

What do you hope the viewers get from your photos?

WS: I hope they can get more pleasure and more fantasies. It’s art and it has to be assessed.  

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

WS: I’m really glad that I work for SexArt. It is a great experience, it is always nice to see my work on SexArt, and I have many ideas for my next work.


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Latest Comments


    Puffy 1 hour ago

    I agree with you!

    But in my mind today's most impressive and inspiring picture at all is photo # 40 - an extremely seductive posing by Nancy!

    on Saclane

    ArielPiperFawn 1 hour ago

    Hello mimi,

    I would love to book Angel Blue anytime. Sadly she retired and she don't want to shoot anymore :( We shot her last time one and half year ago and it was great to have her on set. I really love her as a model but even more as a person!
    We can only hope that she will change her mind :)

    on Fountain of Love

    Rose 1 hour ago

    That is a great point well made, fer_realz!

    In my first interview with Paul Black, he said: "If a person has an aesthetic artistic taste, they will appreciate and understand our films at least from that point of view. If a person is just in need of an orgasm, it’s unlikely. It’s probably almost impossible to masturbate to our films – I wouldn’t be able to! But there’s porn for that. Our movies are for careful reviewing by certain people – and such people do exist, I know." I would have to agree Paul Black's work is erotica art, not erotica; Natasha Schon's work too, perhaps. And some of Alis Locanta's work, such as the 'Outlines' series, fits that description too.

    And so I guess part of the debate is, does erotic art have a place on a site like SexArt or MetArt, which more typically features 'artistic erotica' rather than 'erotic art'? I sincerely hope the answer is yes, because I love it (I am the most avid Paul Black fan on the planet!). But I totally understand why some members find it alienating, frustrating or downright perplexing!

    on Erotica versus Porn: Which do you support? Part 1

    Rose 4 hours ago

    Image #30 is particularly nice – I love Nancy's poise, with that expressive eyebrow raised! The close-ups of her lovely face are terrific too.

    on Saclane

    _fer_realz_ 4 hours ago

    Nice job, BlackWing. Not to complicate matters further, but I would like to point out a yet further distinction that has occurred to me in the time I've been a member of the MetArt family and thus come into contact with a third category of production: there is porn, there is erotica, and there is also erotic art.

    I suspect most members will be fully content to include what I call "erotic art" in the category "erotica" but to me, they are quite different. To me, erotica still (like porn) focuses on depicting and eliciting sexual pleasure, while erotic art might, but might not. Erotic art uses sex as a medium to express artistic themes that might not be in the least pleasurable to the majority of viewers, whereas erotica (IMO) tries to bring pleasure to the majority of its viewers.

    You might wonder what would be an example of what I mean, and I will instance the work of Paul Black, which quite blatantly uses sex and sexuality, but is also quite blatantly NOT trying to sexually please the majority of the viewers. Also, over on MA this week, we have a raging debate going on this very moment over the works of yet another family artist, Natasha Schon, whose works many members find quite pleasing, and many others (myself included) find quite frustrating, precisely BECAUSE they do not cater to the explicit desires of the audience.

    So, even though it complicates the discussion further, I wish to add a third category to our discussion here: not only is there porn and erotica, but also erotic art.

    on Erotica versus Porn: Which do you support? Part 1

    Sydney 5 hours ago

    My feedback is always constructive

    on Fountain of Love

    Rose 5 hours ago

    A very interesting post, BlackWing! What differentiates Erotica from Pornography? Is it the feeling it creates? To me, Erotica is something that stimulates my imagination as well as my libido, tells a story, and leaves me feeling enriched. It's not easy to define the difference though. Thank you for exercising my brain... :-)

    on Erotica versus Porn: Which do you support? Part 1

    Rose 6 hours ago

    Mimi, have you seen Andrej Lupin's film 'Flash,' starring Blue Angel and Aiko Bell? I think you might like it a lot. It's one of my favorites :-)

    on Fountain of Love

    mimi 9 hours ago

    I took another look at this piece and take back what I said. There was passion and chemistry especially the blonde one who got right into it. I loved the use of the mirrored table. Cheers to A and A.

    on Fountain of Love

    mimi 13 hours ago

    Ariel would you consider getting Blue Angel into one of your films? You're a terrific producer and I'm sure you love your new girls but it would be great to see an older woman like Blue Angel who always delivers great performances. Love to you..x

    on Fountain of Love

    ArielPiperFawn 13 hours ago


    nobody here is fighting to be your favourite filmmaker :D

    Everyone here is doing his best to delivery his best work. We accept constructive critic, but it has to be constructive. And when it is constructive, we learn from our mistakes.

    I am proud of each film we do, because if I wouldn't, nobody will ever see it!

    on Fountain of Love

    EVENTIDER234 14 hours ago

    Sabrisse of the wonderland!A fantastic and perfect beauty in a nicely posed shoot!Next to my preferred sexy in stockings,long spike heels and strappy shoes hit the mark everytime. Feet can be sexy as we know,but, given the ladies' love of extravagant and thoroughly expensive shoes, they should be worn whenever possible...I overheard a scrap of conversation between two posh and pretty ladies surrounded by bags from Harrods and Harvey Nichols in London on a train some time ago,obviously the fruits of a spree, where one confided to her friend-'' do you know,there is no such thing as too many pairs of shoes'' (!) a priceless insight into the feminine character there... This lovely and perfect beauty will doubtless become a sexart and metart supergirl,but please,please,please, if those that decide such things offer Sabrisse parts in sexy movies,let it be that she is kissing other lovely girls,and not being prodded by a male. If I want to see apes fornicating, I'll go to a zoo.

    on Bosana

    Sydney 14 hours ago

    Ariel, thank you for your comment.

    As to your first point, I can understand this entirely. However I'd like to point out that depth of field should be primary accomplished through camerawork and technicality: aperture, focal length, focal distance. Obscuring a scene with objects strictly for the purpose of conveying depth of field is the easy /cheat way to do this, and here it's not being used effectively. Consider Garden for example, their, having the palm-trees in foreground adds to the story and adds to the theme of tranquility. Here the stairs and railing convey...?

    As to the glass. I can't support the use of it strictly because you think it's cool. Let me give you an example of where it's use might be appropriate. Say you have a film called 'Iridescent', and the idea of this film is, like the word implies, is to show things from different angles and see them in a new light. Then, you could have shots above the glass table showing one story, and shots below the glass table, showing an entirely different one. This is an example of where a 'cool' shot becomes meaningful and intrinsic to the story.

    As to your comment below Ariel, all I can say is that I'm... disappointed. My desire is not to anger you or Andrej, but to give you constructive feedback that will help you grow and develop as filmmakers. I don't want you to read my comments and walk away pissed off. I want you to read my comments and say, "ok, maybe I agree with you on that, perhaps we can try working on that and getting it right for future films". You're not going to get better if you listen to 'yes men'.

    And... I really don't like the idea of this 'signature style' you keep pushing. Every story, every film should have it's own unique style and it's own unique use of techniques to best convey the ideas, themes, stories being presented.

    Andrej was my favourite erotic filmmakers 2 years ago Ariel. I'm trying to help you because more than anything, I'd like for you to become my favourite again. You said a long time ago, that you want to create films that you are proud of and that you could show your grandma. Well... I want you to make a film that your grandmother watches and turns to you after and says, "that is one of the most effecting things I've ever seen in my life".

    I only want to help Ariel, I only want to help. Please stop looking at me as if I'm attacking you and your team, and please start looking at me as someone who cares deeply for your work and wants to help you improve.

    on Fountain of Love

    EVENTIDER234 15 hours ago

    AH! Lorena and her lady loves...I have the distinct impression that few indeed in the world of 'acting' have enjoyed their 'work' quite so much. It is sweet indeed to see the look of love in eyes of beautiful girls when they embrace,and I have observed this phenomenon on many occasions... other observations include the comparison of the male in a similar role,a sight I can bear for a fraction of a second before reaching for the off switch .Nuff said, as the saying goes,except for one remark made by the delightful Charlotte Stokeley I saw just today in her sexy interview here on sexart... boys are SO gross...tell it like it is babe!!! And let us not even mention totally unacceptable levels of arrogance.Being of the male persuasion myself,I have lost faith in my 'own kind' completely through long exposure to their witless behaviours,and to have such gorgeous sexy darlings for company in my self-imposed exile from society is a great blessing indeed... THANK YOU GIRLS...THAT IS THE TOPS!

    on Stay Sweet

    Comet 15 hours ago

    Wow a very sweet fun loving girl very nice. Request more. Thanks E.B.

    on Tanoma

    EVENTIDER234 17 hours ago

    outta this world goldengirl gorgeousness!!! Already the best of the best!

    on Alex Grey

    ArielPiperFawn 19 hours ago

    Maybe I can answer your question.

    - Objects in front of the actors (we focus on) support the depth of field and help the viewer to understand the space where is the scene shoot.
    - Through glass shots (as also Rose said) are cool and for other members should be interesting point of view :)

    Thank you very much

    Thank you

    on Fountain of Love

    ArielPiperFawn 19 hours ago

    Hello Rose,

    I am sure that Andrej will not have time to answer, because he is focusing on his work. And I don't even think that I will tell him about Sydneys post, because it would make him only angry. And we don't want this :)
    As I see so far, there is no chance to explain to Sydney, what means to have "own style"

    on Fountain of Love

    ArielPiperFawn 19 hours ago

    Hello :)

    thank you very much, for your nice worlds..
    I am happy that you are happy :)


    on Horizont