“My First” – Agatha’s exciting girl-girl debut!

Agatha looks like a European fashion model. With her sharp angles, striking green eyes and stylish flame-red hair, the Italian beauty exudes natural sexuality and palpable confidence in her physical presence.

How fitting, then, for director Alis Locanta to allow Agatha the opportunity to explore her sexuality on camera by capturing her first lesbian liaison. “My First” finds Agatha almost overwhelmed with anticipation as pretty blonde Whitney Conroy introduces her to this brand new experience. Whitney – all soft curves and sweetness – makes the most delicious contrast to Agatha. The two together are in perfect harmony.

Agatha’s initial stillness melts away and she responds with avid kisses as Whitney’s gentle touch stirs her arousal. It’s an exceptionally charged moment as she leans back to gaze into Whitney’s eyes, and then pulls her close to kiss her again. Whitney seems utterly lust-struck as she slides Agatha’s panties down to reveal her tempting smooth-shaven pussy. The sight encourages her to take off her dress, revealing her fabulous round, squeezable bottom framed to perfection by a lacy G-string.

The new lovers move to the bed, and Agatha is eager to fully experience these fresh sensations. Naked, she spreads her legs to allow Whitney to slip a couple of fingers inside her pussy.MORE...


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