Three things I love about Lorena

I first came across Lorena (take that as literally as you like) when Viv Thomas shot her for a girl-girl movie called ‘Club Pink Velvet 3’ – she had two outdoor scenes, and looked spectacular soaking wet. The crew and the other models were all raving about this incredible Spanish girl with the come-to-bed eyes and the sexy accent. I was totally bowled over by her natural beauty and charm – the behind the scenes interview revealed how cute and funny she was (you can see a little snippet in this post ). Soon after, Viv’s team wrote an entire five-scene movie –‘Hotel Eden,’ the story of a summer love affair – for Lorena and Whitney Conroy.

Naturally I wanted to see more of her, and I was thrilled to discover such a treasure trove of delicious photosets and movies here at SexArt. I’ve been enjoying exploring them every since. Lorena has it all – beautiful face, adorable personality, and perfect body. I love everything about her, but here are three of my favorite things:

1. Her smile. Lorena’s always smiling, except when her head is thrown back in ecstasy. She brings playfulness, flirtation and a sense of fun to every scene she appears in. For example, check out how she flirts with Sylvie Deluxe at the start of ‘Spanish Lesson.’ It would take more willpower than I possess to resist that megawatt smile!


2. Her bottom. Lorena’s curvy rear sets the gold standard for the perfect bum. It’s not too big, not too small, but firm and curvy, and it makes me want to grab it! ‘Anapneo,’ a photoset by Don Caravaggio, shows it off to its full advantage. It doesn’t hurt that when she bends over you get a view not only of that peachy rear, but if you’re lucky a glimpse of her plump pussy lips too. It’s an inviting sight.

3. Her enthusiasm for lesbian sex. Lorena is an energetic and vigorous lover. Some gorgeous girls think it’s enough to simply lie back and be worshipped, but Lorena never wastes an opportunity to give her partner an orgasm, or to have one herself. ‘Be Mine’ is possibly my favorite scene of hers, because Tess matches her in heat and intensity. Lorena isn’t a prissy girl who wants to stay pristine, and seeing her beautiful long hair stuck to her back with sweat as she rides Tess hard is highly arousing!

So, those are my favorite things about Lorena. What are yours?

Why do lesbians have more orgasms?

Lesbians have more orgasms than straight or bisexual women. That’s the conclusion of a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Researchers at the Kinsey Institute used an internet questionnaire to gather data from over 6,000 single men and women in the US. Results showed that lesbians reached orgasm 75% of the time during sex with a familiar partner, compared to 62% for heterosexual women and 58% for bisexual women. Researchers suggested this could be due to lesbians being ‘more comfortable and familiar with the female body and thus…better able to induce orgasm in their female partners.’

In theory, there is something to this. If you’ve already been practising on your own body, then it should be easier to figure out how to do the same thing to another girl, right? Well, not necessarily. In my opinion, women’s bodies are like snowflakes – each one is totally unique. You may be an awesome lover who has built up a repertoire of mind-blowing techniques, but that doesn’t mean you will automatically discover what makes your lady friend reach ecstasy. It takes a little exploration and experimentation – so maybe lesbians are just a little more persistent when it comes to trying things out, or a little more insistent about getting their kicks?

One possible reason why lesbians may have more orgasms was suggested by the study’s authors: ‘length of the sexual encounter.’ Since women are generally multi-orgasmic and men are generally not, if you put two hot babes together for any length of time it would seem that the average number of orgasms is likely to increase, as they can just keep going and going to exhaustion!

I guess I am bucking the trend, because as a bisexual girl, many of my very best – and most easily reached – orgasms have been with a guy. There’s something about a hard cock that no fingers, tongue or vibrator can ever beat. But I find myself more and more drawn to women these days, so it’s fair to say I have been putting in plenty of practice at both giving and receiving orgasms. There’s nothing quite like seeing my partner’s pretty face totally blissed out to make me feel like a tigress between the sheets.

I’ll freely admit that many of my best pussy-pleasing moves have been learned from watching movies. My first experience of lesbian porn was literally mind-blowing, and as I gradually discovered there were beautiful, artistic movies out there that made me feel inspired and seductive as well as horny, my confidence in my ability to give pleasure grew. But I still feel like I’m learning new things all the time – that’s one of the reason I love watching SexArt movies (aside from the fact that they turn me on!). For example, in ‘Rear Window’ I like the way Whitney starts licking Tess just at the very top point of her clit, and does that for ages before she touches her pussy anywhere else. I tried that with a girlfriend last night and the results were pretty explosive!

I’m curious to know what you think. Once you can make a woman orgasm (yourself included, if you’re female!) is it the same every time? Are there certain tricks that always work their magic – drawing figure-of-eights with your tongue on her clit, that kind of thing? Or is it always different? I’d love to hear about it!


My favorite lesbian sex positions

Mainstream women’s magazine Cosmopolitan generated a media storm recently when it published a guide to lesbian sex positions, complete with handy illustrations. While many celebrated their foray into girl-on-girl sexuality, others ridiculed the positions as uncomfortable, unrealistic or downright impossible.

One of the major criticisms was that the positions relied far too much on clitoral grinding, and not enough on penetration. As I suggested in a recent post on tribbing (scissoring) over on the VivThomas blog, how much pleasure that gives you probably depends on whether you want clitorial or G-spot orgasms. If, like me, you need G-spot stimulation to really hit the roof, all these clit-rubbing positions are merely foreplay, with very little prospect of a truly mindblowing orgasm. Myself and a helpful girlfriend tried out all the moves Cosmo listed (in the name of research, naturally!) but found some of them demanded perfect balance, flexibility and stamina in order to build up any real arousal. We ended up doing what we like doing best – I lay on my back while she licked and fingered me hard, and then I did the same to her. It’s nothing fancy, but it works!

Of course, the whole question of lesbian sex positions becomes that much more problematic when a camera is involved. The girls need to have orgasms (otherwise, what the hell is the point?) but we need to see what’s happening too. That’s why doggie positions are great, because we get a great view of the girl’s pussy from behind as she gets fingered and eaten out, as well as lots of pretty ass and face close-ups. A sixty-nine can look amazing too, as the camera can move around from end to end, although I’m sure in reality most of us end up doing this on our sides – it’s more comfortable if you’re going to keep at it for hours! And standing up, as beautifully demonstrated by Tracy Lindsay and Silvie Luca in the recent movie ‘Txt Us’, can be a total turn-on, especially if your partner has great legs and is wearing sexy high heels. But you do need something to hold on to when you climax, unless you want to end up on the floor!

I’m curious to know – what are the lesbian sex positions you love to see on screen? Are there any you hate? And is it more important to see exactly what’s happening, or to know that it is a position where the girl is genuinely getting off, rather than something that’s staged for the camera?

Female orgasm – all in the mind?

For a woman, orgasm is all in the mind. That’s the conclusion of a recent study, published in the June 2014 issue of Sexologies journal, which found that women who focus on erotic thoughts during sex are more likely to reach climax.

The study of 251 French women (okay I’ll admit, just imagining 251 French babes moaning, “Oui…. oui!” in that sexy accent has already got me turned on) found that those who were able to focus on their physical sensations and erotic thoughts were more likely to be orgasmic. In other words, if you want to get off during sex, thinking sexy thoughts is the key.

So far, so obvious. Any girl can tell you that mentally checking her ‘to do’ list while getting frisky is unlikely to be the best route to ecstasy. I’d also suggest that it’s rather disrespectful to your partner, assuming that they are doing their best to connect with you at the most intimate level.

The study’s author, Pascal de Sutter – professor at the department of sexology and family science at the University of Louvain in Belgium – concluded that using erotic thoughts to increase awareness of physical sensations leads to greater arousal. Mindfulness is very much the buzzword du jour. Paying deliberate attention to the present moment, an ancient practice that is highly relevant in today’s sensory-overload society, can be used to enhance everything from mental health to sporting performance – so why not sex?

Last night, I decided to test the theory myself (all in the name of science, you understand). Now, I orgasm pretty easily – a quickie on the stairs before you take me out to dinner is just as likely to get me in the mood as the romantic dinner itself. But nonetheless, I was intrigued by the idea of consciously wallowing in the erotic realm without giving headspace to any distracting thoughts. So as my date and I hit the sheets, I blocked out all my mental chatter (Did I turn out the lights downstairs – who cares? Am I wearing sexy underwear – yes, of course!) and thought only about what she was doing to me, and what I wanted to do to her.

It didn’t hurt that this girl, a very hot redhead, was a great kisser. We’ve fooled around, but never gone this far before. I focused my attention purely on the sensation of her soft lips on mine and – ohhhhh – almost immediately felt that telltale rush of wetness between my parted thighs. It seemed we were already physically attuned, as her fingers slid down to rub my pussy through my satin panties, the wetness soaking through. I could picture how it looked, her hand cupping my crotch, seeking out my most sensitive spots. The feeling of her slippery fingers working back and forth, the smell of her perfume and the sound of my own heavy breathing… the sensations seemed to grow and swell and overwhelm me and – oh, oh, oh, that’s it! My first orgasm of the night (but certainly not my last) achieved in just a couple of minutes.

So ladies, I really recommend you give it a try. Put down your smartphone, stop thinking about the chores that need doing, and wallow in the delicious sensations as your lover touches you. Imagining erotic scenarios, giving gentle directions (“keep doing that please”) and focusing on the physical senses of touch, taste, sight, sound and smell can all help make the experience intensely pleasurable.

Are women really so different from men in this respect though? Guys, please enlighten me. Is sex purely mechanical, or do you have to be mentally present and in the erotic headspace to get off?

“My First” – Agatha’s exciting girl-girl debut!

Agatha looks like a European fashion model. With her sharp angles, striking green eyes and stylish flame-red hair, the Italian beauty exudes natural sexuality and palpable confidence in her physical presence.

How fitting, then, for director Alis Locanta to allow Agatha the opportunity to explore her sexuality on camera by capturing her first lesbian liaison. “My First” finds Agatha almost overwhelmed with anticipation as pretty blonde Whitney Conroy introduces her to this brand new experience. Whitney – all soft curves and sweetness – makes the most delicious contrast to Agatha. The two together are in perfect harmony.

Agatha’s initial stillness melts away and she responds with avid kisses as Whitney’s gentle touch stirs her arousal. It’s an exceptionally charged moment as she leans back to gaze into Whitney’s eyes, and then pulls her close to kiss her again. Whitney seems utterly lust-struck as she slides Agatha’s panties down to reveal her tempting smooth-shaven pussy. The sight encourages her to take off her dress, revealing her fabulous round, squeezable bottom framed to perfection by a lacy G-string.

The new lovers move to the bed, and Agatha is eager to fully experience these fresh sensations. Naked, she spreads her legs to allow Whitney to slip a couple of fingers inside her pussy. Her body undulates, riding the waves of pleasure coursing through her as Whitney licks her, pausing every so often to suck on her clit and stroke it with sticky fingers. Whitney builds the pressure, her fingers moving faster and harder; then glances up to enjoy the sight of Agatha experiencing her first orgasm at the hands of another girl.

Naturally Agatha wants to know what it feels like to give another girl sexual pleasure too. Although inexperienced, she responds instinctively to Whitney’s signs of arousal, feasting on her soft, sweet body and savouring every moment. Whitney is soon lost in the ecstatic storm of sensation that engulfs her.

The visually stunning epilogue to the scene suggests that Agatha’s lesbian awakening has truly begun. Although Whitney’s blonde prettiness is usually more to my taste, I found myself enthralled by Agatha’s raw sexuality and willingness to expose herself to the camera’s gaze. There’s a sense that this is just the first step on a new path towards self-exploration and sexual fulfilment for her – and it feels like a privilege to have witnessed this private moment.


Alis Locanta's "Waltz with Me" — a year in the life...

I've just had the opportunity to screen a nearly-finished rough cut of Alis Locanta's latest Sexart project, "Waltz with Me." The film comprises four separate chapters — Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer — and each episode will be released sequentially in the near future.

As I write, Alis Locanta has 76 films in his Sexart portfolio, so there's no question that he's a prolific and productive artist. And he also has a particularly fertile imagination. His body of work encompasses a wide range of themes and approaches, and, despite his rapid production schedule, he never repeats himself. Let me qualify that: Even when he repeats himself — as with the original, 2-part "The Writer" starring Lorena B, and the more recent, 10-episode "The Writer" series starring Luna — he brings something completely fresh and new to each project.

Locanta is also an exceptionally versatile artist. He can take the absolute simplest form of erotic film — single girl masturbation — and create impressively complex and compelling works of erotic art. "About a Girl," starring Agatha, and Luna's Sexart debut, "Just the Beginning," are two fine examples of the form, and, they're both entirely different.

At the other extreme, elaborate, long-form narratives are a Locanta strong suit. Crafting a compelling story and engaging an audience over several hours of combined run time isn't easy — but Locanta and his gifted cast and crew did exactly that with "The Writer," and it raised the bar for erotic cinema, not only at Sexart, but for the industry, at large.

"Waltz with Me" falls somewhere between those two extremes. It's far more complex than a simple single-girl feature, but is not nearly as complicated and densely plotted as "The Writer."

It strikes me that the four episodes of "Waltz with Me" are less like chapters in a story, than they are stanzas in a poem or verses in a song. Here a free-flowing visual style does much of the "narrating" and details are conveyed by non-verbal means, most notably the changing of the seasons.

Make no mistake, while "Waltz with Me" boasts a lyrical and engaging cinematic style, it is also a profoundly erotic experience and contains scene after scene of super-heated sexual activity.

The entire series takes place in a spacious, airy, loft apartment. In "Chapter 1" a couple —  Alexis Brill and Franck Franco — are moving in to this, their new home together. They paint, they decorate, they kiss, they play, and they make love. In each subsequent chapter Brill and Franco become more settled in the space, and their love flourishes. I don't want to spoil the thrill of discovery for the viewer, but I will tell you this: "Chapter 1" is the only scene in the series that features a two-person sex scene.

Locanta directed Alexis Brill and Franck Franco in their debut appearances at Sexart ("Angel" and "Turning Point," respectively), and he's worked with each of them in subsequent features. Both are gifted and appealing performers and the relationships built up over time — actor with actor, actors with director — result in genuine on-screen chemistry. Behind the scenes footage appended to the end of each chapter only reinforces this impression — these people enjoy each other and love working (and playing) — on camera or off.

The technical/stylistic element that unifies all four chapters of "Waltz with Me" is what might be thought of as "theater in the round, in reverse." As can be seen in the epilog segments, Locanta's crew has constructed a track on which a dolly-mounted camera circles the performers. So, rather than a stationary audience viewing a performance on a central stage, we have a camera in near-constant motion circling the "stage" as the action unfolds.

Viewed individually, the separate chapters of "Waltz with Me" are fully realized, engaging, and visually inventive stand-alone films. Viewed as a set, the four episodes of "Waltz with Me" combine to create a truly impressive and extremely entertaining work of erotic cinema — this is one of those instances when the whole is even greater than the sum of its splendid parts.

"Waltz with Me" premieres in just a couple of days. The dance is about to begin, and you do not want to sit this one out.

"Sexpresso" introduces a new era of erotic excellence for

The acquisition of by the MetArt Network heralds a new era of groundbreaking erotica for the renowned brand. MetArt are committed to honoring the vision of innovative auteur Viv Thomas, and to that end are taking the brand to new heights with the release of a stunning new movie, “Sexpresso.”

The outstanding artistry of director Andrej Lupin puts you right there in the middle of the action; and the sex, shot on location in Portugal, is visually beautiful but also natural and very real. Rising star Tracy Lindsay is the ideal girl to launch the new dawn of movies. She perfectly embodies the ideals of natural beauty and unabashed sexuality.

As “Sexpresso” starts, we discover that Tracy loves her coffee – but not as much as she loves spending time with desirable women. Her seductive manner ensures that she gets her fill of pleasure whenever she craves it. The story unfolds with pretty Aiko Bell paying a visit to Tracy as she enjoys her coffee. Immediately, attraction is in the air; Aiko is a little shy at first, but Tracy’s insistent kisses soon warm her up. The flirtatious smiles the pair exchange hint at an intimate connection, and their sensual kisses, captured in luscious close-up, bear a promise of rapture to come. Tracy’s clever fingers know exactly how to hit Aiko’s sweet spot as she caresses her through her panties, and then slides her hand inside to feel the wetness.

Tracy is dominant at times, slapping Aiko’s ass and handling her roughly, but she’s also a sensitive and intuitive lover who makes Aiko gasp and moan with pleasure. Her fingers are a blur as she drives Aiko to a frenetic orgasm. Then she sits astride Aiko’s face so she can enjoy the sensations of Aiko’s tongue exploring her delectable pussy. Her orgasm has her whole body quaking with bliss.

Later, Tracy looks irresistible in a hot pink robe as she teases pretty Daniella Rose with the froth from her cappuccino. Her perfect bottom in the air, she straddles her lover, before Daniella flips her onto her back so she can suck on her stiff nipples. The couple seem delighted with each other’s beauty and sexuality as they kiss and touch. Tracy grabs Daniella’s hand to work the fingers harder and faster in her pussy, rubbing her own clit in a frenzy of lust as she approaches orgasm. Then her teasing tongue-strokes on Daniella’s clit reveal how completely she controls her lover’s response. The pleasure of tasting Daniella, and licking her pretty ass, has her rubbing her own sticky honeypot at the same time. The pair move into a scissors position, grinding on each other, their juices mingling as they climax in unison.

The following day, Tracy asks Daniella to invite her cute friend over for coffee. After a little small talk, she asks Stacy Snake whether she’s ever had sex with a girl. The answer is no, but the little sweetie is ready to let Daniella seduce her. Tracy watches avidly, sipping her coffee, as her girlfriends get better acquainted. Stacy’s hesitation turns to desire as Daniella kisses and caresses her, leading her along the path from curiosity to arousal, and then all the way to sweet ecstasy. Then Daniella teaches Stacy exactly how she likes to be touched, and the adorable neophyte finds she has a natural talent for giving as well as receiving lesbian pleasure.

Daniella leaves Stacy alone with Tracy so she can continue to explore her newly awakened sexuality. Stacy looks a little overwhelmed at the idea of having sex with such a goddess, but the touch of Tracy’s soft lips soon has her convinced to revel in the experience. Tracy is hungry for sensation after watching her girlfriends make love, and it only takes moments for her to bring Stacy to climax again. After she’s drawn out the pleasure to a string of orgasms, Tracy lets her new girlfriend get a taste of her sweetness, and finds that the novice is a quick learner. Tracy jiggles her world-class ass up to meet the strokes as Stacy licks her ass and fingers her to an earthshattering climax.

“Sexpresso” is a proud declaration that is ready to rock your world with a new wave of sensational lesbian erotica. Prepare to enjoy the ride!


"Haute Couture" – fashion meets sexual expression in a stunning SexArt series

Fashion models are the new rock stars – sexy, charismatic and alluring, but always just out of reach. They tease, but never quite reveal their most intimate moments... until now. "Haute Couture" is a unique movie project that brings us three incredible girls, beautiful enough to be fashion models, and confident enough to let us witness their sexuality in full flow. Three stunning, color-themed scenes capture each in turn talking and getting ready on set, before they are let loose to express their physical desires in intimate detail. The climactic scene brings the trio together to take their budding friendship to another level.

Director Alis Locanta explains: "Haute Couture is a different project compared to my previous films. Let's forget my personal 'cine eye' because Haute Couture is a tribute to the fashion television reporting world. There's no fiction, there's no faking; here you are going to see a real fashion shooting day. Models arrive in the morning, they have coffee, meet the crew and start the make-up session. You are going to get to know them better, thanks to a personal interview. Then let's go to the fitting room to put on their color-themed outfit. The shooting style and language is pretty different to a classic film: you'll think you are looking at a fashion TV channel."

The individual color themes are a distinctive element of "Haute Couture" that give it a unique and unforgettable flavor. For those who understand the technical expertise required to create such an adventurous piece of work, Locanta reveals some artistic secrets: "Haute Couture is the very first 4K MA project. All the footage you are going to see has been shot on red cameras (one red, one red scarlet and one red epic) at 4K resolution with different frame rates (23,98fps and 96fps). The real power of this workflow is not the extremely high resolution, but the RAW codec: all the footage was post-produced on a RED CINE-X workstation to obtain a high quality color correction. So… no more H264 codec!"

The girls of "Haute Couture" 

Of course, the most important element of "Haute Couture" is the girls who bring this vision to life. Each has her own personal style and sensuality to share.

Baby Blue: Mango. This Russian beauty has incredible long legs, pert breasts and an adorably pretty face. She looks every inch the fashion diva in her sheer, nipple-skimming top and tight panties that showcase her perfect bottom. Overcome by erotic feelings, her fingers wander down into her baby blue panties to explore her sweet pussy. She seems utterly lost in the act of self-love, the camera forgotten as she masturbates. It's a wonderful moment when she finally turns her shapely bottom towards us and lets us watch her slide a finger deep inside her pussy. She pauses to taste herself from her fingers, then continues. Her legs are visibly shaking, her body trembling as she reaches her orgasm.

Yellow: Alyssa Reece. Canadian firebrand Alyssa is a force of nature – one of those rare girls who brings a feeling of raw energy to everything she does. Here, the soft yellow of her pretty lingerie brings out the delicious olive tones of her skin. Alyssa is lively and charming on set, but as she focuses inward and begins to touch herself, everything else seems to just melt away. You feel every gasp, every tingle of arousal, every tremor of unstoppable pleasure, as she stimulates herself. When she orgasms, it's so powerful you'll swear the earth moved.

Pink: Margot. A gorgeous Czech girl with the looks of a pure Irish farm colleeen – all freckles and raven hair and natural freshness – Margot is a treat to be savored. She enjoys caressing the sumptuous curves of her breasts, teasing the nipples to stiffness, delighting in every shiver of sensation. The pink panties come off and her coltish long legs are spread wide for us to admire that pretty pussy as it gets pinker and wetter. There's no mistaking her mounting excitement as she strokes and fingers herself to new heights of pleasure.

Black and white: Mango, Alyssa Reece and Margot. It's breathtaking as the trio of fashion starlets come together for the climax of the series. You see them having fun together before shooting begins, the sparks of attraction already flying. Then the procession of three perfect bottoms in tiny tight panties making their way onto set is quite something to behold. A rear view like Mango's deserves to be worshipped and that's precisely what follows, her amorous partners kneeling to adore her. The music is hypnotic, the mood potent with lust as Alyssa begins to lick Mango's smooth, sweet sex. Later we witness Mango sucking hungrily on Alyssa's nipples as she and Margo join in pleasuring their new friend. Alyssa's hips buck frantically as she orgasms; and she's a greedy girl when it comes to sex, she can never settle for just one climax! Once she's caught her breath, Margo's wonderful natural breasts become the focus of her attention, while Mango uses her saliva-slick fingers and questing tongue to explore between Margo's thighs. The sensory overload has Margo shaking and gasping in utter abandon. The scene builds to a crescendo of mutual ecstasy, all three girls sexually satiated.

"Haute Couture" will be released on SexArt over the next four weeks. I think it occupies that exceptional space where powerful sex meets erotic art. I'd love to hear what you think about the concept, the style, and of course, the girls!

"Cafe" – new erotic movie delivers undeniable chemistry

Ivana Sugar Sabrina Moore sexart cafe
Real sex. Isn't that what we all really want to see? Genuine heat, passion and chemistry that allows us to share the sensation of every look and smile, every touch and caress. Andrej Lupin's new erotic movie for SexArt, Cafe, delivers a powerful sense of this heightened sexual connection. I felt tingles down my spine as the two beautiful stars, Ivana Sugar and Sabrina Moore, began their gentle flirtation.
Seemingly casual chat leads to sexually charged smiles, and more intimate touching and stroking. As elegant brunette Sabrina's fingers caress Ivana's thigh, there is no doubting her intention. A whispered invitation from Ivana encourages her to go further...

Cafe: the public liaison leads to private pleasure-giving


Ivana Sugar Sabrina Moore SexArt CafeIt's been said that kissing is the most intimate act of all. It certainly reveals how much two girls truly desire each other. Once behind closed doors, the flirtatious games between the two beauties give way to a more urgent expression of mutual lust. Ivana is so aroused that as Sabrina begins to lick and suck her perfect breasts, she is almost overcome by the waves of sensation. Her gasps dissolve into giggles of pure pleasure, leaving you in no doubt that you are watching something utterly genuine. For me, it's one of the most special moments of the movie.
Those two delicious bodies are pressed together as the girls continue their exploration of each other. By the time the panties come off, the anticipation is almost unbearable. Then the gentleness falls away as we get to see what a firebrand Ivana is in bed, and how skilfully Sabrina makes her hover at the brink of orgasm. The vigorous scissoring brings the pair to an ecstatic mutual climax.
With every nuance so perfectly captured, Cafe arouses strong sensations of shared pleasure. It's one of my must-see erotic movies of the year so far.

Pictures (and Exhibition) at an Exhibition...

It has been famously stated that "Life imitates art." But what happens when art imitates art? Or, more specifically in this case, what happens when performance art imitates art?

That was the question implicit in a controversial art performance staged at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris by Luxembourg-based artist Deborah De Robertis on May 29th, 2014.

De Robertis, barefoot and wearing a gold sequin dress, walked calmly into a gallery in the museum. She approached a display of Gustave Courbet's "L'origine du monde" (The Origin of the World), sat down on the floor with her back to the painting, hiked up her dress, spread her legs, and displayed her vagina to the numerous museum visitors in the gallery.

The Courbet oil on canvas painting that inspired the artist's eye-opening performance piece is a frank and realistic view of a woman in repose, naked from the breasts down, her vagina exposed, central in the image.

De Robertis, relaxed and straight-faced throughout, held her pose as spectators applauded and took cell phone pictures. Museum employees were less enthusiastic about the performance, however, and they unsuccessfully attempted to convince the artist to cease and desist before attempting to usher the numerous — still applauding — spectators out of the gallery.

Ultimately, De Robertis was placed under arrest for indecent exposure and escorted from the museum by police. Prosecutors, however, once they'd determined the artist's concept and intent, declined to press charges and De Robertis was released.

On that day in May Deborah De Robertis created a piece of performance art that was, on the surface, simple and straight-forward, if provocative. But the superficial simplicity hides layers of nuance and complexity. Additionally, the piece, like any successful work of art, invites contemplation and interpretation. And it raises questions, the most important of which may be: Why is a painting of a vagina considered a masterpiece, but the display of an actual vagina is considered a crime?

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