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My favorite lesbian sex positions

Posted by Rose
18 Aug 2014

Mainstream women’s magazine Cosmopolitan generated a media storm recently when it published a guide to lesbian sex positions, complete with handy illustrations. While many celebrated their foray into girl-on-girl sexuality, others ridiculed the positions as uncomfortable, unrealistic or downright impossible.

One of the major criticisms was that the positions relied far too much on clitoral grinding, and not enough on penetration. As I suggested in a recent post on tribbing (scissoring) over on the VivThomas blog http://blog.vivthomas.com/tribbing-hot/, how much pleasure that gives you probably depends on whether you want clitorial or G-spot orgasms. If, like me, you need G-spot stimulation to really hit the roof, all these clit-rubbing positions are merely foreplay, with very little prospect of a truly mindblowing orgasm. Myself and a helpful girlfriend tried out all the moves Cosmo listed (in the name of research, naturally!) but found some of them demanded perfect balance, flexibility and stamina in order to build up any real arousal. We ended up doing what we like doing best – I lay on my back while she licked and fingered me hard, and then I did the same to her. It’s nothing fancy, but it works!

Of course, the whole question of lesbian sex positions becomes that much more problematic when a camera is involved. The girls need to have orgasms (otherwise, what the hell is the point?) but we need to see what’s happening too. That’s why doggie positions are great, because we get a great view of the girl’s pussy from behind as she gets fingered and eaten out, as well as lots of pretty ass and face close-ups. A sixty-nine can look amazing too, as the camera can move around from end to end, although I’m sure in reality most of us end up doing this on our sides – it’s more comfortable if you’re going to keep at it for hours! And standing up, as beautifully demonstrated by Tracy Lindsay and Silvie Luca in the recent movie ‘Txt Us’, can be a total turn-on, especially if your partner has great legs and is wearing sexy high heels. But you do need something to hold on to when you climax, unless you want to end up on the floor!

I’m curious to know – what are the lesbian sex positions you love to see on screen? Are there any you hate? And is it more important to see exactly what’s happening, or to know that it is a position where the girl is genuinely getting off, rather than something that’s staged for the camera?

Female orgasm – all in the mind?

Posted by Rose
04 Aug 2014

For a woman, orgasm is all in the mind. That’s the conclusion of a recent study, published in the June 2014 issue of Sexologies journal, which found that women who focus on erotic thoughts during sex are more likely to reach climax.

The study of 251 French women (okay I’ll admit, just imagining 251 French babes moaning, “Oui…. oui!” in that sexy accent has already got me turned on) found that those who were able to focus on their physical sensations and erotic thoughts were more likely to be orgasmic. In other words, if you want to get off during sex, thinking sexy thoughts is the key.

So far, so obvious. Any girl can tell you that mentally checking her ‘to do’ list while getting frisky is unlikely to be the best route to ecstasy. I’d also suggest that it’s rather disrespectful to your partner, assuming that they are doing their best to connect with you at the most intimate level.

The study’s author, Pascal de Sutter – professor at the department of sexology and family science at the University of Louvain in Belgium – concluded that using erotic thoughts to increase awareness of physical sensations leads to greater arousal. Mindfulness is very much the buzzword du jour. Paying deliberate attention to the present moment, an ancient practice that is highly relevant in today’s sensory-overload society, can be used to enhance everything from mental health to sporting performance – so why not sex?

Last night, I decided to test the theory myself (all in the name of science, you understand). Now, I orgasm pretty easily – a quickie on the stairs before you take me out to dinner is just as likely to get me in the mood as the romantic dinner itself. But nonetheless, I was intrigued by the idea of consciously wallowing in the erotic realm without giving headspace to any distracting thoughts. So as my date and I hit the sheets, I blocked out all my mental chatter (Did I turn out the lights downstairs – who cares? Am I wearing sexy underwear – yes, of course!) and thought only about what she was doing to me, and what I wanted to do to her.

It didn’t hurt that this girl, a very hot redhead, was a great kisser. We’ve fooled around, but never gone this far before. I focused my attention purely on the sensation of her soft lips on mine and – ohhhhh – almost immediately felt that telltale rush of wetness between my parted thighs. It seemed we were already physically attuned, as her fingers slid down to rub my pussy through my satin panties, the wetness soaking through. I could picture how it looked, her hand cupping my crotch, seeking out my most sensitive spots. The feeling of her slippery fingers working back and forth, the smell of her perfume and the sound of my own heavy breathing… the sensations seemed to grow and swell and overwhelm me and – oh, oh, oh, that’s it! My first orgasm of the night (but certainly not my last) achieved in just a couple of minutes.

So ladies, I really recommend you give it a try. Put down your smartphone, stop thinking about the chores that need doing, and wallow in the delicious sensations as your lover touches you. Imagining erotic scenarios, giving gentle directions (“keep doing that please”) and focusing on the physical senses of touch, taste, sight, sound and smell can all help make the experience intensely pleasurable.

Are women really so different from men in this respect though? Guys, please enlighten me. Is sex purely mechanical, or do you have to be mentally present and in the erotic headspace to get off?

“My First” – Agatha’s exciting girl-girl debut!

Posted by Rose
24 Jul 2014

Agatha looks like a European fashion model. With her sharp angles, striking green eyes and stylish flame-red hair, the Italian beauty exudes natural sexuality and palpable confidence in her physical presence.

How fitting, then, for director Alis Locanta to allow Agatha the opportunity to explore her sexuality on camera by capturing her first lesbian liaison. “My First” finds Agatha almost overwhelmed with anticipation as pretty blonde Whitney Conroy introduces her to this brand new experience. Whitney – all soft curves and sweetness – makes the most delicious contrast to Agatha. The two together are in perfect harmony.

Agatha’s initial stillness melts away and she responds with avid kisses as Whitney’s gentle touch stirs her arousal. It’s an exceptionally charged moment as she leans back to gaze into Whitney’s eyes, and then pulls her close to kiss her again. Whitney seems utterly lust-struck as she slides Agatha’s panties down to reveal her tempting smooth-shaven pussy. The sight encourages her to take off her dress, revealing her fabulous round, squeezable bottom framed to perfection by a lacy G-string.

The new lovers move to the bed, and Agatha is eager to fully experience these fresh sensations. Naked, she spreads her legs to allow Whitney to slip a couple of fingers inside her pussy. Her body undulates, riding the waves of pleasure coursing through her as Whitney licks her, pausing every so often to suck on her clit and stroke it with sticky fingers. Whitney builds the pressure, her fingers moving faster and harder; then glances up to enjoy the sight of Agatha experiencing her first orgasm at the hands of another girl.

Naturally Agatha wants to know what it feels like to give another girl sexual pleasure too. Although inexperienced, she responds instinctively to Whitney’s signs of arousal, feasting on her soft, sweet body and savouring every moment. Whitney is soon lost in the ecstatic storm of sensation that engulfs her.

The visually stunning epilogue to the scene suggests that Agatha’s lesbian awakening has truly begun. Although Whitney’s blonde prettiness is usually more to my taste, I found myself enthralled by Agatha’s raw sexuality and willingness to expose herself to the camera’s gaze. There’s a sense that this is just the first step on a new path towards self-exploration and sexual fulfilment for her – and it feels like a privilege to have witnessed this private moment.


Alis Locanta's "Waltz with Me" — a year in the life...

Posted by Adam
11 Jul 2014

I've just had the opportunity to screen a nearly-finished rough cut of Alis Locanta's latest Sexart project, "Waltz with Me." The film comprises four separate chapters — Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer — and each episode will be released sequentially in the near future.

As I write, Alis Locanta has 76 films in his Sexart portfolio, so there's no question that he's a prolific and productive artist. And he also has a particularly fertile imagination. His body of work encompasses a wide range of themes and approaches, and, despite his rapid production schedule, he never repeats himself. Let me qualify that: Even when he repeats himself — as with the original, 2-part "The Writer" starring Lorena B, and the more recent, 10-episode "The Writer" series starring Luna — he brings something completely fresh and new to each project.

Locanta is also an exceptionally versatile artist. He can take the absolute simplest form of erotic film — single girl masturbation — and create impressively complex and compelling works of erotic art. "About a Girl," starring Agatha, and Luna's Sexart debut, "Just the Beginning," are two fine examples of the form, and, they're both entirely different.

At the other extreme, elaborate, long-form narratives are a Locanta strong suit. Crafting a compelling story and engaging an audience over several hours of combined run time isn't easy — but Locanta and his gifted cast and crew did exactly that with "The Writer," and it raised the bar for erotic cinema, not only at Sexart, but for the industry, at large.

"Waltz with Me" falls somewhere between those two extremes. It's far more complex than a simple single-girl feature, but is not nearly as complicated and densely plotted as "The Writer."

It strikes me that the four episodes of "Waltz with Me" are less like chapters in a story, than they are stanzas in a poem or verses in a song. Here a free-flowing visual style does much of the "narrating" and details are conveyed by non-verbal means, most notably the changing of the seasons.

Make no mistake, while "Waltz with Me" boasts a lyrical and engaging cinematic style, it is also a profoundly erotic experience and contains scene after scene of super-heated sexual activity.

The entire series takes place in a spacious, airy, loft apartment. In "Chapter 1" a couple —  Alexis Brill and Franck Franco — are moving in to this, their new home together. They paint, they decorate, they kiss, they play, and they make love. In each subsequent chapter Brill and Franco become more settled in the space, and their love flourishes. I don't want to spoil the thrill of discovery for the viewer, but I will tell you this: "Chapter 1" is the only scene in the series that features a two-person sex scene.

Locanta directed Alexis Brill and Franck Franco in their debut appearances at Sexart ("Angel" and "Turning Point," respectively), and he's worked with each of them in subsequent features. Both are gifted and appealing performers and the relationships built up over time — actor with actor, actors with director — result in genuine on-screen chemistry. Behind the scenes footage appended to the end of each chapter only reinforces this impression — these people enjoy each other and love working (and playing) — on camera or off.

The technical/stylistic element that unifies all four chapters of "Waltz with Me" is what might be thought of as "theater in the round, in reverse." As can be seen in the epilog segments, Locanta's crew has constructed a track on which a dolly-mounted camera circles the performers. So, rather than a stationary audience viewing a performance on a central stage, we have a camera in near-constant motion circling the "stage" as the action unfolds.

Viewed individually, the separate chapters of "Waltz with Me" are fully realized, engaging, and visually inventive stand-alone films. Viewed as a set, the four episodes of "Waltz with Me" combine to create a truly impressive and extremely entertaining work of erotic cinema — this is one of those instances when the whole is even greater than the sum of its splendid parts.

"Waltz with Me" premieres in just a couple of days. The dance is about to begin, and you do not want to sit this one out.

"Sexpresso" introduces a new era of erotic excellence for VivThomas.com

Posted by Rose
06 Jul 2014

The acquisition of VivThomas.com by the MetArt Network heralds a new era of groundbreaking erotica for the renowned brand. MetArt are committed to honoring the vision of innovative auteur Viv Thomas, and to that end are taking the brand to new heights with the release of a stunning new movie, “Sexpresso.”

The outstanding artistry of director Andrej Lupin puts you right there in the middle of the action; and the sex, shot on location in Portugal, is visually beautiful but also natural and very real. Rising star Tracy Lindsay is the ideal girl to launch the new dawn of VivThomas.com movies. She perfectly embodies the ideals of natural beauty and unabashed sexuality.

As “Sexpresso” starts, we discover that Tracy loves her coffee – but not as much as she loves spending time with desirable women. Her seductive manner ensures that she gets her fill of pleasure whenever she craves it. The story unfolds with pretty Aiko Bell paying a visit to Tracy as she enjoys her coffee. Immediately, attraction is in the air; Aiko is a little shy at first, but Tracy’s insistent kisses soon warm her up. The flirtatious smiles the pair exchange hint at an intimate connection, and their sensual kisses, captured in luscious close-up, bear a promise of rapture to come. Tracy’s clever fingers know exactly how to hit Aiko’s sweet spot as she caresses her through her panties, and then slides her hand inside to feel the wetness.

Tracy is dominant at times, slapping Aiko’s ass and handling her roughly, but she’s also a sensitive and intuitive lover who makes Aiko gasp and moan with pleasure. Her fingers are a blur as she drives Aiko to a frenetic orgasm. Then she sits astride Aiko’s face so she can enjoy the sensations of Aiko’s tongue exploring her delectable pussy. Her orgasm has her whole body quaking with bliss.

Later, Tracy looks irresistible in a hot pink robe as she teases pretty Daniella Rose with the froth from her cappuccino. Her perfect bottom in the air, she straddles her lover, before Daniella flips her onto her back so she can suck on her stiff nipples. The couple seem delighted with each other’s beauty and sexuality as they kiss and touch. Tracy grabs Daniella’s hand to work the fingers harder and faster in her pussy, rubbing her own clit in a frenzy of lust as she approaches orgasm. Then her teasing tongue-strokes on Daniella’s clit reveal how completely she controls her lover’s response. The pleasure of tasting Daniella, and licking her pretty ass, has her rubbing her own sticky honeypot at the same time. The pair move into a scissors position, grinding on each other, their juices mingling as they climax in unison.

The following day, Tracy asks Daniella to invite her cute friend over for coffee. After a little small talk, she asks Stacy Snake whether she’s ever had sex with a girl. The answer is no, but the little sweetie is ready to let Daniella seduce her. Tracy watches avidly, sipping her coffee, as her girlfriends get better acquainted. Stacy’s hesitation turns to desire as Daniella kisses and caresses her, leading her along the path from curiosity to arousal, and then all the way to sweet ecstasy. Then Daniella teaches Stacy exactly how she likes to be touched, and the adorable neophyte finds she has a natural talent for giving as well as receiving lesbian pleasure.

Daniella leaves Stacy alone with Tracy so she can continue to explore her newly awakened sexuality. Stacy looks a little overwhelmed at the idea of having sex with such a goddess, but the touch of Tracy’s soft lips soon has her convinced to revel in the experience. Tracy is hungry for sensation after watching her girlfriends make love, and it only takes moments for her to bring Stacy to climax again. After she’s drawn out the pleasure to a string of orgasms, Tracy lets her new girlfriend get a taste of her sweetness, and finds that the novice is a quick learner. Tracy jiggles her world-class ass up to meet the strokes as Stacy licks her ass and fingers her to an earthshattering climax.

“Sexpresso” is a proud declaration that VivThomas.com is ready to rock your world with a new wave of sensational lesbian erotica. Prepare to enjoy the ride!


"Haute Couture" – fashion meets sexual expression in a stunning SexArt series

Posted by Rose
26 Jun 2014

Fashion models are the new rock stars – sexy, charismatic and alluring, but always just out of reach. They tease, but never quite reveal their most intimate moments... until now. "Haute Couture" is a unique movie project that brings us three incredible girls, beautiful enough to be fashion models, and confident enough to let us witness their sexuality in full flow. Three stunning, color-themed scenes capture each in turn talking and getting ready on set, before they are let loose to express their physical desires in intimate detail. The climactic scene brings the trio together to take their budding friendship to another level.

Director Alis Locanta explains: "Haute Couture is a different project compared to my previous films. Let's forget my personal 'cine eye' because Haute Couture is a tribute to the fashion television reporting world. There's no fiction, there's no faking; here you are going to see a real fashion shooting day. Models arrive in the morning, they have coffee, meet the crew and start the make-up session. You are going to get to know them better, thanks to a personal interview. Then let's go to the fitting room to put on their color-themed outfit. The shooting style and language is pretty different to a classic film: you'll think you are looking at a fashion TV channel."

The individual color themes are a distinctive element of "Haute Couture" that give it a unique and unforgettable flavor. For those who understand the technical expertise required to create such an adventurous piece of work, Locanta reveals some artistic secrets: "Haute Couture is the very first 4K MA project. All the footage you are going to see has been shot on red cameras (one red, one red scarlet and one red epic) at 4K resolution with different frame rates (23,98fps and 96fps). The real power of this workflow is not the extremely high resolution, but the RAW codec: all the footage was post-produced on a RED CINE-X workstation to obtain a high quality color correction. So… no more H264 codec!"

The girls of "Haute Couture" 

Of course, the most important element of "Haute Couture" is the girls who bring this vision to life. Each has her own personal style and sensuality to share.

Baby Blue: Mango. This Russian beauty has incredible long legs, pert breasts and an adorably pretty face. She looks every inch the fashion diva in her sheer, nipple-skimming top and tight panties that showcase her perfect bottom. Overcome by erotic feelings, her fingers wander down into her baby blue panties to explore her sweet pussy. She seems utterly lost in the act of self-love, the camera forgotten as she masturbates. It's a wonderful moment when she finally turns her shapely bottom towards us and lets us watch her slide a finger deep inside her pussy. She pauses to taste herself from her fingers, then continues. Her legs are visibly shaking, her body trembling as she reaches her orgasm.

Yellow: Alyssa Reece. Canadian firebrand Alyssa is a force of nature – one of those rare girls who brings a feeling of raw energy to everything she does. Here, the soft yellow of her pretty lingerie brings out the delicious olive tones of her skin. Alyssa is lively and charming on set, but as she focuses inward and begins to touch herself, everything else seems to just melt away. You feel every gasp, every tingle of arousal, every tremor of unstoppable pleasure, as she stimulates herself. When she orgasms, it's so powerful you'll swear the earth moved.

Pink: Margot. A gorgeous Czech girl with the looks of a pure Irish farm colleeen – all freckles and raven hair and natural freshness – Margot is a treat to be savored. She enjoys caressing the sumptuous curves of her breasts, teasing the nipples to stiffness, delighting in every shiver of sensation. The pink panties come off and her coltish long legs are spread wide for us to admire that pretty pussy as it gets pinker and wetter. There's no mistaking her mounting excitement as she strokes and fingers herself to new heights of pleasure.

Black and white: Mango, Alyssa Reece and Margot. It's breathtaking as the trio of fashion starlets come together for the climax of the series. You see them having fun together before shooting begins, the sparks of attraction already flying. Then the procession of three perfect bottoms in tiny tight panties making their way onto set is quite something to behold. A rear view like Mango's deserves to be worshipped and that's precisely what follows, her amorous partners kneeling to adore her. The music is hypnotic, the mood potent with lust as Alyssa begins to lick Mango's smooth, sweet sex. Later we witness Mango sucking hungrily on Alyssa's nipples as she and Margo join in pleasuring their new friend. Alyssa's hips buck frantically as she orgasms; and she's a greedy girl when it comes to sex, she can never settle for just one climax! Once she's caught her breath, Margo's wonderful natural breasts become the focus of her attention, while Mango uses her saliva-slick fingers and questing tongue to explore between Margo's thighs. The sensory overload has Margo shaking and gasping in utter abandon. The scene builds to a crescendo of mutual ecstasy, all three girls sexually satiated.

"Haute Couture" will be released on SexArt over the next four weeks. I think it occupies that exceptional space where powerful sex meets erotic art. I'd love to hear what you think about the concept, the style, and of course, the girls!

"Cafe" – new erotic movie delivers undeniable chemistry

Posted by Rose
23 Jun 2014
Ivana Sugar Sabrina Moore sexart cafe
Real sex. Isn't that what we all really want to see? Genuine heat, passion and chemistry that allows us to share the sensation of every look and smile, every touch and caress. Andrej Lupin's new erotic movie for SexArt, Cafe, delivers a powerful sense of this heightened sexual connection. I felt tingles down my spine as the two beautiful stars, Ivana Sugar and Sabrina Moore, began their gentle flirtation.
Seemingly casual chat leads to sexually charged smiles, and more intimate touching and stroking. As elegant brunette Sabrina's fingers caress Ivana's thigh, there is no doubting her intention. A whispered invitation from Ivana encourages her to go further...

Cafe: the public liaison leads to private pleasure-giving


Ivana Sugar Sabrina Moore SexArt CafeIt's been said that kissing is the most intimate act of all. It certainly reveals how much two girls truly desire each other. Once behind closed doors, the flirtatious games between the two beauties give way to a more urgent expression of mutual lust. Ivana is so aroused that as Sabrina begins to lick and suck her perfect breasts, she is almost overcome by the waves of sensation. Her gasps dissolve into giggles of pure pleasure, leaving you in no doubt that you are watching something utterly genuine. For me, it's one of the most special moments of the movie.
Those two delicious bodies are pressed together as the girls continue their exploration of each other. By the time the panties come off, the anticipation is almost unbearable. Then the gentleness falls away as we get to see what a firebrand Ivana is in bed, and how skilfully Sabrina makes her hover at the brink of orgasm. The vigorous scissoring brings the pair to an ecstatic mutual climax.
With every nuance so perfectly captured, Cafe arouses strong sensations of shared pleasure. It's one of my must-see erotic movies of the year so far.

Pictures (and Exhibition) at an Exhibition...

Posted by Adam
20 Jun 2014

It has been famously stated that "Life imitates art." But what happens when art imitates art? Or, more specifically in this case, what happens when performance art imitates art?

That was the question implicit in a controversial art performance staged at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris by Luxembourg-based artist Deborah De Robertis on May 29th, 2014.

De Robertis, barefoot and wearing a gold sequin dress, walked calmly into a gallery in the museum. She approached a display of Gustave Courbet's "L'origine du monde" (The Origin of the World), sat down on the floor with her back to the painting, hiked up her dress, spread her legs, and displayed her vagina to the numerous museum visitors in the gallery.

The Courbet oil on canvas painting that inspired the artist's eye-opening performance piece is a frank and realistic view of a woman in repose, naked from the breasts down, her vagina exposed, central in the image.

De Robertis, relaxed and straight-faced throughout, held her pose as spectators applauded and took cell phone pictures. Museum employees were less enthusiastic about the performance, however, and they unsuccessfully attempted to convince the artist to cease and desist before attempting to usher the numerous — still applauding — spectators out of the gallery.

Ultimately, De Robertis was placed under arrest for indecent exposure and escorted from the museum by police. Prosecutors, however, once they'd determined the artist's concept and intent, declined to press charges and De Robertis was released.

On that day in May Deborah De Robertis created a piece of performance art that was, on the surface, simple and straight-forward, if provocative. But the superficial simplicity hides layers of nuance and complexity. Additionally, the piece, like any successful work of art, invites contemplation and interpretation. And it raises questions, the most important of which may be: Why is a painting of a vagina considered a masterpiece, but the display of an actual vagina is considered a crime?

What does a woman want?

Posted by Adam
07 May 2014

That's the question Sigmund Freud was unable to answer even after thirty years of research into the feminine soul. And it's been asked countless times — but never adequately answered — throughout human history. Whether it's during courtship, in the course of a relationship, within the bonds of matrimony, or after a break-up or divorce, men have pondered the question endlessly. And today, with rapidly advancing technology and ever-deepening scientific understanding of how the human brain functions, this timeless question still remains unsolved.

I won't try to answer the broad question here, either. But I would like to narrow the focus of the enquiry and rephrase it:

What does a woman want from Sexart, and from erotica in general?

From cave paintings to Internet porn, erotica — graphic representations of sexual activity — has existed throughout human history. In modern times — let's say since the invention of photography — its growth has been exponential. Cultural evolution and technological innovation have only expanded erotica's reach and its audience.

And generally, with notable exceptions, graphic erotica has been produced and consumed predominantly by men.

The sexual revolution of the sixties, the era of "porno chic" inspired by the release of "Deep Throat" in 1972, the advent of XXX home video, the Internet, and the mainstream success of blockbuster best seller "Fifty Shades of Grey," have all been factors in the "mainstreaming" of erotica, and in the expansion of the female audience. But porn is still mainly created by men for a predominantly male audience.

But the female audience is evolving and expanding, and society is changing, as well. The creators of Sexart had these facts very much in mind when the were developing the site. Creating content that would appeal to and satisfy the needs of women was a fundamental goal of Sexart. The female orgasm — something of an afterthought in most XXX product — would be emphasized, honored, and celebrated by Sexart.

Sexart's emphasis on and attention to the female perspective is one of the key factors that separates, elevates, and differentiates the site from the so-called competition. And anticipating the female audience's needs and desires is one of the challenges Sexart deals with as it strives to create entertainment for an audience of discriminating women and men.

I'll ask the title question once more, but this time I'll address specific aspects of erotica and erotic entertainment. Also note that I'm addressing these questions specifically to female Sexart members, but that relevant comments from males are welcome.

How do you think women and men differ in their appreciation of erotic entertainment?

Gonzo and POV porn — no plot/all raw sex — seem like very male genres. How do women feel about them?

Elaborate, involving stories, complex plots, romance, drama, and intrigue seem — at least according to the conventional wisdom — like things that would appeal to women. How much story does an X-rated movie need to appeal to a female sensibility? A little? A lot? None at all?

If "hard-core" is male...is "soft-core" more female-friendly? How graphic is too graphic? Do women want to see it all? Or would they prefer that the more explicit bits be left to the imagination?

If you were a single woman looking for erotica, would the erotica you viewed be different than the erotica you'd choose to view with a partner in a relationship?

If you're in a relationship, is the erotica you view as a couple chosen by you, or by your partner?

What is "gross" and what is "hot"?

Is there anything you've see in mainstream erotica that was a total turn-off?

Do you think that men and women are turned on by the same things — can they both equally enjoy the same film, at the same time, in the same way?

As a woman, do you prefer to view erotica by yourself or with a partner(s)?

What types of situations/themes/stories would you like to see in Sexart HD erotic feature films?

As a female consumer of erotica, how could Sexart better satisfy your erotic entertainment needs and desires?

I look forward to reading your answers, thoughts, and general theories in the comments, below.

Metart Acquires VivThomas.com

Posted by Adam
26 Mar 2014

Metart Acquires VivThomas.com

Metart COO, Shaun Lenihan, is pleased to announce that the company has acquired VivThomas.com for its Metart Network of adult entertainment properties.

Metart and Viv Thomas entered into a website management agreement in March 2013. When Viv Thomas recently announced plans for his retirement, negotiations were opened, culminating in the outright purchase of VivThomas.com by Metart. The change of ownership will have no effect on existing affiliates as they are already in the Metart program.

A fixture in the international adult market since the early 1980s, Viv Thomas has created an instantly recognizable style and crafted a massive catalog of high end erotica.

In collaboration with his wife and a support crew of artists and technicians, the VivThomas brand delivers beautiful people in wonderful places and combines passionate, explicit action with intense, pure emotion. Long recognized as a leader and innovator of lesbian erotica, VivThomas.com also offers boy/girl content, further broadening the appeal of the brand.

The Viv Thomas motto - "A Cut Above The Rest" - is a guiding principle of the company that has earned it a large and loyal fan base as well as numerous awards and the respect of leading industry professionals.

Viv Thomas was delighted to hand over the reins to Metart who will carry the VivThomas brand forward as their own, while honoring the style and vision of its creator.

Speaking from his base in Portugal, Viv Thomas said: "My career has been a roller coaster ride with all the thrills and joy, ups and downs, and the pure pleasure of working at something I loved. VivThomas.com and Metart is the perfect match, I can't wait to see what the future holds."

The Science and Psychology of Erotica...for Loving Couples

Posted by Adam
07 Mar 2014

[Photo credit: Miguel Pires da Rosa, original image via Wikimedia, Creative Commons licensed.]

For a single, romantically unattached individual, graphic erotica is a natural, obvious, and even necessary part of a satisfying sex life. We all have needs, sexual needs, and viewing erotic photos or videos is a convenient, effective, and powerful stimulant — readily available fuel to ignite the libido and inspire orgasmic activities. But savoring sexual entertainment in private, when one is alone, can present problems, challenges, and even opportunities for personal growth, when the individual becomes part of a couple.

A recent study, published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, examined the effects and influences of erotica and porn on the relationships of heterosexual couples. Kevin Alderson and Marley Resch, leading a team of Canadian researchers, recruited 340 females to participate in the study. The participants, students or employees of a college in western Canada, ranged in age from 18 to 41 and all were in committed relationships with males who admitted to consuming pornography.

The study's participants completed a range of online questionnaires to determine their personal porn viewing habits, and their so-called "distress level" regarding sexually explicit material. They were also asked if they felt that their partners were honest and open about pornography consumption, as well as their general satisfaction with their relationships.

Not surprisingly, Alderson and Resch's study found that women who felt that their partners were truthful about their use of erotic entertainment reported higher levels of satisfaction with their relationships as well as lower levels of distress about erotica.

The study also examined couples who viewed erotic materials together. While couples who mutually consumed porn reported no significant impact on overall relationship satisfaction, a lower distress level was revealed.

While enjoying erotic entertainment goes hand in hand with autoerotic activity, and is considered by many an intensely private and personal matter, the study revealed that openness and honesty are key to successfully integrating adult entertainment into a committed relationship.

Dr. Frances Walfish, Psy.D., a noted author and psychotherapist, supported the study's conclusions. "Being honest about pornography use with a partner indicates that the person is comfortable with their own sexuality and the things that sexually titillate, stimulate, arouse and turn-on their excitation,” she explained to MedicalDaily. Dr. Walfish added that, “When both partners are equally open sexually and emotionally, pornography can be an exciting, wonderful foreplay. Often, watching can stimulate ideas, themes and scenarios that can elicit spontaneity and adventure for the couple."

Truer words have seldom been spoken — all the more reason to share and enjoy the Sexart experience with a lover!

[Photo credit: Miguel Pires da Rosa, original image via Wikimedia, Creative Commons licensed.]

Sexart named "Oscar Quality Porn" — The cream does "RISE" to the top!

Posted by Adam
24 Feb 2014

Rabbit's Reviews Rise AwardsRabbit's Reviews is one of the biggest and most respected adult entertainment review sites in the world. For five years running they've evaluated erotic sites in a broad range of categories, ultimately awarding their coveted RISE Award to the very best of the best. Last year Sexart won the Best New Site in the RISE Awards. This year Sexart scored another, perhaps even more impressive, RISE Awards victory when it was declared Oscar Quality Porn site of 2014.

A statement issued by the RISE Awards judges explained the rationale for their choice: "[Sexart] really puts into practice what it sets out to do — and that is to marry sex and art...[Sexart] continues to produce scenes that are more engrossing than many movies and television shows. Featuring narratives that only add to the sex instead of detracting from it, you could have their scenes playing on a television without anyone noticing (well, until the sex starts)...This award honors the sites that put in the extra time and effort to craft compelling pornography and Sexart does that in spades."

The owners, operators, and artists at Sexart are, of course, flattered, humbled, and honored to receive this or any other respected award. But this specific RISE Award is particularly significant and satisfying, and the award's title says it all: Sexart is "Oscar Quality Porn."

Sexart Co-Owner and Creative Director Jonathan explains: "Since Sexart launched I've been on a soap box of sorts saying that we're different, we're not like any other site. From the beginning I've been trying to do something completely different. Sexart is about creating a genuine cinematic experience. Not just a better or a different porn experience, but a completely new experience, and that starts with a love of movies, and with a love and respect for the art of cinema."

A lot of ink has been spilled, and a lot of words have been spoken about adult cinema, but the comparison to the ultimate achievement of mainstream movies doesn't come up often, if at all. That's why the RISE Oscar Quality site Award is so meaningful.

Savoring this milestone achievement for Sexart, Jonathan continues: "From the birth of the idea to where Sexart is today, we've come a long, long way. It's still a work in progress, we're not there yet, but it feels so good that we are getting that critical recognition and getting people to actually recognize that what I've been saying all along about Sexart is true — we are different! We are blazing our own trail. I don't even look at sites in the so-called 'glam/couples' genre — that's just marketing, a gimmick. With Sexart I'm doing my own thing, staying true to my vision. To win an award for that, for staying true to my original concept, that means so much. And it inspires me to keep pushing the limits, pushing myself, and pushing my creative team to continue making Sexart everything it can be."

"Like Snow" — Sapphira's delicately beautiful Sexart movie debut...

Posted by Adam
11 Feb 2014

Sapphira is special. I realized that the first time I was lucky enough to lay eyes on her. My second experience with Sapphira, in a Metart HD erotic movie, only confirmed how special she is. By the time I wrote about her a third time she'd been signed to an exclusive contract with the Metart Network, she'd become a full-time resident of topmost tier of Metart's Top Model rankings, and her unique blend of beauty and personality had made her one of the most popular nude models in recent memory.

Sapphira has posed for just one Sexart erotic photo gallery to date, in addition to the ten she's appeared in at Metart. Now this very special talent is making the move to explicit, hard-core erotic cinema, with her first ever Sexart HD erotic movie, "Like Snow." This is a very special event, indeed.

"Like Snow" begins with an extended sequence in which Sapphira strolls through a wintry urban landscape. A thick blanket of snow covers the ground and flakes drift from the cloudy skies and fall to rest on Sapphira's mane of black hair. The mood is subdued, quiet, and Sapphira seems to savor and reflect on the beauty of these moments.

After the titles roll Sapphira is indoors, and the chill of winter quickly fades. Sapphira is still in a thoughtful mood, but the nature of those thoughts has changed. She unbuttons and removes her top revealing the pert perfection of her breasts. Her pants and panties soon follow. Now completely and breathtakingly nude, Sapphira settles onto a roomy, oversized armchair, its white upholstery subtly echoing the snow visible outside in the background. You will have no trouble guessing what happens next — but you will most certainly be grateful it does!

Director Andrej Lupin has done a wonderful job of creating a space for Sapphira to emotionally inhabit. As she begins to explore her body and her sexual desire begins to grow steadily stronger, Sapphira is in a world of her own. The camera is right there with her, close, intimate, but Sapphira isn't performing for us, she's alone with her private thoughts, her most intimate desires, and her body.

And, because this is Sexart, all the delicious details of that body are lovingly and explicitly captured with fluid, unobtrusive cinematography that's entirely appropriate to the mood and pace of the film. By the very act of satisfying herself, Sapphira A has delivered an impressive feature debut that will leave the viewer both satisfied and hungering for more.

Beyond its explicit and beautiful imagery, "Like Snow" also reveals aspects of Sapphira's personality her fans may not have been exposed to previously. And there are more such revelations to look forward to — solo masturbation is only the beginning. I can't say where, when, or with whom, but to answer the inevitable and obvious question: yes, Sapphira will be performing with partners in Sexart erotic features in the future. If you love Sapphira, you're got to love that!

"The Writer — Brave New World" — introducing a brave new Sexart series from director Alis Locanta...

Posted by Adam
07 Feb 2014

In September of last year the first half of Alis Locanta's two-part movie, "The Writer" was released. I wrote a detailed post about it, and the film, and its follow-up, generated considerable interest, acclaim, as well as high member ratings.

In the months since "The Writer" was released Alis Locanta has produced a diverse and varied collection of erotic films for Sexart. But the premise of "The Writer" continued to circulate and percolate in the artist's creative subconscious. The original film's themes — fiction versus fact, the blurred line separating fantasy from reality, and the power of imagination and creativity — were rich in potential and possibility. Too rich, it was decided, for just a two-part film. And that's when the idea of a multi-part, extended, "The Writer" series was born.

But the new series wouldn't simply be an extended, episodic version of the original film. Sequels certainly have their place in the cinematic marketplace, but the director and his team of scenarists had something far bigger, more complex, and more rewarding in mind. First, they gave the idea plenty of room to develop, grow and evolve — ten episodes in total. And not just ten episodes — each installment would be longer, more complex, and contain far more sex.

How much longer and how much more sex? "The Writer — Brave New World" is over 37 minutes long. And it contains four fully realized sex scenes, plus numerous erotic interludes. And the nine future installments will run between 30 and 40 minutes and have similar amounts of action. That's a big, big jump. But it's all part of the growth and development of Sexart.

As Jonathan, Sexart Executive Producer, recently explained to me: "This is really the next step in the evolution of Sexart. This series is moving us closer to my original vision for the site. I'd like to take all the eroticism of the best adult films and move in the direction of the best independent filmmaking. That's the goal, and this series is a big move towards that goal."

Having just screened the first episode of the series, "The Writer — Brave New World," I can only agree. I have enjoyed — and will continue to enjoy — the "typical" Sexart HD erotic feature, which "typically" consists of a single sexual encounter spread over 15 to 20 or so minutes. But "The Writer — Brave New World" is in an entirely different class. There is a lot of complexity to the narrative, a lot of stunning and intriguing imagery, and a lot of sex.

And there are a lot of impressive performances, as well. Luna brings her smoldering sensuality to the title role, Whitney Conroy adds heat and intrigue, Franck Franco does double duty as Luna's boyfriend and fictional character in the story she's writing, and Lindsey Olsen makes her Sexart debut with no fewer than three sex scenes.

During a brief — and rare — lull in his schedule, I had an opportunity to conduct a short interview with Alis Locanta about "The Writer" series specifically, and his approach to erotic filmmaking, in general:

Q: What was your inspiration for "The Writer" series?

A: That's a good question and my answer could be very long! When I started thinking about this subject, I did want to tell a story based on a complex and agitated character. It helped me a lot for writing different scenes, set in many locations, each with a specific mood. I also wanted to put in this project many different filming styles. I do love an "indie/guerrilla shooting style," but since I was producing thirty to forty-five minute episodes there were some technical solutions that couldn't be too present. That's why I mixed dolly movements with hand-held shooting, or point of view stuff with GoPro ultra-wide frames. Some episodes are more romantic, some others are more dramatic. I put a few "sinister elements" as well. In the end, I could say "The Writer" is a real "indierotic movie."

Q: Have you always wanted to make erotic films?

A: Ohhh…what can I say? It's a hard job, but someone has to do it! To be honest, though, no. Not because I didn't like this idea, but I couldn't imagine to have the chance to shoot adult films with an extremely high quality level. I was never interested in making low budget erotic films. When I was younger it was so difficult to find good erotic movies. I do believe sex is ONLY in the brain and most of the porn production were — and are — based on fucking, fucking and fucking. In my opinion there are many music videos, indie short movies or viral clips that are more erotically exciting than thousands X-rated scenes you can find everywhere.

Q: Why did you pick Sexart as the home for your erotic films?

A: That's the easiest question — because Sexart is unique. I mean, there are a few other sites that produce really good stuff, but they are shooting always the same concept, the same scene, the same situation, the same type of eroticism, over and over. Sexart has a very different and brave idea: shooting erotic/independent/mainstream films. That means I have to think about great plots, writing solid scripts, casting the best models possible and shoot with a real independent cinema crew. I couldn't find this wonderful challenge anywhere but Sexart!

Q: What new stories can Sexart's members expect from Alis Locanta?

A: Even though "The Writer" project took me about four months I've been working on other films and mini-series. I decided to make a tribute to the fashion world and shooting a hybrid concept between videos and [still] pictures. They will be four episodes with three stunning models. It will be my first adult film entirely shot on 4K. A more complex, difficult project is in the works, but for now I don't want to tell many details about it, but I just can say "everything will turn like a waltz." Stay tuned!

"The Writer — Brave New World" is a big step for Sexart, a major accomplishment for Alis Locanta, as well as an impressive start to a compelling new, must-see erotic series.

Legendary Director Michael Ninn Strikes Awards Season Gold
with "The Ingenuous"

Posted by Adam
28 Jan 2014

The adult entertainment industry is known for over-the-top hype and super-heated hyperbole. But when we call director Michael Ninn "legendary" that's not hype, it's a simple statement of fact. Since 1992 Michael Ninn has been creating XXX art of unrivalled style, quality, and erotic impact. And, as he enters his third decade as a director of high-end hardcore erotica, Michael Ninn remains a visionary artist at the very peak of his creative powers.

Ninn's most recent full-length erotic feature, "The Ingenuous," was one of the most critically acclaimed releases of 2013, and on January 18 of this year it took home three prestigious AVN Awards. Michael Ninn won the Best Director – Foreign Feature award. "The Ingenuous" was named Best Foreign Feature, and it also received the Best Sex Scene in a Foreign Shot Production award. The legendary director is going to need to make some more room in his already crowded trophy case!

The Metart Network proudly salutes Michael Ninn's success at the 2014 AVN Awards. We've been admirers of his work for years, and MichaelNinn.com has been a member of the Metart Network since April of 2013, so we feel an extra bit of "family pride" for the praise, recognition, and well-deserved awards he's received. And there's a Sexart connection to "The Ingenuous," as well.

"The Ingenuous" was shot in the Czech Republic, and Sexart's Prague production crew was intimately and actively involved in the making of the film. Prolific Sexart director Andrej Lupin was the Director of Photography, the Cinematographer was frequent Lupin collaborator John Humble, and Metart supermodel/Sexart producer Ariel Piper Fawn served as Michael Ninn's Assistant on the production.

Following its success in release on DVD, "The Ingenuous" will be released online, in serial form, at MichaelNinn.com where members will have the opportunity to view Ninn's latest masterwork in full HD — we can't think of a better reason to consider joining the site.

Check out all of Michael Ninn's movies and erotic art photo galleries at MichaelNinn.com. If you're already a Metart Network subscriber check out the upgrade specials in the Member's area.

Sexart Erotic Dailies

Posted by Jon
17 Dec 2013

Alis Locanta never misses an opportunity to share his creative works with me at the end of a day's filming. Dailies as the film industry professionals call them. I have small movie clips, usually 10 seconds in length, littered all over my desktop. I had Alis put these clips in a vignette to give our fans a glimpse as to what’s coming to Sexart.com from Director Alis Locanta. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Simply Sapphira

Posted by Jon
06 Dec 2013

On set with Alis Locanta again! Sapphira shooting for Sexart in her first solo scenes. Many of our Metart members know Sapphira as an exclusive Metart model. Photographer Luca Helios brought her to life for us through his photographic genius. Well, the wait is over, and Sapphira has decided to bless us with her presence on Sexart, and only in the tasteful, cinematic style Sexart can bring. More to come, stay tuned...

On Set With Alis Locanta

Posted by Jon
20 Nov 2013

Behind the scenes at SexartOn set today with Alis Locanta. He’s shooting new Metart Model, Eva. Alis sent me these photos, saying her first solo scene went extremely well. Alis stated, “She’s a natural in front of the camera, it was a beautiful scene”. I for one can’t wait to see the first edits of this all natural beauty.

Introducing "The Game" — a surprising new series debuts...

Posted by Adam
02 Oct 2013

I've been viewing SexArt HD erotic feature films since the very beginning — since before the very beginning, in point of fact — and one thing I quickly learned was to expect the unexpected. Despite that fact, the debut episode of "The Game," a new feature series directed by Andrej Lupin, caught me completely by surprise.

I've screened a lot of Lupin's catalog, perhaps more than any other SexArt director, so when I learned that "The Game" was a multi-part production, the first thing that came to mind was his "Snow Fun" series. Those who have seen it would doubtless agree that "Snow Fun" is lighthearted, amusing, playful, and easily enjoyable — a carefree vacation punctuated by numerous bouts of energetic sex.

Mere seconds into "The Game," all my preconceptions have been blown away. There is nothing "lighthearted" or "carefree" about this film! Indeed, the title sequence is a full-throttle blast of action-adventure war movie intensity, complete with a pounding martial soundtrack, heavily armed soldiers — even a helicopter. The latest from Tom Clancy (the bestselling military action novelist who, sadly, passed away hours before this post was written)? No, it's the latest from Andrej Lupin, with a screenplay by his collaborative partner and producer, Ariel Piper Fawn. And if the first episode is any indication, "The Game" series is going to be filled with surprises.

Nobody likes a spoiler, so I won't comment any further on the plot or story of "The Game." I will say that the film is subtitled "The Target," and that the two central performers are Silvie Deluxe and Thomas Lee. No surprises with this talented pair — their scene together has an effortless, natural sincerity, and they have a wonderful erotic chemistry that Lupin and his master technicians capture with polished professionalism and deft artistry.

Based on "The Game — The Target," what do I expect from further episodes in the series? Action, adventure, explosive sex, and more than a few unexpected surprises!

"About a Girl" — a steamy solo and a powerful premiere...

Posted by Adam
18 Sep 2013

Female. Solo. Masturbation. Three words that describe one immensely popular subject. In the world of erotica nothing could be much simpler. And nothing could be so dazzlingly complex. A woman, alone, pleasuring herself. No props, no toys, no partner(s), no plot, no dialog — nothing but a woman, alone, bringing herself to orgasm for the sheer, indulgent delight of autoerotically-induced pleasure. Is it any wonder the genre enjoys such lasting and widespread popularity?

But just because something is simple, and just because it is in high demand, far from ensures that each and every example of solo masturbation will be at all memorable, or even watchable. The low quality of so much solo female erotica is due to a (usually) male director who may have a less-than complete understanding and appreciation of the female psyche and libido, and performers who can be coached and coaxed to over-play the action until all the realism is drained away and it becomes nothing more than a vehicle for solo male masturbation. In my career (and, yes, in civilian life, as well) I've viewed countless hours of female masturbation video. With a few exceptions, all is long-forgotten. A favorite girl lingers in memory, perhaps. Or a truly exceptional performance. But those standouts are few and far between in the crowded field of routine female masturbation movies.

But few things at SexArt are routine. Indeed, the site exists to break away from the accepted "average," and produce an exceptional product for a consumer who craves something superior. And SexArt members with an interest in female solo masturbation can look forward to a fine example of the art form in a few short days.

The film in question is titled, simply, "About a Girl." It was conceived and created by director Alis Locanta. And it stars a brilliant new arrival named, simply, Agatha. "About a Girl" is Agatha's SexArt debut, and it is about as impressive a debut as I can remember. This girl is beautiful — European high fashion model beautiful. Her limbs are long and graceful, her features refined, her lips full, her eyes haunting, her complexion luminous. One would not be at all surprised to see her commanding the catwalk at haute couture shows in Paris or Milan. But finding her here, seeing her deliver such an effortless, sincere, and absolutely unselfconscious performance — that is the real surprise! Agatha is a natural beauty of rare quality and she also happens to be a performer with the rare ability to appear completely sincere and seem as if she isn't performing at all, simply enjoying herself, by herself, for her sole pleasure.

"About a Girl" is beautifully simple, and simply beautiful. Agatha sits at a table reading a magazine. She eats a grape. The camera, pleasantly confined by the tiled walls of the sleek space, moves back and forth, up and down, moving in for detail as needed, and then pulling back out again — and capturing some striking, unexpected images along the way. And yet the brilliance of Agatha's performance is that the camera doesn't exist for her. She is alone, existing only for herself, for these moments of exquisite intimate pleasure. Yes, Agatha is a pleasure to watch, and her future on film looks promising. And "About a Girl" is about as good as solo female masturbation gets.

"The Writer" — sex and art, fantasy and fiction, and incendiary erotica...

Posted by Adam
04 Sep 2013

The site was named SexArt for very specific reasons. Designed from a clean sheet of paper, as an expression of the creative vision of its founders, SexArt was created to provide explicit erotica in inventive, intriguing, and innovative new ways. Sex would always come first, but Art would always be a key component in the equation. And nowhere is this fact made more clear than in SexArt's diverse and constantly expanding collection of erotic motion pictures.

SexArt movies defy industry stereotypes and challenge audience expectations. Would you like to see a porno parody of a mainstream movie? A sexual spoof of a popular TV comedy? Sorry, you won't find that sort of worn-out and witless material at SexArt. What you will find, however, are movies that explore a wide variety of genres and styles, that present romance, lust, sex, passion and orgasmic fulfillment from a highly stylish and intensely human perspective.

And that brings us, not at all coincidentally, to a forthcoming SexArt feature motion picture: "The Writer."

Written and directed by Italy's Alis Locanta, "The Writer" skillfully and stylishly explores the intersections and overlaps between fiction and fantasy, dreams and desires, images and actualities.

In narrative terms "The Writer" is the soul of simplicity. MetArt Network contract superstar Lorena B headlines as a writer of fiction who takes her inspiration from her own incendiary masturbatory fantasies. If she finds herself at a loss for ideas she gives in to her own autoerotic desires, and as orgasm approaches, so do a flood of potential plotlines.

At work on her laptop she explores differing themes and possible outcomes. But what is real? What is imagined? What is truth? What is fiction? Those questions and their possible answers contribute much to the flavor and atmosphere of the film.

But story, style, and theme in "The Writer" all serve to richen, emphasize, and enhance the action — the story that Lorena B so vividly brings to life with a career-best performance. Lorena B is as beautiful here as ever — and by that I mean breathtakingly beautiful. But her performance is no less noteworthy. Somehow she manages to come across as completely natural and unaffected, very much herself, but also fully inhabiting her character. But even in the act of acting out her own fantasies she's completely genuine and spontaneous — there's nothing false about her seductions, nothing faked about her sexuality or the sex she gives, receives, and — above all — enjoys so completely in "The Writer."

Before this becomes a love letter to Lorena B let me add that every star needs a costar, and Alexis Brill — young, slender, seemingly innocent, and extremely beautiful — is perfectly cast as object and embodiment of Lorena's fantasies. While the balance of power in this relationship is absolutely an element of the story, there's no doubt that, in terms of the quality and sincerity of the performance, that these two actresses are very much equals.

I will tell you that "The Writer" is stylishly executed and wonderfully acted. And that the sex is truly exceptional. Those are honest, accurate representations of my reactions. But sex is intensely personal, as is an individual's reaction to a work of art. I urge you to view "The Writer" as soon as it is released, and then you can see for yourself how it mixes sex and art as only a SexArt motion picture can.

Surveillance, Privacy, and Erotica...

Posted by Adam
17 Aug 2013

Somebody's watching...what are they seeing?

Yesterday, while reading the New York Times online a headline caught my eye. It read: " N.S.A. Often Broke Rules on Privacy, Audit Shows."

The N.S.A. (National Security Agency) administers the massive electronic surveillance operation revealed by (now fugitive) whistleblower Edward Snowden. Americans have been assured that the data mining adheres to strict standards designed to protect innocent individuals, but we now learn (not surprisingly) that those standards are regularly ignored.

The U.S. government spies on its citizens in America and overseas. The surveillance extends to phone calls, e-mails, Internet search histories, text and instant messages — every modern mode of human communication.

Defenders of the gargantuan and unprecedented spy apparatus insist that it's an effective and necessary tool in the global war on terror®. Further, some surveillance advocates declare: "If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear."

And yet, this U.S. government administered program exists in near total secrecy, with virtually no public, judicial, or legislative oversight. It is also in clear violation of the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which reads, in part: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated."

So, what does this have to do with SexArt?

At the moment, absolutely nothing! But it's all too easy to imagine a time or circumstance when a giant, super-secret, unregulated surveillance program could be used to track, record, censor, or even completely eliminate your access to erotic art and entertainment.

Today, in this country, there is a small but vocal group of anti-erotica zealots. Whether due to their political or religious beliefs, they see access by adults to sexually explicit materials as a threat — to their moral values, to the nuclear family, to civilization itself. These people are extremists, they are far outside the mainstream, and their arguments are unfounded and fallacious.

But what if someone who held these crackpot views managed to gain real political power or high elected office? Do you think they would hesitate to harass, persecute, or even prosecute producers and consumers of erotica?

No? Well, they've done it before. The so-called "Meese Report," produced by then U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese on then President Ronald Reagan's order, was a big — fortunately unsuccessful — step towards suppressing the adult entertainment industry. But the censors, the "social conservatives," and the morality police are still out there. Waiting.

It's also worth noting that in a complex, chaotic, and dangerous world, where real concerns are many — war, civil strife, unemployment, poverty, and environmental disaster, to name but a few — it can become politically expedient to have something to divert and distract public attention. A war on poverty? Too difficult! Too expensive! But a war on porn? Cheap and easy!

High tech surveillance is very much a product of the 21st century, but this admonition from Benjamin Franklin is even more important today than when he wrote it over two hundred years ago: "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

The Orgasmic Meditation Experience 2013: 3 Days in August that will change the way you orgasm forever!

Posted by Adam
03 Aug 2013

The male orgasm is well understood. Apply stimulation to the penis until it is erect. Continue applying stimulation until orgasm is achieved. To make things even easier to understand, the male orgasm results in the discharge of semen — a receipt, if you will, physical proof positive that the orgasm occurred. The male orgasm? It's not rocket surgery.

The female orgasm, on the other hand (pun intended), is far more complicated. Not simply in physical terms, but culturally, psychologically, emotionally, and socially.

A man who achieves many orgasms, ideally with a partner or partners, is often considered a "stud" or "stallion," a pillar of potency and virility.

A woman who achieves the same feat is, however, often branded a "slut," or a "whore," hardly flattering labels.

But human society is forever evolving, and social norms, mores, standards, and knowledge continue to change and develop. This is certainly true of the female orgasm, and as the global culture becomes more open in its discussions and attitudes about female sexuality in general, the orgasm is more openly discussed, studied...and sought after.

And that brings us to OMOrgasmic Meditation. OM is a movement dedicated to the study, appreciation, enjoyment, and proliferation of the female orgasm. OM is also far more than that — it's a practice, a way of cultivating the orgasm to prolong it, enhance it, and reap the practically boundless physical, emotional, and mental benefits of orgasm. OM helps women and their partners get in touch with their bodies to achieve and enhance the orgasm in wonderful new ways.

The Orgasmic Meditation Experience 2013, is being held at the Regency Center in San Francisco from August 9 through 11. Medical doctors, authors, experts, and noted authorities in the field of female sexuality will gather to lecture, educate, discuss, deliver presentations, share cutting edge research and information, as well as host hands-on workshops about the theory, practice, and benefits of OM.

For any woman interested in the practice of OM and the pursuit of dramatically enhanced orgasm, sexuality, and overall health and wellness should consider attending this ground-breaking event. And so should her partner! To make this opportunity even more irresistible the event organizers are extending a special half-off discount to MetArt and SexArt members!

Visit TheTimeForOrgasm.us for further details, and be sure to use the MetArt/SexArt Special Discount Code — ESH — to save half-off your registration!

Introducing Italian SexArt Model Luna

Posted by Jon
30 Jul 2013

SexArt Model LunaNo matter the venue — concert hall, playhouse, or cinema — a solo performance presents its own unique challenges. Alone in the spotlight, with no costars to interact with, the soloist must capture and hold the audience's attention and withstand its unblinking scrutiny. We expect seasoned, experienced performers to craft polished solo performances, but when a newcomer delivers one — without support or accompaniment — it's even more impressive. And so it is with Alis Locanta's "Just the Beginning." The film's star, dark-eyed Italian beauty Luna, presents a layered, complex, yet spontaneous and naturalistic performance as a young woman exploring her own orgasmic sexuality. And the explosive erotic force of Luna's performance is all the more notable when one learns that this is her very first erotic movie appearance anywhere. Intense, emotional, tender, feverish, intimate, honest, and incendiary, "Just the Beginning" is a truly impressive debut and a thrilling example of the art and power of female autoeroticism.

"Just the Beginning" is releasing tomorrow. If you're not a member Join Us.

Better Living Through...Erotica?

Posted by Adam
25 Jul 2013

A Kalena A a day keeps the doctor away! Relax, erotica is good for you!You've no doubt heard the expression: "Music has Charms to soothe a savage Breast." Well recently released research indicates that viewing softcore erotica may actually soothe and reduce stress in males. Music is great, but as a SexArt member we're sure you'd agree that erotica has some extremely powerful Charms of its own!

We all experience stress, tension and anxiety at one time or another - it's an unavoidable part of modern life. When we experience stress our bodies produce elevated amounts of the hormone cortisol, agitating the central nervous system and interfering with brain function - specifically its problem solving ability. Research recently conducted at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania found that males who viewed erotic photos experienced a diminished cortisol response, resulting in lowered stress levels.

According to one of the study's authors, J. David Creswell, Ph.D., stress levels in subjects who viewed the erotic images were reduced by 50 percent compared to a control group that viewed non-sexual photographs.

The "soft erotica" utilized in the experiment not only served to lower stress, according to the study, it also resulted in a 50 percent performance improvement in the mathematical problem solving portion of the testing. So not only did viewing erotic photos lower stress, it also raised a specific type of cognitive function - test subjects were not only calmer, they were also measurably smarter. Not a bad pay-off for enjoying some soft erotic imagery.

SexArt. It's not just good, it's good for you!

À votre santé!

The Plot Thickens...

Posted by Adam
26 Jun 2013

Fire Dance SexArt HD erotic film starring Jessie Andrews and Malena MorganIt's a familiar and popular expression — when an unexpected twist or complication arises in a narrative an observer or participant often says "the plot thickens." I've been thinking about "plot thickeners" and plots in general, after doing a bit of reading and research about women and porn — specifically, what do women look for in erotic entertainment?

When I first got involved with erotica on a professional basis the conventional wisdom was that men were "visual" and that women were "cerebral." All that men needed to become aroused was a glimpse of something sexy, a picture, a movie, a primitive drawing scrawled on the wall of a cave, and his libido kicked into high gear. But women were different. A blurry Polaroid picture wasn't enough. She needed atmosphere, ambiance, detailed narratives, and an engaging plot before her sexual juices could be induced to flow.

But time marches on. And yesterday's conventional wisdom may not still apply today. Pornography has undergone a massive transformation over the last several decades. We've moved from illicit "Tijuana Bibles," the so-called "eight-pagers," crudely illustrated, explicit comic books, up through black and white stills processed and printed in home darkrooms, to 8mm loops passed from collector to collector, to "Porno Chic" and the heyday of the adult movie theater, the home video explosion, up through today's universally accessible high definition streaming XXX video.

So it's fair to ask: in the Information Age, are men still "visual" and women still "cerebral," when it comes to erotic entertainment? Has the exponential growth of the XXX industry changed attitudes and appetites in erotica?

The short answer seems to be Yes. And No. The basic visual/cerebral divide still exists. Males simply respond to graphic depictions of sexual activity more powerfully than women do (of course, I'm generalizing). But women do consume porn, and they're consuming more and more with every passing day. And as the female market grows, it also becomes more defined — female consumers' tastes and needs are evolving and becoming more precisely understood.

The growing but underserved — and often misunderstood — female audience was one of the prime motivations for the creation of SexArt, in fact. And the task of creating erotica that appeals to men and women in equal measure is one of the most stimulating and inspiring challenges SexArt's international pool of artisans is faced with.

To complicate matters, in order to create entertainment for a global audience, SexArt's movies tell their stories in a visual, generally non-verbal manner. The storylines, no matter how simple or complex, are shown rather than spoken. Is this "visual" method of plot exposition enough to satisfy the "cerebral" female viewer? Our own market research and the notes and comments provided by female SexArt members indicate that, yes, the SexArt approach — stylish, artistic imagery combined with appealing, evocative, "relatable" narratives — is a success, with female and male viewers, alike.

But what do you think? Would you like to see more (or less) story in SexArt films? More dialog? More elaborate plots? More character development, more back-story, more non-sex interplay? How about costumes, special effects, action, stunts, or exotic locations? I'd particularly like to hear opinions and input from a female perspective, but all members are encouraged to share their thoughts on the subject in the comments, below.

SexArt Now Accepts Bitcoin — a new way to pay...

Posted by Adam
03 May 2013

The MetArt story is inextricably connected to the evolution of digital technology. We pioneered the online digital erotic art photography marketplace, and we've embraced every meaningful technological advance — whether it was multi-mega-pixel imagery, HD video, or streaming technologies — in our content as well as in the features and user interface of the site itself. Now that MetArt has grown into the MetArt Network, an expanding family of premium quality erotic sites, our ability to harness and employ the latest technological developments is more important than ever.

It is in this spirit of ongoing technical advancement that the MetArt Network has become the first adult entertainment company to accept the revolutionary digital currency bitcoin.

Bitcoin, the first widely circulated and accepted digital currency, has the potential to completely revolutionize ecommerce on a global level. The MetArt Network made the decision to accept bitcoin for a variety of reasons, but chief among these are the benefits the new payment method offers our members. Bitcoin offers unparalleled levels of anonymity, confidentiality, and protection to the consumer. Customers who would prefer not to use personal bank accounts, checks, or credit or debit cards can now purchase site memberships with the safety and security of digital currency.

While payments in bitcoin provide MetArt Network customers with a secure and convenient alternative payment method, bitcoins also pack a lot of bang for the buck (bang for the bitcoin?) because monthly memberships in all the MetArt Network sites are currently offered at a half-off discount for those who pay with the cryptocurrency. For a newfangled payment method that's old fashioned value.

Whether you choose to purchase your MetArt Network access with bitcoin or any of the other methods offered, MetArt's embrace of the cyber cash proves, once again, the company's dedication to constant and ongoing improvement of our products and commitment to providing the highest level of service to our customers.

Click here to join with BitCoin!

Behind The Scenes Look - Lanzarote 2013

Posted by Jon
22 Apr 2013

Original Post By Ariel Piper Fawn

Hello Everybody,
We just completed our first big SexArt production and I wanted to share the experience with you. We choose Lanzarote, the beautiful Island off the coast of Spain, one the Canary Islands. 
Immediately after the crew and I landed we started to search for nice places to shoot on the Island. We found beautiful locations and our villa we stayed and worked in was incredible. For fourteen days, we filmed, ate, slept and most importantly had an absolute blast.
The Island of Lanzarote is known for its black sand, rock beaches created by volcanic eruptions. You will see some great movies that we shot on these unique beaches. I am sure you will enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed shooting them. 
Instead of the expected 25 degree celsius weather normally felt on the Island this time of year, we experienced rainstorms which is very unusual. Even after all these problems that make filming so difficult we were able to make films that we were extremely proud of. For example, Love From A Bottle, The Sea Mousse, Señora and Jorge just to name a few.
On the first day everybody was full of energy, so we aggressively shot 4 scenes. We finished at 3am, exhausted and sleep deprived. After this marathon shooting, I understood that I can not destroy my team before we get started, we immediately slowed the pace down going forward.
Shooting in the bungalows were without troubles. We enjoyed all our new equipment, actors were great and the production was without hassle. Our cinematographer John Humble learned fast as his new role of jib operator. If I wouldn't of known this, I would have never guessed that he was not already a seasoned veteran.  
During shoots on the beaches, we wanted to tryout a super-slow-motion camera for the first time. The camera guys did not hesitate to jump right in the water to get the shots planned in our pre-production meetings. They enthusiastically jumped into the water and began filming, not always being able to avoid getting smacked by a giant wave.  No matter what hurdle we faced the beauty of the Island kept our moods lifted. 
Everyones favourite model Lorena, shot her first Girl/Girl scene and gave us the most incredible performance as you will soon see. We are finishing the final editing on her scenes.
Next scene we shot was a scene with Whitney Conroy. Originally, we were going to shoot a Girl/Girl scene with her, but during our stay she got really close with Matt Ice and she told me she wanted to make love to him on camera. Who would say no to her? To unexpectedly be asked to make love to the beautiful Whitney Conroy.  Obviously Matt was“feeling” her too, so the decision was made by the couple to do a love scene together, and we went with it. The outcome was EMOTION, and it was one of the best scenes we shot.  You can see this scene on SexArt now. It was released last Saturday on the 20th of April.
I can say, without a doubt, the Lanzarote production was the most amazing experience we’ve ever had as a film crew.  MetArt’s hands off approach, letting the artist have 100% creative control has allowed us to experiment with our craft in ways I never imagined. It was at times exciting, exhausting, relaxing, but always hot and sexy!
Everybody was sad when the production was over.  On the last day of the trip we had fun with Silvie Deluxe to extend the fun. The crew wrapped her in plastic foil used for the film equipment, and they tried to ship her back with the luggage :). The crew told her they thought she could use better sun protection for the ride to the airport.
As the flight home got closer we started to dance the Harlem Shake. If you want to see a very embarassing moment of the European SexArt team dancing like fools, check it out here: 
Because we are sticklers for perfection, we made a better one at the airport.  There was a lot of angry people at the airport because their flights were canceled, we thought it would be appropriate to lighten the mood.  We switched on the music from my laptop and started to dance in the middle of the airport like crazy people. We began to see people smile, it was a great feeling to make people happy in a stressful situation. I want to make you happy too, so here is the video from the airport: 
I would like to thank everybody, from the crew to the actors that made this trip such a success. We love SexArt.com and MetArt for allowing us to bring the members content we are extremely proud of. 



"Emotion" — love, lust, desire, style, heart, and art...

Posted by Adam
19 Apr 2013

In addition to blogging — both here and at MetArt — I'm often asked to write synopses of various SexArt movies. As it happens, I wrote all the synopses for the entire "Snow Fun" series — eleven episodes, count 'em! — so I consider myself well acquainted with the work of director Andrej Lupin. I thoroughly enjoyed "Snow Fun," and when I sat down to watch Lupin's latest effort, "Emotion," I anticipated a similarly enjoyable viewing experience. But nothing I knew of the director's previous work could possibly have prepared me for this. "Emotion" took me by surprise. And what a pleasant surprise it was!

Waves break slowly against rocks under the MetArt Films logo before fading to black. In hindsight, I consider this beautiful image something of a mental reset. Forget what you think you know. Discard your expectations. Experience "Emotion" with fresh eyes. And then it begins.

The first image, of Whitney Conroy, is warm, bathed with diffused light, and has a painterly quality that flatters her considerable beauty. As the credits roll Conroy spins, her hair swinging in slow motion through space. Before thirty seconds have elapsed she is locked in a passionate embrace with Matt Ice. Even in these first moments the mood, the actor's presence, is entirely different. Gone is the cheerful ski bum of "Snow Fun." As the strings of the soundtrack swell, and tympanis thunder, we enter entirely different stylistic territory.

Cinematography, direction, and editing work seamlessly to underscore the title and the theme. Watching Whitney Conroy fall, gracefully, slowly, backwards onto the bed is worth repeated viewings in and of itself — a striking and evocative effect. The performers approach perfection, and by that I mean that at no time do I sense that they are performing. These two have a connection and every move of the camera, every edit, every change of position, looks and feels entirely genuine and natural. When the shot is framed from outside a doorway it adds a hint of voyeurism — and we are voyeurs looking in on these two. When the camera moves in close to capture a facial expression or Ice's point of view, it adds to the feeling of intimacy without drawing attention to the technique.

The sex? Particularly hot, and exceptionally passionate. But it's of a piece, so to say — the love making we witness in "Emotion" is a physical expression of deep, powerful emotions and that's what makes it so compelling. Wonderful performances by skilled performers. Stunning visual and technical style. An impressive piece of erotic artistry from two gifted actors and one talented — and versatile — director.

"Upper West Side IV, Last Call" — make it a double...

Posted by Adam
11 Apr 2013

It's been a while since I've had the pleasure of viewing a film directed by Bo Llanberris. And I haven't seen any of the previous episodes of his "Upper West Side" series, so I have no choice but to experience and judge episode IV, "Last Call," on its own merits. As fortune would have it, those merits are obvious and plentiful.

Chloe Foster, making her SexArt debut here, is a fine addition to the talent pool, that's immediately clear. In his notes about the film Llanberris writes: "I took my time with her and let my cameras collect her lovely body." And that fact is clearly demonstrated as the film begins — the first five or so minutes proceed at a languid pace and we have ample time to acquaint ourselves with the beautiful blonde newcomer as she lounges on a bed and slowly — very slowly — removes her blouse and panties.

After that slow introductory tease "Last Call" abruptly shifts gears as Chloe begins playing with her pretty pink pussy at a frenzied pace. I don't know if this performer has previous on-camera experience, but her lack of inhibition and natural intensity is really something to see. It's also something to hear, and her moans of delight have the unmistakable sound of spontaneity and total sincerity. Another sonic bonus? The sounds of Chloe's fingers furiously working her wet pussy are clearly audible on the soundtrack. Sounds good to me!

After Chloe has treated herself to a handful of orgasms (pun intended), "Last Call" shifts gears once more. Without explanation or introduction, right around the halfway point, we find Chloe astride Chad White. After a bit of kissing and tongue-play she peels off his pants and sucks the first thing that pops up. That brief session of oral is a prelude to an extended session of fucking, mainly with Chloe on top and setting the pace. Although Chad is obviously enjoying himself — who wouldn't?! — Chloe is in control here and watching her greedily wring every bit of pleasure out of her partner is a torrid treat. And when she finally pleads, "Come on me, please!" Chad is only too happy to oblige, ending "Last Call" with both a bang and a blast.

Although it is technically a "short" film "Last Call" is actually a double-feature. Chloe Foster's solo masturbation scene is hot and satisfying enough to stand alone, as is the full-throttle duet she delivers when partnered with Chad White. It's two, two, two films in one! But be careful — this double is particularly intoxicating.

(More) Random Thoughts on Sex, Style, Image, and Imagination...

Posted by Adam
19 Mar 2013

You're walking down the street in the city. A gust of wind lifts a pretty girl's skirt. For a tiny sliver of a fleeting moment you get a partial glimpse of her bare ass. Involuntarily, your eyes widen and pulse quickens. And your imagination goes to work. Is she wearing a skimpy thong, or is she bottomless? Will the wind work its magic again? Should you approach her? Does she know? Is she aware of what others have just seen? Is it deliberate, is it a provocation, an invitation? Oh, what a tease this beauty is! And within moments you've imagined scenarios, envisioned outcomes, woven a rich tapestry of fantasy. All based on a quick glimpse of exposed skin.

The film begins. The performers are totally nude. She is wet (although you don't know if the lubricant is spontaneous or synthetic) and eager. He is erect and obviously ready for business. The action begins immediately. She sucks his cock with ravenous abandon, always being sure that her hair is pushed back and not blocking the shot. He eats her pussy, but it's only a brief, seemingly obligatory interlude before the main event. When they fuck it's an athletic and acrobatic performance. The couple bends and twists into camera-pleasing positions that test their stamina and strength. After hitting their marks, somebody, the director one assumes, can be heard off-camera delivering a cue. He pulls out, she hits her knees, he strokes and explodes. She smiles awkwardly as semen smears her elaborate eye make-up.

In the first scenario, the viewer's imagination was ignited by an image that appeared and disappeared instantly. In the second, no shred of imagination is required, all is on view, completely and explicitly. The second scenario can absolutely provide the viewer with excitement and stimulation, but it achieves its effect with blunt force and not a shred of subtlety or story.

Which of these two "viewing experiences" would you consider more erotic? Clearly, if you're sitting down to enjoy some erotic entertainment, it's a lot easier to watch a video than it is to watch a beautiful, mysterious, sexy girl have her skirt blown up on a city street. But is there a way to combine the two extremes?

As a member of SexArt you know the answer to that question, and it's an emphatic "yes!" On one level, sex is sex. She blows him, he eats her, they fuck, he comes — sometimes she does, too. But adding some emotional depth, some human connection, some intimacy, intrigue, and imagination to the simple sex act is where the art comes in.

Sometimes watching people have by-the-numbers sex is enough. But if you're after a richer, more complex, more involving erotic entertainment experience you want more than that. Not more explicit, but more nuanced. Not harder, faster, wilder, or more "extreme," but something believable, relatable, more genuine, and more human.

Would you rather watch "sluts and studs" put on a sex show? Or would you prefer to see "women and men" enjoying each other in honest, passionate, intimate, and imaginative ways? If you chose the second option you're definitely in the right place.

"Sahara" searing heat in a desert oasis...

Posted by Adam
25 Jan 2013


When you read the synopsis that accompanies the latest creation from SexArt director Bo Llanberris you're provided with a brief but vividly detailed bit of backstory. You'll read of a couple separated by both time, distance, and circumstance, and you'll follow along as a man does whatever it takes to be reunited with his beloved. That Llanberris can tell such an evocative tale in words is another feather in this multi-talented artist's cap. And as the film begins we're reminded, yet again, of his signature gift for crafting beautiful and beguiling imagery with a camera.

The opening frames present a single green palm tree and a blooming bush in the middle of a sun-bleached landscape — a striking image in its own right. But the desert sands are subtly and masterfully overlaid with a shimmering layer of undulating water. If I'm reading him right, the author is saying: There is heat in this desert, but there is also life, and beauty.

My interpretation is quickly validated. As our intrepid hero, Kris Slater, crosses the blazing, drifting sands, his lover, Cameron Canada, awaits him in a cool, shady refuge. While waiting she doesn't pace or fret, rather she indulges in what may be a session of quiet meditation, relaxing yoga stretches, and intimate self-massage. Ms. Canada's shapely body not only sports several arresting adornments, but also boasts eye-opening flexibility. When she performs, and holds, dramatic full splits the prospects are tantalizing, indeed.

Reunited at last the couple waste not a moment. Picking up where we can easily imagine they left off, they proceed to pleasure each other with the ease, finesse, and familiarity only long-time lovers can share. They don't rush, and they don't hesitate, they simply savor the sensual delight they give and take from one another. And the camera, as if propelled by a desert breeze, slides, soars, and floats aloft adding to the sense of atmosphere as it artfully captures all their amorous activity. Let your mind and senses take a trip to "Sahara," but be prepared, because it's going to get extremely hot.

XBiz Award

Posted by Adam
14 Jan 2013


2013 XBiz Award WinnerSexArt is pleased to announce that we have been named "Glamcore Site of the Year" at the 2013 XBiz Awards. Considering that SexArt launched in April of 2012 and hasn't even celebrated its first birthday yet, the award is all the more impressive. XBiz is the leading adult industry authority, and provides unequalled news and information about the entire field — from feature films, to online erotica, to technology and sex toys. The XBiz Awards are, quite simply, the biggest and most respected honors in the world of erotic entertainment.

The 2013 XBiz awards were held on January 11, 2013, at the legendary Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, California. The event was hosted by XXX superstar Tera Patrick and the vast ballroom was packed with a veritable galaxy of adult stars and industry movers and shakers. Riley Reid, the star of two SexArt erotic movies, won the "Best New Starlet" award, and also announced SexArt's "Glamcore Site of the Year" award.

SexArt wasn't the only site in the MetArt Network to win at the XBiz Awards. The Free Speech Coalition, the leading adult industry legal advocacy organization, gave MetArt the "Leadership Award" for the company's extensive efforts on behalf of adult industry performers and producers

The award winning success of SexArt is just one part of the MetArt Network story. Recent months have seen a dramatic expansion of the MetArt family of premium erotic art and entertainment websites. RylskyArt.com, a showcase of longtime MetArt photographer Rylsky, was recently launched, and MetArt has also acquired legendary director Michael Ninn's site — including his entire motion picture catalog, as well as highline European studio MagikSex.com, star erotic photographer HollyRandall.com, and industry pioneer ALS.com.

The MetArt Network and SexArt would like to thank XBiz for the "Glamcore Site of the Year" award. The MetArt Network has big plans for the coming year and we hope to be back on the red carpet at the XBiz Awards 2014!

"Looking Back at 2012" - by Bo Llanberris

Posted by Bo
07 Jan 2013

The message that no matter how much we try we cannot control our destiny is the lesson of 2012.  If you asked me two years ago what I would be doing for a living, I never would have dreamed that I would be an erotic film director.  If someone had said to me two years ago that I would be working with some of the most beautiful women in the world and creating “sex art,” I would have laughed and probably said something like, “From your mouth to God’s ear.”    Yet here I am.  It’s Jan 04, 2013 and as of this date I have over 100 erotic films under my belt, and to my delight and surprise it appears that people like them.  I remember the day that I looked up at the sky and said to whatever was up there, “Just let me successful in my chosen field… Filmmaking.”  …and shortly thereafter I became a successful filmmaker in Adult Erotica. Whatever is up there has a sense of humor.

The journey into adult erotica was and continues to be an interesting one to say the least.  Having worked with people like Malena Morgan, Elle Alexandra, Rilee Marks, Presley Hart, Jessie Volt, Jessie Andrews and on and on, you cannot help but walk away a changed man.  Some of these women are the most liberated, most erotic, and probably the most intelligent people I have yet to meet.  Their view on sexuality is at the very least insightful and unencumbered, which makes them different than most folks, and in many ways more honest.  But the biggest surprise came from meeting the male performers.  I was expecting to meet a bunch of meat-heads who just wanted to get laid and drive corvettes. Instead, I found good souls, warm smiles, and the same insightful liberation that comes with losing the societal chains of public opinion.  Not a corvette in the crowd. These people have become my friends and I can honestly say that am all the better for it.

With all that I gained this year I also lost a few long time friends to the twists and turns of life and progress.  Those were moments of great despair, but I became wiser from the loss and gained strength by new opportunities and new horizons.    I’m sure this rings a bell with just about everyone who reads this. 

Since I have seen and be involved with so much sex this year, I feel I am qualified to present some pretty meaningless awards.  So here are some moments that really stood out for me, that I, for no reason, decided to give out awards for:

Best attitude towards sex on set: Charlotte Stokely and Riley Reid. 

Sweetest Personality On Set:  Cassie Lane

Most Fun Personality On Set: Elle Alexandra

Most Fun Night Filming:  “Stepping out” with Malena Morgan, Elle Alexandra and Lexi Bloom

Sexiest Blowjob: Cindy Starfall, “Gypsy Fortune” Lexi Bloom,“My First”

Most Intense Orgasm: Malena Morgan, “Dreamer II” Casey Calvert, “White Room”

Most “in love” Love Scene: Jasmine W, Logan Pierce “The Promise”

Hottest Orgasm:  Maddy O’Reilly, “Intensify”  (Holy fuck!)

Most Willing To Do Anything I Say For The Art Of It:  Katie Jordin, “Sparkman and Chrome Girl”

Most Surprises While Filming: William Corazon, Cindy Starfall, and Marica Hase “Undercover Dangerous 1”  (Marica squirted so far it almost hit our camera operator in the face from 15 feet away.  No one knew it was coming.)

Funniest Moment In A Film: Elle Alexandra, “Roux”  (She was masturbating on the edge of a bathtub filled with water and it broke just as she was hitting orgasm. Water and Elle spilled everywhere.

Most Artistic Performance in B/G: William Corazon, Giselle Leon,“The Expressionist” 

Most Artistic Performance in G/G: Elle Alexandra, Melina Morgan,“Elle Tree”

Coolest Fucking Film I Think I Did: “Fire Dance” Malena Morgan and Jessie Andrews.

Coolest Fucking Film You Think I Did:  “Intensify” Maddy O’Reilly, Danny Mountain

I look forward to bringing you more evolved and refined adult entertainment over the next year, and I truly thank you all for becoming members, for your loyalty, your honesty and your support. 


Bo Llanberris

"Intensify" — vivid visions of explosive passion...

Posted by Adam
23 Nov 2012

Intensify Starring Maddy O’Reilly & Danny MountainThe SexArt HD erotic movies I've evaluated thus far have all had, to one degree or another, a story or some narrative arc. To tell any story within the short running time of the typical SexArt production takes great skill on the part of the film makers — they don't have a lot of time to waste on dialog or exposition when the emphasis, rightfully, is on creating erotic atmosphere, tension, and action.

"Intensify" dispenses entirely with plot. There is no story. None. The concept came from a random thought, and was made possible by ultra-high speed photography. But that's only the mechanical, technical aspect. The driving force behind "Intensify" is the burning passion the stars have for one another. If Maddy O'Reilly and Danny Mountain aren't lovers off-camera I would be highly surprised. And if they are only coming together to perform in a scene — two professionals, two strangers — their performance is truly award-worthy. This is not cookie-cutter, tab A/slot B sex — this is raw, sincere, passionate, driven, explosive passion. And that passion — stunning in its own right — is elevated to the level of erotic art by the technical premise Bo Llanberris and his technical crew have so brilliantly executed here.


The film begins with super-slow motion footage of Ms. O'Reilly standing nude, the wind subtly blowing through her hair. She jumps, gleefully — but very, very slowly! — on a mini-trampoline. Mountain's hand playfully swats O'Reilly's ass and the camera captures the energy as it ripples through her flesh. Water splashed on Maddy from off-camera shimmers as it moves through the air returning to its source. My descriptions can't do this footage justice, you've really got to see it to fully appreciate it.

And that's even more true of the sexual performance that follows. Shot entirely on a stark, seamless white set, the emphasis is completely on the actors. As I mentioned before, I don't think for a minute they're acting — this is a couple making love without a thought of the outside world or the cameras tracking, panning, and soaring over them. The multiple orgasms O'Reilly experiences between the eight minute and the nine minute mark are one extended highlight — and the film has only reached the halfway point, with copious thrills yet to come.

Please don't consider this a spoiler, and forgive the pun(s) when I suggest that most keen-eyed viewers will have seen it coming, but when Mountain finally reaches his peak, the high-speed camera is returned to duty and captures his multiple eruptions in ultra-slow motion. By the look on Maddy's face, she's enjoying the action as much as her partner. After the end credits you'll find some extra footage. If that's how this couple spends their break time, no wonder "Intensify" is so intense.

"Undercover Dangerous" — license to thrill...

Posted by Adam
06 Nov 2012


Undercover Dangerous Starring Cindy Starfall, Marica Hase & William CorazonMy first thought while reading the synopsis of this forthcoming SexArt HD erotic movie release was "spy spoof." That snap judgment might well have been accurate — the mainstream and adult entertainment industries have both produced countless "humorous" take-offs of the Bond/spy film genre over the years. Thankfully, "Undercover Dangerous" isn't a spoof at all, indeed, it's a respectful and skillfully executed homage to classic spy movies.

No film of this type would be complete without at least one impressive gadget, and "Undercover Dangerous" boasts nothing less than a gleaming black Fisker Karma, complete with "SEXART" license plate. A femme fatale with murder on her mind is another requisite, and she's here in the form of blade-wielding Red One. And those who would expect a film set in Japan to feature a fight to the death featuring airborne ninja warriors in fierce hand-to-hand martial arts action will not be disappointed.

As entertaining and expertly executed as the spy film elements of this feature are, they're confined to the first two minutes of the movie. After a particularly striking title sequence with the credits superimposed over the image of an exotic jellyfish undulating in bright blue water, the true purpose of secret agent William Dangerous' (played by William Corazon) mission is revealed.

A debriefing session with two amorous Asian special agents — Cindy Starfall and Marica Hase — gets down to business quickly. The two beauties, in full geisha costume, treat Corazon to a multi-hand, double-mouthed pleasure session. More than suitably primed for action, the spy proceeds to make vigorous love to both beauties — fucking one, then the other, eating them, fucking them while they eat each other, taking full advantage of the situation to everyone's (including the viewer's) benefit.

My SexArt security clearance prevents me from revealing too much more about "Undercover Dangerous," but I will offer these two clues: The film includes more than one explosive surprise. And I don't think we've seen the last of "Undercover" agent William Dangerous, either.

"Prince of the Full Moon" — things that go bump in the night...

Posted by Jon
22 Oct 2012


Halloween has always been — despite the candy and kiddies in cute costumes — the most "adult" holiday on the calendar. And the emphasis on the erotic aspects of the holiday has grown dramatically over the last decade. On the night when ghosts, ghouls, goblins, monsters, mutants — and sexy nurses — gather to celebrate, it's worth noting that many of the classic tales of horror, from vampires to werewolves, have a distinctly erotic element. So, in the Halloween spirit, the mad scientists at SexArt have concocted a very special treat.
"Prince of the Full Moon" begins with a voice-over narration that not only establishes the film's premise, it also offers a symbolic tip of the hat to classic horror films of yore, as well as the creature-feature shows that were once a staple of late-night TV.
Yes, it's a dark and stormy night. And we have a voluptuous and exotic young woman in peril — Aria Salazar making her erotic film debut. Add a mysterious mansion in the middle of nowhere, and its even more mysterious inhabitant, played by William Corazon, and we have all the elements necessary for a night of chills and thrills.
Candles flicker in the dimly lit space. The atmosphere is heavy, ominous, and the attraction between the lost lamb and the mysterious man is instantaneous and overwhelming. Even though one can sense the chill in that vast, gloomy space — a feeling enhanced by periodic flashes of lighting and booming thunder — the sheet the twosome occupy is soon stained with the free-flowing sweat of ravenous passion.
The action here isn't only moody and evocative, it's also particularly athletic — the couple push each other's buttons and each other's limits while transitioning through a plethora of positions ensuring not only their mutual satisfaction, but that of the viewer, as well.
"Prince of the Full Moon" offers many erotic treats, along with a trick or two. Consider yourself warned.
Prince of the Full Moon releases this Thursday, October 25th.

"Melancholy" — overcoming heartache with overwhelming ecstasy...

Posted by Adam
15 Oct 2012


Melancholy by Paul and Ilona Black Starring Emily JWhile the star and creators of "Melancholy" are well known to members of TheLifeErotic.com, one of our sister sites in the MetArt Family of sites, this film marks their debut at SexArt. And what a stunning debut it is!
From the moment it starts, through each transition as the story unfolds, and as the sexual, emotional, and visual intensity builds, I am riveted to the screen. Truly, this is bravura filmmaking artfully scaled down to fit within a scant eight minutes of run time. It tells a richly nuanced story, complete with voice over narration, helpful subtitles, and powerful flashbacks. It is beautifully performed, shot, and edited. And it is absolutely one of the flat out hottest solo female productions I've ever experienced.
Don't, under any circumstances, let the film's title put you off. While it's true that a heartbreak sets the story in motion, the "Melancholy" of the title is a passing phase, a challenge to be dealt with. And Emily J deals with it in no uncertain terms! Now, I can tell you that this is, at the most basic level, a female masturbation movie. But it's the realism, the emotion, the electricity, the raw hunger of a woman alone that elevates this to such staggering erotic heights.
With such a beautiful and gifted performer to work with, the director/editor team of Paul and Ilona Black might have hung back and let their star work her magic. Instead they've employed a dazzling array of cinematic techniques to enhance and intensify the on-screen action — "Melancholy" is packed with images and effects that combine to create an erotic visual thrill-ride, with eye-popping surprises around every turn.
Physically, facially, emotionally, and erotically, Emily J is a wonder, a true star. And the concept, execution, and technique employed by Paul and Ilona Black is masterful. Engaging, moving, surprising, and profoundly satisfying, "Melancholy" is nothing less than a masterpiece of short form erotic movie making.

"The Promise" — making love, as only lovers can...

Posted by Adam
06 Oct 2012


The fundamental skills required of erotic performers couldn't be more basic. The sex drive is instinctual and even the most inept or ignorant individual can figure out the basics quite easily. But take what happens in a private bedroom and put it at the center of a movie set, and things quickly get more complicated. Not only are the performers required to deliver the action, they're also supposed to make it look genuine to the camera while surrounded by onlookers and equipment. Furthermore, they may be having sex with somebody they've only just met, or somebody they know and don't particularly like, or someone they find personally or physically unappealing. The point I'm attempting to make is this: you may have done what the performers are doing, but that doesn't mean you could do the same thing in an erotic film.
Let all that serve as background to the premise of "The Promise." The two stars of the production — Jasmine W. and Logan Pierce — are both adult industry pros. And even a newcomer to SexArt is probably familiar with some of the films they've performed in. But what you may not know, and what I've only just learned, is that the twosome are in a committed, romantic relationship in what's commonly known as "real life." Although they work — and work well — with others, in "The Promise" they work together — in this setting they're not simply skilled and polished professionals, they're genuine, actual, lovers. That fact is abundantly evident here, and gives the production a sense of passion, attraction, connection, and realism that simply can't be faked.
Here's another notable bit of background information: Jasmine W.'s lent star quality sizzle to her numerous girl/girl performances, but here, for the first time, she makes love to a man who happens to be her actual lover. That fact, in and of itself, is reason enough to schedule a viewing.
With all these facts in my mind, I approached "The Promise" with high expectations. And those expectations were immediately met, and quickly exceeded. Jasmine's solo masturbation scene that opens the film is the perfect prelude. When Logan Pierce arrives, shortly after the seven minute mark, the sparks begin to fly. It's immediately clear that these two are happy — delighted, thrilled — to be together, and they enjoy every moment of it. The shared smiles, the subtle, fleeting looks, the prolonged eye-contact, are all clues to the bond the couple shares. And the sex reflects that connection. I get the sense that they're very much in a world of their own, that they're alone, together, and the lights, cameras, and crew members surrounding them have been tuned out entirely so that they can satisfy their own passionate desires. This production could only have come from SexArt, but it's the "LoveArt" aspect that makes "The Promise" so powerfully engaging.

Mainstreaming Porn -- By Bo Llanberris

Posted by BoLlanberris
24 Sep 2012


On The SexArt Set With Elle AlexandraWhat do you think would happen if you went to the latest Spielberg movie and in between the guys saving Private Ryan and the crazy scientist stuffing garbage down the flux capacitor to head Back to the Future, there were also graphic love scenes.  Intro SexArt.
My name is Bo Llanberris and I am a mainstream filmmaker and director.  I was trained in one of the finest film schools in the world. I set out to make great movies and to work with the world’s top filmmakers - and I did both.  I’ve rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, and I’ve been down in the trenches with the nitty-gritty crew of independent filmmaking with no real money, just the goal of getting into Sundance or the like.
Over a year ago I was contacted by the guys over at MetArt.  They had this crazy idea about making high quality, cinema worthy, adult love scenes, in a site they wanted to launch called SexArt, a sister site to MetArt.  They didn’t want to make silly parodies and hire people who couldn’t and shouldn’t act, they wanted to do much more. You can call what they wanted to do porn, but somehow that word does not really describe what they had in mind.  They wanted to take MetArt, keep the high quality, and go graphic.
I have to tell you, although I felt the idea was worthy and somewhat lofty, as a mainstream filmmaker I didn’t want to be a part of it.  All I could see was “me doing porn,” which is not exactly why I spent all that money and effort to go to film school.  But after some further discussions we decided to give it a try and do one short film shoot as an experiment to see what it would be like.
Mind you now, I had never done porn before.  Sure, I watched it, but I never imagined being a part of it as a filmmaker, and certainly not as a director.  But in a very real way I was intrigued by the idea of making a love scene that was graphic and a turn on, but not like you’d see on a Tube site.  I wondered what would happen if I brought in a world class cinematographer, a top Hollywood composer and a professional Hollywood film crew, and approached a graphic love scene like it was in “An Officer and a Gentleman” or “The Titanic,” or “Pretty Woman.”
The result was awesome, but completely untested and no one, not even the wise folks at MetArt, knew what was going to happen.  Would the masses like it, or is everyone just interested in porn for the porn and damn everything else.  Did I make a mistake as a mainstream filmmaker and produce erotica that no one really wants to see?  As it turned out, people started to respond and respond well.  Comments like, “It’s about time” and “Finally, quality adult entertainment” came out of the blogosphere.   Our efforts were rewarded by sign-ups and great reviews and requests for more.
So now we all realized we did something right and the guys at MetArt were on to something.  And I realized that porn isn’t just a thing on “Youjizz” or behind a closed door in some dark alley.  Everyone has sex, and lots of people, although not all, make love, and those people like to see other people make love too.  Some of the greatest pleasures in my short life have been making love to a beautiful woman, where sex was really hot but it was our hearts that drove the passion.    And that, for the most part, is what I strive to show in SexArt - real cinema quality graphic love scenes that are shot like mainstream movies and are also hot and honest.  Looking back at the 100 plus films I’ve completed for SexArt, I realize I am a changed man.  Where once I was aghast at the idea of doing porn, I am now proud to say this is what I do, this is who I work with, and, until I’m asked to stop or no one likes it, I will continue on doing it.

Random thoughts on adult entertainment, from erotic to explicit...

Posted by Jon
17 Sep 2012


Some of you may be aware that I'm the blogger in residence at MetArt. A member left a comment there that, while I chose not to publish it, got me thinking. In essence, this fellow expressed his distain for hardcore (either girl/girl or boy/girl) erotica and feared that MetArt was somehow drifting in the direction of SexArt. I should add that this individual is an articulate, thoughtful, and passionate consumer of erotica — and that he voluntarily withdrew and apologized for his self-described "rant."
Let me address this, if only in a somewhat random, rambling fashion.
First, let me say that the expanding MetArt Network is a group — perhaps family is the better word — of sites with a single, unifying approach to erotica, but which, individually, provide a unique product to a variety of audiences. You may love SexArt and hate MetArt. Although I think that's unlikely, that's your choice, based on your tastes and desires. While the creative minds at the MetArt Network will never try to provide "something for everybody," they do strive to offer a wide range of products to appeal to a wide range of discriminating customers.
I can state, flatly, that MetArt will never become SexArt. But, when I evaluate MetArt erotic pictorials, there are absolutely those times when I wish the model could take it a step further. In girl/girl photo sets, in particular, the fact that the models cannot interact in an explicitly sexual manner (no genital contact, etc.) reduces their impact. When a gorgeous young girl exposes herself completely in a MetArt gallery there are frequently times I wish I could see images of her touching herself — but that's against the rules (and philosophy) of MetArt.
Which is one of the reasons SexArt was created. Here the girls can do what they want, the MetArt rules do not apply. Consequently, single girl sets contain explicit masturbation and manipulation, and two-ways and three-ways can take it all the way. And that's a very good thing...if that's what you want! If it's too much, if it's too explicit, and you're more at home with MetArt, that's obviously where you belong and they're more than happy to accommodate your wishes and desires.
My commenter also felt that hardcore erotica was somehow fake, that it was paid performers going through the motions without any genuine emotion or passion. But can't that be said of nearly all photo and video erotica? Unless you are viewing spy footage of a loving couple who are completely unaware they are being watched (which is most likely illegal or at least unethical), electronic erotica is all staged and "fake" to one degree or another. The models at MetArt aren’t captured by the candid camera — they are paid to pose in planned, art-directed, stylized photos. The performers in a SexArt movie are paid to portray their characters. The fact that they achieve such a high level of "believability" and "realism" is a tribute not only to the performers, but to the artists and technicians who painstakingly and lovingly craft these productions.
I have far too many thoughts on this general subject for a single post, so I'll wrap things up for now. But let me pose a couple of questions for those who care to comment: Are you a member of two or more sites in the MetArt Network? If so, in what different ways to these sites fulfill your needs and expectations? Do you wish SexArt was more like MetArt, or vice versa? If you could suggest any additions, improvements, or enhancements to SexArt, what would they be? I welcome your responses and reactions.

"Gypsy Fortune" — there is passion and satisfaction in your future...

Posted by Jon
06 Sep 2012


If you've been to an old fashioned amusement park or carnival — or if you've ever seen the Tom Hanks blockbuster "Big" — you're undoubtedly familiar with the coin-operated, animatronic, gypsy fortuneteller. Pay the price and the costumed apparatus foretells your future and dispenses a card with a few pithy words to live by.
When Logan Pierce stumbles across one of these antique amusements in the middle of nowhere one night he does what anybody else would do — he sets the machine in motion. Of course, this is SexArt, so don't expect to see the suave stud taking a tumble with a wooden gypsy mannequin (if that's what you're after I'm quite certain a quick bit of Googling will uncover an entire subculture of man-on-mannequin erotica, profusely illustrated, and in "living" HD color).
No, by following the robotic instructions of the gypsy in the booth, Logan ends up face to face with a real, flesh-and-blood gypsy, in the petite and pleasing form of Cindy Starfall. Through the magic of fantasy and gypsy mojo the tiny booth now holds a comfortable chaise — the perfect place for a sensuous encounter to unfold.
And so it does. In this magical space the once stiff and mechanical maiden is now a plush and inviting seductress. Topless, her plump nipples stiff with excitement and anticipation, she savors the act of orally pleasuring her partner. I've no doubt Logan is savoring the experience, but I think it's worth noting just how lovingly and leisurely Starfall performs her task — there's nothing perfunctory or casual about it.
This gypsy is a bit of a tease. She demonstrates that by stripping off various scarves before slowly lowering her skirt to the floor. At a hair over five feet in height Starfall is compact, but her body is perfectly (and invitingly) proportioned. One might say this Asian delicacy looks good enough to eat. Which is just what Pierce proceeds to do. He uses his fingers as well as his tongue, and Starfall isn't shy about lending a hand, and the result is a long session of foreplay punctuated by a series of orgasmic peaks.
A crystal ball isn't needed to predict that fucking will soon follow, and it does. And Hiro's camera is all over it — up close, playing all the angles, swooping as it changes direction, and soaring overhead for revealing views of the coupling couple. I'll also note that there's a nice sense of intimate connection between these two which adds a pleasing human touch to this fantasy encounter.
My prediction? Those who view "Gypsy Fortune" will be entertained, aroused, and satisfied.

"Hollywood Royale" — Tinseltown confidential...

Posted by Jon
30 Aug 2012


It should by now be quite clear: the name of this site is no accident. SexArt combines sex and art, and it does so in particularly refined, sensuous, and stylish ways. "Hollywood Royale" perfectly illustrates this combination of the erotic and the aesthetic.
The history of film provides countless milestones and varied genres to inspire the creative mind. And the filmmakers who've created "Hollywood Royale" have crafted a deft homage to American film noir of the 40s and 50s. Their boldest creative decision was to shoot the film entirely in black and white. Why not present the titles and intro in monochrome and then switch to color when the action begins? Because that would dilute the concept and drain it of its inherent appeal and artistic authenticity, that's why!
And so we have the office of a private detective, dimly lit, of course, and crisscrossed with the shadows cast by Venetian blinds. We have photos of a cheating husband caught in the act. And we have a slinky blonde wife, the victim of her husband's serial infidelities. What does she want? Revenge. When does she want it? Now.
Van Wylde is the detective tasked with satisfying femme fatale Vanessa Cage's hunger for vengeance. In the gritty, hardscrabble world of private detection, this is a plum assignment. A willing dame, a locked door, a leather divan, and plenty of time to enjoy it. And so they do.
A leisurely introductory blowjob segues into an even more leisurely session of pussy-eating with predictable and passionate results. Ms. Cage then spreads her legs wide, places an ankle on Wyle's shoulder for support, and receives a vigorous plowing. Several additional positions follow, and finally, after a stout pumping in the style the French call "en levrette," the Dick drops his wad on the wanton wife. Case closed.
When is the best time to view this hardboiled hard-core film noir? After dark, my sweet.

"Rodeo Drive" — expensive, but worth it...

Posted by Jon
23 Aug 2012


Jessie Volt in Rodeo DriveSome creators of "adult movies" weigh their productions down with elaborate plots and long stretches of dialog. I believe they think this will lend their work an air of sophistication and intellectual complexity. The result is usually the diametric opposite. One of the things I most admire about SexArt's approach to erotic cinema is that the set-ups are smart, short, and to-the-point. Dialog is kept to a minimum, and we learn just enough to pique our interest and draw us into the scene.
"Rodeo Drive" actually contains a bit more dialog than the other SexArt titles I've reviewed, but it doesn't amount to more than a few lines, and it's just enough to establish the premise. 
The premise itself is both simple and clever. So simple that I will risk becoming a spoiler and outline it. For those looking to experience "Rodeo Drive" without any foreknowledge, stop reading now and go enjoy the film.
A young man walks into a chic jewelry boutique on the fabled shopping street. He pretends to be shopping for an engagement ring and the very blonde, very sexy, and very French shop girl plays along. When the girl, Jessie Volt, agrees to try on the ring for the customer, Logan Pierce, the pretending stops and the real lovemaking begins.
No surprises here — the action unfolds at a natural, unforced pace, with each partner obviously savoring the experience in typical SexArt style. Pierce, who has been dreaming of this encounter for endless months, makes love to Volt with his mouth and fingers at considerable length, earning her vocal and orgasmic gratitude. She takes her sweet time while giving Logan a slow, loving suck, but both of them seem aware this is only a prelude to the main attraction.
Again, the pacing and flow of the scene isn't rushed, these two are enjoying every bump, thrust, and grind, taking their time, and building to ever higher peaks of pleasure. A variety of positions are employed, the camera has a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and Volt's uninhibited vocalizing adds to the intensity. Rodeo Drive may be notoriously expensive, but "Rodeo Drive" is well worth the price of admission.

"Spark Man & Chrome Girl" — striking while the iron is hot...

Posted by Jon
15 Aug 2012
Original SexArt Movie - Chrome Girl and Spark ManI'm certain most members of SexArt have viewed far more of the site's content than I have. Most of my blogging hours are spent over at the mothership, MetArt, and I make a single appearance here every week. Even so, I've seen enough to make certain general observations. SexArt is obviously dedicated to a high quality product and presentation, with an emphasis on natural beauty and passionate, stylish eroticism with an overlay of romance. These factors are the foundational elements. But there's another important ingredient: surprise. The SexArt style is consistent and dependable but there's an element of unpredictability that keeps me guessing, keeps things fresh, and keeps me wondering what these creative professionals will come up with next.
"Spark Man & Chrome Girl" is a perfect example. In concept and execution it is quite unlike anything I've seen at SexArt. The story is a clever one, an erotic take on classic superhero comic books, with a sly nod to a movie featuring a famous British spy — James, something, I believe it was.
In the bowels of an abandoned warehouse a young man with mystical powers is hard at work. His sole companion? A beautiful girl sculpted from ingots of solid chromium. When this young man unleashes a shower of sparks magical things happen. As molten sparks strike her cold, silver surface life and lust stirs within Chrome Girl. Her limbs newly limber, she reaches between her spread legs and satisfies an urge that's long been building deep within. You've watched a nude beauty pleasure herself before. Take my word, you've never seen anything quite like this.
A powerful orgasm is the final step in Katie Jordin's transformation from metal maiden to living, breathing lover, and Tyler Nixon eagerly embraces his now completely reanimated playmate. So he strikes while the iron is hot...and it's particularly hot in this instance.
Katie Jordin is an expressive and vocal performer, but not necessarily a verbal one. Although she does utter a few spontaneous, feverish lines while in the throes of arousal, she speaks volumes in moans and gasps of pleasure. This is a particularly hard, fast, and passionate encounter, and the cuts as the couple switch from position to position occur with a stylish flash and bang that's perfectly in keeping with the sexual intensity we're experiencing. Those expecting a blooper or comic outtake after the end credits are in for yet another surprise — Katie Jordin, once more in her Chrome Girl guise, for another bout of solo action. Super, man.

"The Date" — the night belongs to lovers...

Posted by Jon
09 Aug 2012


Lily Love & Tyler Nixon in The DateAfter last week's evaluation of "The Score," today I'm tasked with critiquing something far less dramatic, but no less involving. And, apart from the flow of action in "The Date," the film brings up several thoughts regarding the SexArt approach to erotica.
First of all, the level of technical sophistication here, and in every SexArt production I've viewed, is in a class by itself. Anybody with a camcorder and a couple of willing performers can shoot a sex video — and there are times when I suspect they all have. But not everybody has a crew of technicians, grips and set decorators at their disposal. Not everybody has high grade professional level cameras and lenses. And how many handheld gonzo porn shooters have ever considered using a dolly or a crane — much less had access to one?
Judged simply on the technical aspects, SexArt is a new breed of erotica. But then consider the aesthetic, the entire approach a director like Bo Llanberris takes to his creations. It's more than simply a smooth, polished visual style. There's concerted, thoughtful, effort devoted to presenting sexual intimacy in a way that captures the emotional component as well as the physical. Technical excellence, sophisticated artistry, and sincere, honest, human emotions are the indispensable elements that makes SexArt so very special.
Enough abstract musing, "The Date" illustrates the SexArt experience far better than any amount of theorizing possibly could. As day slowly turns to night Lily Love awaits her companion for the evening. Thoughts of the evening's activities inspire a bit of solo self-satisfaction, and the sight of Love's plush body is one to be savored. That savoring is interrupted by the arrival of Tyler Nixon — the smile on Lily's face at that very moment is spontaneous and as genuine as can be.
There are few surprises here — the action that takes place during "The Date" is what we all hope for. But it's the sincerity and the enthusiasm the lovers share that makes it such a satisfying experience. Yes, we see all the explicit detail, but it's the shared smile, the loving glance, the sighs, and the slap of fevered flesh against flesh that makes this...SexArt.

"The Score" — sometimes crime does pay...

Posted by Jon
02 Aug 2012


Ella Milano & Logan Pierce in The ScoreIn the mood for some smooth, moody, and evocative SexArt erotic entertainment? Hold it right there, wise guy, and prepare yourself for something completely different. And don't make a move until I say so!
A hail of bullets and the squealing tires of a getaway car. A gorgeous gun moll and a Tommy gun-toting gangster. If that doesn't sound like typical SexArt fare, you're right, it's not. At least not as it begins. And that's part of the art and beauty of it. We, and certainly I, don't expect a SexArt production to begin with a robbery in progress, and yet that's exactly what we have in "The Score."
Hot-shoeing his emerald green Caddy from the scene of the crime, Logan Pierce high-tails it to a peaceful hideout in the hills where he can lay low for a while. Laying low, in this case, involves doing what comes naturally with Ella Milano. To express her admiration for a job well done, Miss Milano provides a job well done — blowjob that is. This is thorough and thoughtful oralism, and one gets the sense that Ella is enjoying the act as much as her partner in crime.
There's nothing like armed robbery to work up an appetite and Logan next feasts hungrily on Milano's sweet treats. As skilled with his tongue and fingers as he is with his trusty Thompson, Ella is transported to ecstasy in short order.
While the set-up may be something of a surprise, the actual action here is what we've come to expect of SexArt, and by that I mean it's well paced, passionately performed, and skillfully captured. Although the entire tryst takes place on a relatively small couch, Hiro's camera moves freely and acrobatically around the lovers. At one moment we're viewing an insertion from eye level. Soon after we're crouching down, looking up. And moments later we're soaring over the copulating couple for a beautiful bird's-eye view.
Contrary to common wisdom, orgasms are a girl's best friend, and Pierce treats Milano to several of them before coming to his own conclusion, which he does on her beautiful belly. Surprising and satisfying, "The Score" is a solid success.

"Concierge" — room serviced...

Posted by Jon
28 Jul 2012


The SexArt HD erotic feature, "Concierge," unfolds at a gentle, relaxed pace while building steadily to several satisfying peaks of intensity. The soundtrack music, backed by the sounds of wind and surf, contributes much to the mood and ebbs and flows with the on-screen action.
That action begins in a picturesque setting. Redhead Dani Jensen relaxes on the patio of her hotel room overlooking the sea. The sights, the sounds, and the solitude inspire her mind to wander. Her fingers follow suit, and before long she's doffed her hat, disposed of her dress, and dispensed with her pretty panties. Soon those fingers are hard at work in the crimson-thatched paradise between her creamy thighs. Two insistently thrusting digits bring her to the first climax of the afternoon.
As the flame-haired temptress drifts off into post-orgasmic sleep, Tommy Reeves, the hotel employee who gives the film its title, approaches. Is he a figment of the sleeping beauty's imagination, summoned to satisfy her in the dream state? Or is he real, a diligent worker ensuring the satisfaction of a valued customer? Those questions are never answered in "Concierge," and this ambiguity imparts a bit of erotic intrigue to the proceedings.
A loving, leisurely session of fellatio follows. The pace may be slow, but the levels of passion and skill Dani displays are both extremely high. While we're denied the pleasure of witnessing the first insertion, the redheaded starlet assumes the reverse cowgirl stance and rides with enthusiasm and energy. The choice of position not only allows Dani to control the speed, depth, and intensity of each thrust, it also provides unobstructed views to what will certainly be an appreciative audience.
When the lovers roll slightly into a modified spoon position Tommy takes control and treats Dani to another orgasm. To heighten and ensure her own pleasure, Jensen applies fingers to clit as her climax approaches. Then she demonstrates further manual dexterity by coaxing spurts of satisfaction from her lover's cock. "Concierge" ends with a couple of brief comic outtakes — the cinematic equivalent of a mint placed on a pillow by a thoughtful concierge.


"New Love" — the physical expression of emotional connection...

Posted by Jon
19 Jul 2012


I became familiar with filmmaker Bo Llanberris through his first contributions at MetArt. Now that he's a member of the core creative team at SexArt, I've had the pleasure of viewing his most recent work and I continue to be impressed. This artist has a smooth, sophisticated style — both on the set and in the cutting room — that is impressively polished yet unassuming and unobtrusive. His is a style that doesn't draw attention to itself. We can appreciate his technique, but it never distracts us from the performers and the action.
That action is well summarized by the title of this SexArt release: in "New Love" we look on as a young couple explore and express their blossoming romance through passionate and sincere physical means. While this is "New Love," I don't particularly sense that this is their first time together. They are at that stage in their relationship where any initial clumsiness has been replaced by passionate intensity and the ease of experienced familiarity. Tyler Nixon knows what Molly Bennet wants, and he goes about giving it to her with the kind of confidence that implies he's given it to her before. In this case it's an extended session of focused and enthusiastic cunnilingus. Focused and enthusiastic is equally descriptive of Molly's enjoyment of the act — I particularly appreciate the way the music fades out as her vocal expressions of orgasmic delight increase in volume.
Molly is a pleasure to watch. She has a plush, shapely body with soft curves and a ripe, squeeze-worthy ass. That ass looks particularly good when she straddles Tyler and teases his stiffness with her well-lubed slit. Even before the first single-hand-assisted insertion it's clear this girl knows how to move. And move she then does in a prolonged bout of cowgirl coitus — those bouncing boobies and the rhythmic banging of the bed frame providing visual and sonic counterpoint. "New Love" pumps vigorously to its explosive conclusion in a second position. Now Bennet is on her back, knees up, for a toe-curling thrill ride. Passionately performed and skillfully executed, "New Love" will never get old.

"Brothel" — specialty of the house...

Posted by Jon
12 Jul 2012


Imagine that you've just entered a very elegant, very exclusive, very expensive "house of ill repute." The madam escorts you as you consider your options. And what an libido-pleasing array of options they are! Any one of these luscious, lingerie-clad working girls could make your wildest dreams come true, which makes your decision all the more difficult. The you see "Her." You make your selection and retreat to the hushed privacy of a luxurious boudoir for a session of shared pleasure and mutual satisfaction.
That's the simple and expertly executed story of "Brothel," but knowing what happens isn't nearly as pleasurable as watching it happen in artfully rendered detail.
Here the artists and actors of SexArt are at the top of their form. Malena Morgan and a handful of supporting strumpets appear in what are essentially cameo roles as a madam and her stable. Holly Michaels is the shapely harlot that catches the eye of discriminating customer William Corazon. And it's director/editor Bo Llanberris calling the shots and Hiro who mans the optical apparatus.
Although this is a cash transaction there is nothing mechanical or perfunctory about the action. Indeed, the twosome begin their tryst with a prolonged session of kissing and caressing — their passion has a particularly genuine look and feel that generates considerable heat even before they get down to business.
And when they do get down, it's the john who goes down, working his voluptuous playmate into an orgasmic lather with a combination of enthusiastic oral and probing digital stimulation.
The viewer may next expect her to return the oral favor, but the paying customer does not. He's ready to feel what he's just been tasting and after a slide and a smooth push he's soon pumping deep into her hot, wet center. Again, there's nothing mechanical here, there's a sincerity to the physicality. We never sense that the prostitute is giving the customer what he's paid for. Honestly, she enjoys the experience every bit as he (and we) do.
Of course, after several changes of position, even this good thing must come to an end. That end may begin inside, but it finishes with a creamy spill on clitoris and labia. In "Brothel" passion is abundant and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Malena Morgan: From contract star to cover girl...

Posted by Jon
05 Jul 2012


MetArt Contract Model Malena MorganMalena Morgan is a star. The owners of the MetArt network recognized Malena's potential instantly and signed her to an exclusive contract before anyone else in the adult entertainment industry could. And almost immediately after making her debut in a MetArt erotic photo series she shot straight to the top of the Top Models list. The MetArt membership loves Ms. Morgan and her sets and HD erotic movies are among the highest rated and most popular on the site.
And when SexArt was launched, Malena Morgan was a huge part of the new site's overnight success. Not surprisingly, she quickly became the most popular performer at SexArt based on the votes of the membership at large.
When the creators of Touch me Magazine, an innovative new erotic entertainment e-zine, published their premiere issue what erotic superstar did they choose for the cover? Malena Morgan. And Malena isn't simply an eye-pleasing cover girl, she's also featured in a photo-illustrated Q&A that's filled with biographical background and more than a few tantalizing tidbits of trivia. Did you know that Malena likes to sing Christmas songs in the shower? Neither did we!
The second best thing about Touch me Magazine — the Malena Morgan cover and interview is obviously the first! — is that individual issues as well as subscriptions are totally free of charge. The magazine can be viewed in a browser, but it's completely cross-platform and Mac, PC, smartphone, and tablet users can enjoy all its interactive goodness anywhere they go.
Touch me Magazine, Volume 1, #1 also includes a detailed and extremely favorable review of SexArt. This comes as no surprise since the editorial team at the magazine obviously have excellent taste. And as a bonus — some might consider it a bit of a tease — Touch me Magazine also devotes a page to SexArt model Sinia A.
If you'd like to see more of Malena Morgan (and read about her, too) you don't want to miss this. And if you'd like to learn what an independent critic thinks of SexArt, the newest site in the MetArt network, you'll want a copy, as well. You'll find your free copy at: TouchMeMagazine.com.

"Enchantress" — touched by an angel...

Posted by Jon
29 Jun 2012


Jessie Andrews in EnchantressBo Llanberris starts off his latest effort with a subtle and skilled homage to the swimming pool scene in Amy Heckerling's Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He's deleted the Judge Reinhold character, however, and instead of Phoebe Cates emerging in from the crystal waters in sensuous slow motion we have Jessie Andrews, the "Enchantress" who gives this film its title.
The sight of this petite siren, hair slicked back, her body wet and glossy in the sun, is arresting, and pulls the viewer directly into the flow of the film. The lush landscaping and the exotic flavor of the soundtrack add a bit of middle eastern mystery and creates the perfect setting for some intense and involving alfresco autoeroticism.
The pace is languid, with a smooth, particularly fluid progress. This aspect is emphasized by Hiro's camera which rises and falls, pans, slides, and tracks with silken, buttery grace. While we might have an idea of what is about to happen, Jessie takes her sweet time and savors each emotion and every physical sensation as she begins to unwind and undress.
She's only wearing a bikini, but it does take nearly two minutes before the top comes off, and that adds considerably to the tease factor. And even after she slides off the bottoms we still have some waiting to do before Jessie sends her fingers in search of self-made pleasure. It is made quite clear, both through Jessie's pace and the cinematic style, that this is an experience she intends to savor.
And savor she does. Using only her fingers, she works herself into an ever-increasing state of arousal. And as her arousal increases, the music diminishes and soon the soundtrack consists solely of a flowing fountain, the birds in the trees, and Jessie's moans and sighs of erotic enjoyment. She begins in a seated position and later rises up on her knees. In both postures we're offered ample intimate close-ups and an eye-filling view of the increasingly fevered action. The reward of the measured pace and leisurely build-up? A prolonged and powerful climax.

"The Cove" — thrill waters squirt deep...

Posted by Jon
22 Jun 2012


SexArt Movie - The CoveConsidering all the actions, passions, and explosive erotic eruptions it contains, "The Cove" unfolds at a restrained, mellow, and moody pace. The blue waters of the Pacific are framed by three picture windows as it begins. This isn't simply a pleasing image, it's also a visual clue and a metaphor, as well.
A shapely silhouette moves across this background and joins her partner on the bed. Passionate kissing and caressing ensues. As the lighting and focus shifts we discover that it's Malena Morgan and Tyler Nixon, and their Frenching and fondling builds, gradually, in its passion and intensity. Even without live sound (at this point) the attraction and interaction between this couple has a genuine look and feel, and it's a pleasure to watch them pleasure one another.
It's well worth noting that this is — by far and away — Malena's most extensive and explicit erotic interaction with a man in her entire film career. Ms. Morgan made her reputation as a skilled specialist in the Sapphic arts, and those who have hungered to see her play with a male partner will be both surprised and satisfied by this performance.
The second of several enjoyable surprises occurs when Malena turns and beckons to an off-camera someone. That someone is Riley Reid — let the threesome begin!
Not so fast. We do have three participants, but how they participate isn't entirely expected. Riley and Tyler pick up where Tyler and Malena left off. And Malena strips down, takes a seat overlooking the bed, and proceeds to get her voyeur on. It doesn't take much watching before Malena lets her fingers do the walking (and wanking).
Passion is building. Live sound appears while Riley enthusiastically and skillfully fellates her lover. Malena, no less enthusiastic, is now working a curved probe deep into her center. Riley assumes the cowgirl position and begins riding. As the sky outside grows dark, the heat inside raises.
Even though this threesome is divided into a couple and a single, all three participants are listening, watching, and feeding off of each other. The erotic intensity climbs, reaching several explosive peaks in the process of reaching a roundly satisfying conclusion.
Now I'm torn. I don't want to spoil the surprise(s), but I will say this: Tyler isn't the only member of this torrid trio who ejaculates. Want to know the who, what, how, and when? See for yourself in "The Cove."

Red Light District — desire on display...

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14 Jun 2012


Molly & Tommy in Red Light DistrictWhen I received this assignment, based only on the title, I immediately imagined some sort of pay-for-play prostitution scenario. But when I clicked "Play" I was in for a pleasant surprise -- and a quick lesson in the risks of jumping to conclusions.
Rather than the street walker and customer I'd imagined, "Red Light District" takes its inspiration from Amsterdam's famed De Wallen, the internationally notorious sex-for-sale zone where working girls solicit business while seated behind the picture windows of red-lit rooms.
A man and woman -- Tommy Reeves and Molly Bennet -- stand next to a round sofa such as one might find in a hotel lobby. The room drips with atmosphere and her skin-tight dress as well as the light are rich shades of red. As Hiro's camera pulls back we find that the couple are standing before a window -- and that passersby on the crowded sidewalk are looking in on them. This introduces the clever device which gives the film its potent voyeuristic punch.
As the action unfolds we switch between the two perspectives. We're either "in the room" with the amorous twosome, or standing outside, serenaded by sounds of the street, looking in. As I said: a clever device. Watching an erotic film is voyeuristic by definition. And by cutting between the two points of view director and editor Bo Llanberris not only underscores our role as "watchers," he also adds another twist: we're watching this couple have sex, yes. But they're well aware they're being watched. They're performing for our pleasure as well as their own. And they're also watching us and feeding off of our reactions. Clever, interesting, and extremely effective.
Despite the red lights and shadowy setting we're treated to plentiful graphic detail. Whether receiving oral pleasure or eagerly returning the favor, Molly Bennet is a skilled and passionate performer. Reverse cowgirl provides optimum views for all on-lookers, and two approaches to rear entry add visual variety. An oral climax provides a satisfying conclusion for all concerned -- the watchers and the watched, alike.  Releasing Thursday, June 21st


Girls Love Sex: Just Jasmine - an intriguing introduction.

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08 Jun 2012


Girls Love Sex - Season 2, Episode 15 Just JasmineGirls Love Sex:
This is my first encounter with Jasmine W, and it's also the first SexArt Original Series episode I've viewed. And I can say, without reservation, that both these "firsts" were entertaining and enjoyable.
As an introduction to an erotic performer and model, "Just Jasmine" covers a lot of territory in a relatively short span of time. It combines interview footage, still images from some of Jasmine's other SexArt offerings, nude modeling in the studio and outdoors, some al fresco sex play with Charlotte Stokely, and an intimate and subtly intense session of machine-assisted masturbation - we even get to look through the provocative contents of Jasmine's handbag.
But despite of the volume and variety of materials included here, the episode doesn't feel cluttered or rushed, there's a pleasant pace that lets you enjoy what you're seeing at any given moment even as you anticipate what might be coming up next.
"Just Jasmine" begins with just that: Jasmine W, fully dressed, seated on a sofa answering questions posed by an off-camera interviewer. After getting some background and sense of her cheerful and uninhibited personality the scene changes. This beautifully lensed segment finds Jasmine, totally nude under a man's coat, on the rocks of jetty on a deserted stretch of beach.
Additional bits of the Q&A serve to set up or explain ensuing scenes. We view a snippet of Jasmine's strawberry-enhanced scene with Rilee Marks, for example. And a question about her home furnishings leads to lighthearted poolside lesbianism including face-sitting. 
"Just Jasmine" reaches its peak of intensity when the starlet, now totally nude on the same couch where she's been interviewed, puts a Rabbit vibrator to its intended use. Jasmine's performance here is impressive. Not because it is a "performance," but for the natural, spontaneous, and entirely genuine quality of what she shares with us.

"Ivory" starring Charlotte Stokely — water makes it hotter...

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01 Jun 2012


Charlotte Stokely in IvoryA time-lapse shot of fog shrouded mountains sets the tone and serves as something of a palate cleanser as "Ivory" opens. Once the serene mood is established we move indoors — into a spacious shower lined with eye-pleasing sea foam green tiles. Hiro's camera mimics the flowing, falling water and we take a leisurely trip down an undeniably beautiful body.

The first few minutes of this Bo Llanberris production provide an exceptionally enjoyable introduction to Charlotte Stokely. The fluid camerawork, the languid flow of the edits and dissolves, and Charlotte's obvious and unforced enjoyment of the experience create moments that look as good as they must feel. A subtle undercurrent of voyeurism — Charlotte doesn't acknowledge or play to the camera here — adds the spark of anticipation to this sequence that is rewarded when the nubile starlet reaches down and begins pleasuring herself with her fingers.

When, at the 3:00 mark, the scene transitions to a low, wide, circular bathtub, the mood is somewhat lighter, a bit more playful, but no less enjoyable. Here Charlotte seems the slightest bit more aware of the camera, but this is still very much a private interlude. The addition of live sound at around the 6:00 mark not only brings the sounds of dripping, splashing water, but Charlotte's own natural and entirely genuine sounds of sexual delight.

Our voyeuristic enjoyment of Charlotte's bathtub interlude receives and unexpected but most welcome jolt when she slides down into the water after vigorously masturbating and looks directly into the lens — it's a beautiful and involving moment. Beyond Charlotte's physical beauty, the fluid pacing of the film and the ebb and flow of autoerotic intensity makes "Ivory" effortlessly enjoyable.

IVORY in theaters on Monday, June 4th, 2012 - come check it out!

Image and imagination — exploring erotica, anticipation, and arousal...

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25 May 2012

In the notes I compiled while preparing to write my last SexArt blog post I wrote, in big, block letters: "Explicit VS. Implied." In my mind that's something of a thumbnail description of the difference between hard-core pornography and erotic imagery. It is by no means a complete representation — and erotica can obviously be explicit — but it does serve to illuminate one fundamental difference. It also opens the door to a further exploration of erotic art and entertainment. And it raises questions about what we want from erotica, as well as how individuals react and respond to it.

Consider this imagined scenario. In a hushed, darkened theater a beautiful, shapely young woman walks out onto the stage and stands in the spotlight. She is totally naked. She stands, silent and motionless. Then she turns to her right. After some time she turns to face the opposite direction. She sits down on the floor. After a while she lies down. She rolls over. Later still she opens her legs. After ten minutes have passed, she stands and walks off the stage.

Now consider the following scenario in the same setting. Propulsive, rhythmic music begins to pulse from the sound system. A beautiful young woman wearing an elaborate costume dances onto the stage gyrating to the music. Bit by bit, button by button, she proceeds to disrobe. Each gesture is deliberate, tantalizing. Every eye in the house is glued to her moving form. And with every additional square inch of exposed skin the tension and anticipation in the crowd grows stronger. By the time the song ends she is totally nude and the crowd has viewed every inch of her body — but out of a ten minute performance she was nude for less than two minutes. As she exits the stage the crowd begs for more.

Which of these performances would you rather attend?

I've blogged about hundreds of MetArt erotic pictorials. In some of them the model is totally nude throughout. In others she starts out fully clothed, and gradually disrobes. I have enjoyed both styles, but there's no denying that the act of stripping adds an element of excitement and anticipation to a series. The art form isn't called "striptease" for nothing, after all! And in erotic photos or films, sometimes the things we can't see, or the things that are slowly revealed, are the most arousing.

If you've had the opportunity to "play the field" you've probably experienced "lust at first sight" and ended up in bed with someone you've only just met minutes or hours earlier. But you've also probably had lovers who played "hard to get." You have to work, you have to put in your time, you have to want it badly enough to wait for it, right? And when you finally do "get" this teasing, "hard to get," minx? The built up sexual tension and desire can result in an extremely intense and satisfying encounter. I'm not saying that one experience is intrinsically better than the other, but they are different.

And what of the difference between men and women, specifically in how they approach and enjoy erotic entertainment?

"Men are visual," is the conventional wisdom, and "women are cerebral." Guys like explicit pictures and girls would rather read their erotica and do the detailed visualizing in their mind's eye. But I don't think either one of these accepted "facts" is entirely true or comes close to being universally applicable. And with the growing acceptance and availability of erotica of all types, the "rules" may be changing and evolving, as well.

What about couples who enjoy erotica together? How is this possible? Not only do they contradict the conventional wisdom, but we know they exist because they've told us just that when they joined SexArt! Indeed, striving to create a new kind of erotica for a sophisticated, refined, and diverse audience has been one of SexArt's central concepts from its very inception.

So, what do you prefer? The explicit or the implied? Do you want it "in your face" from the start? Or do you prefer to be teased while you're waiting to be pleased? Have you enjoyed erotica in the company of a lover or as foreplay prior to (or during) your own sexual activities? Are women and men really that different in the ways they consume and enjoy erotic art and entertainment? Or does it really just come down to personal preference, what's available, the situation, or the mood of the moment? You're invited to share your opinions, thoughts, and observations in the comments, below.

Adventures in erotic cinema — random thoughts about sex, art, and film...

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17 May 2012

Malena Morgan on set shooting SexArtAlthough a great deal of thought went into the concept and creation of SexArt, the site is — proudly and unashamedly — a work in progress. The artists — writers, performers, directors, and photographers — who contribute to SexArt all have distinct ideas of the type of art they want to create. But nobody exists in a vacuum. And everybody involved with SexArt is keenly interested in how the audience reacts and responds to the art they so painstakingly create. The fact that so many members have chosen to provide honest and thoughtful feedback — either by posting a comment or by contacting SexArt directly — is hugely important. SexArt is pioneering an entirely new form of online adult entertainment, but if it doesn't appeal to and satisfy the audience, what's the point?

It was the enthusiastic and insightful comments of a SexArt member — using the moniker "solrage" — that triggered these thoughts. In his comments, solrage has shared his own opinions of the site and various films and pictorials, and he's also participated in spirited exchanges with other commenters. His mention of two important directors of erotic cinema — Tinto Brass and Just Jaekin — got me thinking about the history of the art form, and how far it has come in a relatively short period of time.

As recently as the 1950s films featuring total nudity, much less explicit sexuality, were a strictly underground phenomenon. The arrival of the "sexual revolution" in the 1960s opened the door to increased eroticism in films, and yet a groundbreaking production like the Swedish "I Am Curious (Yellow)" was seized by American Customs and subject to a lengthy legal battle. But with social taboos evaporating artists were eager to experiment with erotic cinema, and audiences had a growing hunger for it.

The histories of erotic cinema and porn films do overlap to some degree — Bernardo Bertolucci's Academy Award nominated "Last Tango in Paris" and the XXX sensation "Deep Throat" were both released in 1972. But cinematic erotica and porn are two entirely different things, particularly in the digital era. In the 1970s if you wanted to view either type of film there was only one place to do it — in a movie theater. Now, of course, anyone with an Internet connection can view as much X-rated film footage as his appetite can handle. Finding artistic, high quality, erotic films online is nearly impossible, however — and that's exactly why SexArt was created.

SexArt debuted with the final works of legendary erotic cinematic artist Zalman King, and the guiding influence of photographer and filmmaker David Hamilton is certainly in evidence here, and at MetArt, as well. SexArt member solrage rates Tinto Brass and Just Jaekin ("Emmanuelle" and "The Story of O") among his favorite creators of erotic films. In a friendly effort to stir the pot I will submit one of my personal favorites, Russ "Supervixens" Meyer.

Now it's your turn to join the conversation. As the Italian innovator of erotica, Tinto Brass, once said: "Pornography is there to give you an erection. Erotica is there to give you emotions." Who are the directors who move you the most? What are your favorite erotic films? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below. Together, we can make SexArt the adult cinematic site of our dreams.

Miela A: Untitled, by Koenart — adding sizzle to the solarium...

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11 May 2012

Miela A by KoenartAs some readers may be aware, I do a bit of blogging over at MetArt. The photo galleries and HD erotic movies I critique there have already been added to the site at the time of review. Here at SexArt the situation is different. So far I've been assigned sets that are so new they haven't been titled, they're not yet on the schedule, and they haven't been completely edited. This creates a couple of challenges for me: I can't refer to the set by name, and I can't call out specific images by number. Of course, I do get to view the material before the membership does, so I can't complain!

As the set opens Miela A is lounging on a white upholstered cushion in a brightly lit sunroom wearing a figure-hugging blue bustier and matching panties. The abundant sunlight and model's relaxed demeanor create a real sense of place — it's easy to imagine the warmth and quiet of that room on that afternoon. Fortunately, we don't have to imagine how Miela would occupy herself during these private moments, we get to watch.

It does take a while for Miela to work her way out of her clothes, but the leisurely pace only heightens the anticipation. And when her top comes off, and then her panties, the body she reveals is ripe, shapely, and incredibly inviting. The lighting really brings out the soft warm glow of Miela's skin, and photographer Koenart takes care to include a variety of close-ups that reveal every delectable detail — whether it's a hand cupping a full breast while fingers tease an erect nipple, or the moist, delicate delights between the model's wide-spread thighs.

Miela A obviously enjoys pleasuring herself using only her hands and fingers, but she also puts a translucent blue probe to excellent use. While there is more than enough explicit imagery here to satisfy the voyeuristic appetite, the true erotic power of this series is the sense that we're watching a naturally beautiful girl enjoying herself, by herself, for herself.

Pre-Release Peek: MetArt Model Milena D - Goddess in a cave...

Posted by Jon
04 May 2012

Milena D: Untitled, by AntaresFor my second contribution to the SexArt blog I've been given a unique opportunity: I get to evaluate an explicit photo gallery before it has been added to the site. In fact, it is so new that it hasn't even received a title yet. Additionally, as far as I know, it doesn't have a scheduled release date, either.

SexArt contributing photographer Antares has chosen a particularly interesting and evocative location for this erotic pictorial. It's actually a cave, located high on a bluff overlooking a scenic stretch of coastline and the deep, blue sea. While Antares certainly knows a worthy location when he sees one, he also has an expert eye for modeling talent.

His subject here, Milena D, is a model I've had some experience with - I've critiqued no fewer than three of her MetArt erotic galleries over at the MetArt blog. While every set I've seen has been different in one way or another, her nubile body and blue-eyed beauty is irresistible no matter what the setting.

Milena's costume - fringed leather wristlets and a leather apron (sort of the front third of a Breechcloth) - fits perfectly with the primitive location. And it does a very bad job of covering or concealing that scrumptious body, which is a very good thing.

As an admitted admirer of Milena D's work at MetArt, it's a singular pleasure to view her in a SexArt gallery. I've always hungered to see a bit more of what Milena has to offer, and I'm pleased to say she offers up lots of luscious goodness in the plentiful assortment of explicit images in the collection.

#092 is a particular favorite. With two fingers of her right hand inserted to the second knuckle, and with a stiff nipple captured between two fingers of her left, Milena looks directly at the camera. Those plump, barely parted lips, and those bedroom eyes project a profound and powerful sensuality. The heavy-lidded eyes in #051 (pictured here) deliver another steamy message. And the parted lips and open mouth in #042 offer an enticing invitation.

Among the less explicit (but no less erotic) shots I like #006 (for the way it captures Milena's body from head to toe while also revealing the exotic locale); #016 and #018 (love that ass-length hair); and #013, a beautifully posed and composed headshot.

Although I haven't been told when, exactly, this series will be added to SexArt, I can surmise that it will be soon. And, based on my impressions, it will be worth the wait.  I'm sneaking a few more images for our Members and releasing them on the Members home page inside. So, if you're not a Member, now is a good time to join >>.

Welcome to SexArt

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13 Apr 2012

SexArt Shoot: Rilee Marks

SexArt by the creators of MetArt — the revolution in erotic entertainment. When I refer to SexArt as revolutionary I'm not exaggerating.  There's never been anything like it on the Internet, there's really nothing to compare it to. But I find it useful to think of the radical transformation of television that occurred with the arrival of premium cable channels. Can you even imagine TV without premium cable? Neither can I.

The premium cable channels completely changed the landscape of TV and rewrote the rules of televised entertainment. Now SexArt is going to do the same thing for the world of online adult entertainment. It's a big idea, a completely new concept, and it carries a certain amount of risk — all revolutionary advances do. But the creators of SexArt have the vision, the background, the skills, and the resources to take the risk.

SexArt offers an unprecedented range of high-end erotica — from soft-core to explicit hard-core, from nude pictorials to big budget adult feature films. SexArt offers erotic reality programming, eye-opening sexual documentaries, and original erotic dramas. No other site can claim to — or even dream of — offering a fraction of what SexArt presents. But what makes SexArt truly unique and completely revolutionary is the way it combines Sex and Art in all its programming. SexArt brings erotic cinema to a whole new category of consumers, with woman and couples centric programming at the forefront.  Adult entertainment is a male dominated market but SexArt has set out to change the landscape.  SexArt understands there is a dearth of erotic entertainment that appeals to the majority of possible consumers and has brought new sensibilities to all its programming.

MetArt wanted to make sure to deliver on this promise and collaborated with the Zalman King Company producers of mainstream erotic cinema. Writer/Director Zalman King, the creator of the romantic/erotic genre with "9 1/2 Weeks," "Wild Orchid" and "Red Shoe Diaries" — real stories, gorgeous people, beautiful photography, all of the qualities that an audience expects from mainstream motion pictures are now being applied to erotic story-telling in SexArt.

If you're satisfied by the online adult entertainment you currently enjoy, that's great. But, if you currently don't have a source for sensual erotic content you feel is worthy of your money, something infinitely better, something that's distinctly different — something, well, revolutionary — SexArt is going to change the way you enjoy and experience erotic entertainment forever.


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